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You may come across a lot of Donut shops and restaurants in the Philippines but Mister Donut, when it’s about serving the highest quality possible Donuts and Baked Products, comes at the top. Bavarians and Choco Cake Donuts are the representatives of Mister Donut’s menu Philippines. Distinguishing characteristics of the Mister Donut system include unique design, color scheme and layout; signs, emblems, trade marks; methods of preparing and merchandising products; and the use of specially prepared ingredients and recipes. Mister Donut takes great pride in producing quality donuts, muffins, cookies, cake donuts, sandwiches, coffee and other delicious pastries for food adventures 

Mister Donut Menu Philippines with Prices 

One thing responsible for attracting a lot of customers, alongside quality of course, is the menu price list. Mister Donut menu Philippines offers its visitors top quality donuts at reasonable prices. Their menu is full of exciting food items which you can grab at affordable prices. Here is the complete Mister Donut menu Philippines with prices:


All Bavarian Favorites6 Assorted bavarians. Assorted, no flavor guarantee₱ 210


All Bavarian Favorites6 Assorted bavarians. Assorted, no flavor guarantee₱ 210

Baked & FBL

Cream BreadLoaf of creamy white bread
Double Cheese Ensaymada6 Pcs double cheese ensaymada
Raisin BreadLoaf of bread with raisins
Ube Cheese Bun₱ 300

Throwback Donut, Premium Twist and Creamy Glazed on Mister Donut menu Philippines are ever ready to become your favorites. One thing that people really like about the Mister Donut menu is that their Donuts often come in combo packs which means you can get a lot of yummy donuts at a very reasonable price. Mister Donut, as the name itself suggests, has a variety of delicious Donuts for the locals as well as for the tourists. Other than the Donuts, Mister Donut menu Philippines also includes Snacks, FlavourFun Fries, Snackwich, Plain Potato Fries, Drinks, Cheesy Meattie Spaghetti, Pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Mister Donut Menu Philippines has many other beverages other than the ones mentioned above. Iced Tea, Rice Meals, Sweet Savoury items, Strawberry and Chocolate plus brewed tea whose fragrance is enough to make your mind blow. Mister Donut has become a name of trust for food lovers as it clearly lives up to its motto which is Custom Recognition, Confidence and Loyalty. Mister Donut Philippines has a quality home delivery service too to deliver your order at your doorstep. 

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Mister Donut Philippines 2022 

Mister Donut Updated Menu Philippines June 2022 

The reason behind every great food chain’s success is definitely their menu which they maintain and update with the time. The Mister Donut menu is no different than the others in this matter. Mister Donut menu is updated on customers’ demand and keeping in view the new trends in the market. Here are some popular food items, which come in packs, from Mister Donut Menu Philippines: 

Box Of 10 Regular Donuts 

This box includes delicious Classic Bavarian, Choco Bavarian, Mango Bavarian, Strawberry Jam, Pineapple Jam, Swiss Mocha, Choco Butternut, Choco Peanut, Dutch Choco Crunch, andChoco Crinkle to party with your homies and family members. 

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Box Of 10 Regular Donuts 

Tropa Bundle

It is really good for 3-4 pax. This amazing deal hasCrispy Fried Chicken Treat Box of 4, 1 Faborito Feast, All time Favorite donuts (3 Bavarian donuts + 3 Premium Choco Cakes) with 1 FREE Coca-Cola Original Taste 1.5L in it. 

Note: Assorted, no flavor guarantee. 


All Time Favorite Bundle 

All Time Favorite Bundle consists of 3 Bavarians + 3 Premium Choco Cake with 1 FREE Coca-Cola Original Taste 1.5L for gathering purposes. 

Note: Assorted, no flavor guarantee. 

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All Premium Choco Cakes Bundle 

It has 6 Assorted Premium Choco cakes + 1.5L Coca Cola Zero Sugar. 

Note: Assorted, no flavor guarantee.

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All Premium Choco Cakes Bundle 

Coffee Project Menu

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