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BonChon chicken Restaurant is one of the popular chicken outlets in the Philippines. Their menu is famous in taste, like Bonchon chicken, chapchae bonchon, mandu bonchon, bibim bowel, bingsu bonchon, and much more.

Here is a list of Bonchon Menu prices in the Philippines:

Bonchon Chicken Philippines

A La Carte

3PC Chicken Fries₱110.00
5PC Chicken Fries₱159.00
Chicken Poppers (regular)₱79.00
Chicken Poppers (large)₱120.00
Classic Ko-Dog₱59.00
K-Float with K-Fries₱95.00
Double Loaded Sandwich₱149.00
K-Style 89₱89.00
2PC Chicken₱162.00
Crispy Mandu₱75.00
2PC Crispy Fish₱165.00
Crispy Shrimp₱165.00
Crispy Squid₱165.00
Beef Bulgogi₱165.00
Korean Beef Stew₱175.00
Spicy Korean Beef Stew₱179.00
Chicken Bibimbowl₱105.00
Beef Bibimbowl₱105.00
Seafood Bibimbowl₱105.00


Chapchae (regular)₱105.00
Chapchae (large)₱280.00
Bulgogi Noodle Soup₱65.00
Jjamppong Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup₱65.00
Corn and Spinach₱45.00
Kimchi Coleslaw₱59.00
Mac n Seoul₱45.00
White Rice₱25.00
Crispy Mandu₱55.00
Seoul Fried Rice₱49.00
Oriental Chicken Salad₱155.00
Caesar Chicken Salad₱155.00
K-Fries (regular)₱40.00
K-Fries (large)₱60.00
Flavored K-Fries (regular)₱45.00
Flavored K-Fries (large)₱67.00


2PC Chicken Boxed Meal₱172.00
2PC Chops Boxed Meal₱172.00
Wings Boxed Meal₱172.00
Double Loaded Sandwich Boxed Meal₱179.00
1PC Chicken Boxed Meal₱102.00
Glazed Chicken Fries Boxed Meal₱172.00
Chicken Chapchae Meal₱172.00
K-Style Feast A (1 pc chicken with rice, half chapchae, milky kreme, drink)₱198.00
K-Style Feast B (1 pc chicken with rice, fish poppers, milky kreme, drink)₱198.00


Crispy Shrimp Boxed Meal₱175.00
Crispy Squid Boxed Meal₱175.00
Crispy Fish Boxed Meal₱175.00
Fish and Chips Boxed Meal₱175.00
Seafood Chapchae₱175.00
Seafood K-Style Feast₱198.00


Beef Bulgogi₱175.00
Korean Beef Steam Meal₱185.00
Spicy Korean Beef Stew Meal₱189.00


Chicken Bibimbowl Meal₱175.00
Beef Bibimbowl Meal₱175.00
Seafood Bibimbowl Meal₱175.00
Bibimnoodles Meal₱175.00

Team BonChon

Team BonChon for 3₱545.00
Team BonChon for 4₱750.00
Team BonChon Seafood₱750.00
8PC Team BonChon Box₱520.00
6PC Team BonChon Box₱395.00
3PC Team BonChon Box₱205.00
Seafood Platter₱410.00

Bonchon Chicken Menu Updated 2023

Bonchan serves all over the world customer and tries to do something new and best for their customers. No doubt banchan is one of the best Korean menu restaurants in the Philippines. 

Bonchon Chicken Menu Philippines

For bonchon lovers, they are happy to announce some new dishes with new ingredients.

 According to the Bonchon menu 2023 update, they open some new restaurants in different locations. So get ready for more signature flavor.

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BonChon’s Chicken Recipe

Bonchon chicken flavor is mouthwatering, inviting you to eat more. If you have hungry and cannot go out you can make it at your chicken to follow their recipe.

Bonchon Chicken Menu

Why bonchon chicken is delicious? It marinates with many ingredients for a long time when everything is dissolved, then cooks with cornstarch that adds extra crunch to chicken wings.

 Take a chicken small pieces put into a ball add garlic, ginger, black paper, vnigier, yogurt, a cup of soya sauce, onion,  and salt as your desired mix all ingredients and rest 20 minutes. place in skillet and after that fry some minutes, your bonchon philippine chicken is ready to serve it.

BonChon Super  Menu


Bonchon menu is famous in the Philippines. Filipino like Korean Fried Chicken available in bones and boneless small, medium, and large sizes. 

 Bonchon Bibimbap

Bibimbap bowel comes with juicy, spicy items White rice, quinoa, assorted seasonal vegetables, sesame seeds, and egg served with Bonchon Bibimbap sauce.


Japchae is a Korean dish everyone loves, how to nake spicy Jaspchae at home?

Cook glass noodles in hot water, add red paper, carrots, onion, and sliced marinated ribeye stir-fried with Soy Garlic sauce, sprinkle sesame seeds, and oil.

Korean Beef stew meal

Korean beef stew meal deal is a delicious, juicy meal that includes a bowl of white rice, juice, and beef.

Bonchon Seafood Platter:

Start your day with a seaFood adventure, bonchon Philippines offer some crispy, spicy seafood you can use as a starter.

  Get a favorite byte of Bonchon seafood feast in p 189. Also discover more seafood here, bonchon seafood chap chai, bonchon crispy fish boxed meal, Bonchon Seafood Bibimbowl Ala Carte in p99 get and enjoy foods. It is available in all bonchon stores.

Here is some other  bonchon seafood l with price 2023:

  • Team Bonchon Seafood P699 (good for 4)
  • Bonchon Calamari P139
  • Bonchon Seafood Platter P399
  • Bonchon Crispy Shrimp Boxed Meal P165
  • Bonchon Crispy Squid Ala Carte P155
  • Bonchon Seafood Bibimbowl Boxed Meal P159

BonChon Delivery

Easily order choose banchan online delivery services for food. For Korean Tacos, Bulgogi, bonchon wrap, coleslaw, and chicken fries available in the bonchon store also deliver in your doorstep.

Go to their website place an order also use the bonchon mobile app platform is also available to search her bonchon near me and gives your favorite food within time. They accept orders from 9 AM to 2 AM.

Bonchon delivery number is used for further inquires. Bonchon Philippines delivery number:633-1818

 Craving for Bonchon?

Order online

Call us:8633-1818

Visit their store in your area

 About BonChon

Bonchon chicken is a Korean international chicken restaurant franchise launched in 2002 in Busan, South Korea by Jinduk Seh. Bonchon is known for Korean Fried Chicken. Now bonchon expended internationally quickly. Its first American outlet open in 2006 at Forbe Lee, Moreover it spread in Massachusetts, Virginia, California, Texas, and others.

In 2007,  The first BonChon New York and BonChon Virginia stores open in the U.S.A.

BonChon location 

Store Location

Alabang Town CenterMuntinlupa
Araneta ShopwiseQuezon City
Axis AlabangMuntinlupa
Ayala Fairview TerracesQuezon City
Berma MallParanaque
Blue BayPasay
Cash and CarryMakati
Cherry CongressionalQuezon City
EastwoodQuezon City
Farmers CubaoQuezon City
Festival MallMuntinlupa
Fisher MallQuezon City
Greenbelt 1Makati
High Street The FortTaguig
Landmark MakatiMakati
Lucky ChinatownManila

BonChon Contact Info

If you want to learn more about bonchon. Contact staff and share your message, suggestions.

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