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Ben’s Halo Halo Menu is a treat for the souls if you want to taste super awesome ice cream. What makes Ben’s Halo Halo menu unique is the fact that it offers delicious food at affordable prices in addition with different flavors of Halo Halo Ice Cream. Some famous flavors of Ben’s Halo Halo Ice Cream are Spicy Winter, Salty Summer, Macapuno Con Yelo, Banana Con Yelo and Mais Con Yelo. All the mentioned flavors are unique in their own way and are ought to be the best treat for summer days. Ben’s Halo Halo is the name of trust and dignity. 

Ben’s Halo Halo Menu 2023 Philippines with Prices 

Ben’s Halo Halo remains one of the best brands who offer delicious food items at reasonable prices. Their quality of food is top notch yet you can get whatever you want without feeling a burden on your savings. Here is the complete list of Ben’s Halo Halo Menu Philippines with recently updated prices: 


Classic Spaghetti₱ 140
Spicy Pasta₱ 147
Tuna Pasta₱ 140


Chicken FilletChicharap is not included₱ 133
Tuna SandwichChicharap is not included₱ 95


Chicharap₱ 84

Another likeable category from Ben’s Halo Halo Menu Philippines is the Pasta menu. They offer quite tasty Spaghetti, Spicy Chicken Pasta, Bacon Broccoli, and Tuna Pasta to bless your taste buds. Ben’s Halo Halo menu is known for Ice Cream but it also has breakfast specials such as 

Sandwiches. Chicken Sandwich, Tuna Sandwich and Burgetti are there to fill your appetite. Moreover, Pika Pika menu of Ben’s Halo Halo includes remarkable Beef Nachos, Fries and Chicharap. The crew is welcoming and respectful to its customers and visitors. 

Last but not the least, Ben’s Halo Halo menu Philippines also serves spicy and tasty Pork BBQ Ribs, Chicken BBQ, Braised Beef and Beef Tapa. Hot Dogs are there too. They are open everyday so there is no need to wait for a specific day to taste their food. You can also order food online which will be delivered to the location of your choice. They also provide a very clean environment if you want to sit there and eat. 

ben s halo halo ice cream san pedro laguna branch
Ben’s Halo Halo Philippines 2022 

Ben’s Halo Halo Updated Menu Philippines 2023 

Ben’s Halo Halo is commonly known for serving sweet and yummy Ice Cream. However, it doesn’t hold back from introducing new menus to please customers of all tastes. This is probably the reason behind its successful run. They offer Sandwiches, BBQs and other beverages too. Here are some mentions of food products from Ben’s Halo Halo Menu Philippines: 

Spicy Winter 

If you want something spicy, sweet, and cold, you must try the Spicy Winter Halo Halo. It is available at the price of 95 PHP. They serve it in glass which makes you look cool. It is also one of their signature ice creams. 

Spicy Winter 

Chicken Sandwich 

Perfect food for breakfast. It tastes so good that your tummy will crave for more and more. Chicken Sandwich is everyone’s favorite, especially among children. 

chicken sandwich recipe main photo
Chicken Sandwich 

Beef Nachos 

Beef Nachos is the most expensive item in Ben’s Halo Halo menu. It is served in Palate and has about three or four toppings, that’s why the price. When it is served it gives a positive vibe because of its colours. 

Blue Ribbon Beef Nachos EXPS THJJ21 12416 B02 10 9b
Beef Nachos 

Chicken BBQ

It is so crispy and spicy. First,It is roasted and then it is served with sides. Its pungent fragrance will be enough to make your mouth water. It is as tasty as they come.

Chicken BBQ

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