Mcdo is the world‘s popular restaurant in the Philippines. McDonald’s is one of the largest fast-food chains in the Philippines. In which you can choose from a variety of  Mcdonald Menu Philippines items like mcdo hash brown, fries, chicken mcdo hotcake, Mc coffee, Mc chicken burger. Enjoy your time with Mcdo’s delicious foods so check. Mcdonald’s menu list and eat your one of favorite.
Here is the Mcdo menu with price list for you guys.

Burger Value Meals

Cheeseburger (Small) [1]₱100.00
Cheeseburger (Medium) [1]₱120.00
Burger Mcdo (Small) [2]₱86.00
Burger Mcdo (Medium) [2]₱106.00
Cheesy Burger McDo (Small) [3]₱96.00
Cheesy Burger McDo (Medium) [3]₱116.00
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich (Small) [4]₱96.00
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich (Medium) [4]₱116.00
Cheeseburger Deluxe (Small) [5]₱124.00
Cheeseburger Deluxe (Medium) [5]₱144.00
Double Cheeseburger (Small) [6]₱140.00
Double Cheeseburger (Medium) [6]₱160.00
McChicken (Small) [7]₱146.00
McChicken (Medium) [7]₱166.00
Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Small) [8]₱173.00
Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Medium) [8]₱193.00
Big Mac (Small) [9]₱173.00
Big Mac (Medium) [9]₱193.00
All macdo burgers with the prices for Philippines


Chicken McDo (Good for 3)₱499.00
Chicken McDo (Good for 4)₱690.00
Chicken McNuggets Box (Box of 10)₱180.00
Chicken McNuggets Box (Box of 20)₱350.00
McSpaghetti Platter (Good for 4-5)₱220.00
Fries n McFloat Combo (BFF Fries)₱214.00
Fries n McFloat Combo (Medium Fries)₱79.00
Sundae Blends₱139.00

Chicken Value Meals

1pc Chicken McDo with Fries (Original) [A]₱105.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries (Spicy) [A]₱108.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Mushroom Soup (Original) [B]₱125.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Mushroom Soup (Spicy) [B]₱128.00
1pc Chicken McDo (Original) [C]₱95.00
1pc Chicken McDo (Spicy) [C]₱98.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries and Burger McDo (Original) [D]₱140.0
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries and Burger McDo (Spicy) [D]₱143.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries and McFlurry (Original) [E]₱150.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Fries and McFlurry (Spicy) [E]₱153.00
2pc Chicken McDo (Original) [F]₱167.00
2pc Chicken McDo (Spicy) [F]₱170.00
6pc McNuggets with Fries [G]₱148.00
6pc McNuggets with Rice [H]₱145.00
McShare Box 6pc Chicken McDo [I]₱330.00
McShare Box 8pc Chicken McDo [J]₱440.00

Happy Meal

McSpaghetti with Drink₱99.00
McSpaghetti with Drink and Fries₱120.00
Burger McDo with Drink₱92.00
Burger McDo with Drink and Fries₱113.00
Cheesy Burger McDo with Drink₱102.00
Cheesy Burger McDo with Drink and Fries₱123.00
4pc Chicken McNuggets with Drink₱112.00
4pc Chicken McNuggets with Drink and Fries₱131.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Drink₱121.00
1pc Chicken McDo with Drink and Fries₱141.00

Value Meals

1pc Mushroom Pepper Steak₱69.00
2pc Mushroom Pepper Steak₱90.00
Chicken Katsu₱90.00
McCrispy Chicken Fillet with Drink₱69.00
McCrispy Chicken Fillet with Drink and Fries₱89.00
McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King with Drink₱69.00
McCrispy Chicken Fillet Ala King with Drink and Fries₱89.00
1pc Mushroom Pepper Steak with Egg Meal₱90.00
2pc Mushroom Pepper Steak with Egg Meal₱112.00

McSpaghetti Meals

McSpaghetti with Drink and Fries₱94.00
McSpaghetti with Drink₱64.00
McSpaghetti Solo₱56.00
McSpaghetti with Burger McDo and Drink₱95.00
1pc Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti and Drink₱125.00
McSpaghetti Platter (Good for 4-5)₱220.00

Savory Snacks

Shake Shake Fries (M)₱65.00
World Famous Fries (M)₱55.00
McCrispy Chicken Sandwich₱45.00
Burger McDo₱35.00


Milk Tea McFloat with Brown Sugar Pearls (M0₱75.00
McDo Shake (S)₱70.00
McFlurry with Oreo₱49.00
Apple Pie₱35.00
Coke McFloat (M)₱29.00


McCafe Coffee Float₱59.00
Flavored McCafe Iced Coffee₱50.00
Original McCafe Iced Coffee₱40.00
McCafe Iced Coffee (Medium)₱50.00
McCafe Iced Coffee (Large)₱70.00

McDonald’s Best Menu

Mcdonald’s is the third fast food corporation in the Philippines.  Mcdonald’s menus in the Philippines give you tasty, crispy, healthy, diet delicious food options. All of the Mcdo menus is famous but many demanding super spicy Mcdo menu lists are like, you can eat their Mcdo Noodles, Mcdo Burgers, Drinks & Shakes,  Chicken katsu, McNugget Box.

Another most demanding Mcdo Hamburger it’s full of cream, Ham, and garnishes with salad, Beef patty, Ketchup, and pickle of onion and you can also make it on your desire.

A lot of food available at Mcdo every person chooses their favorite dish, Mc spicy, MC chicken, and much more. There alternative is Swell Sweets, Jollibee Menu, and Coco MIlk Tea Menu

Mcdonald Menu Philippines updated In July 2022

As you know, McDonald’s is a famous restaurant in the Philippines. They add some updates to their menu on a daily basis. The exciting news is that  Mcdonald’s  Philippines started a Group meal which included 20-pc chicken McNuggets, snack burger, BFF fries McFloat Combo, shake, fries cheese combo, or many more.

Mcdo offers a BTS meal, Mcdo party Box. The BTS meal price is 260 PH or also purchased online with delivery charges around 10 Ph.  

What comes in an Mc BTS meal? Mcdonald’s Bts meal includes a chicken burger, different sauces, coke, Mc Nuggets, Fries, and sweet chili, its taste is really different. The packaging of the BTS meal is in purple color.

They are also offering some deals on their partnership so go and check your favorite Mc deals and save your money with the Mcdo BTS offer.

Happy Meals

Mcdonald’s first priority is his customers so on the basis of your favorite it offers a Happy meal deal in which you can see your favorite movie  Cartoon, a toy so select these and get a  world-famous Mcdo icon happy meal. McDonald’s Happy Meal came up with chicken Mcdo with 151 PHP, Hotcake, Mc Spegethhi, cheesy Eggdesal. Choose your happy meal with a discount and enjoy Mcdo food.

        McDonald’s Breakfast

  The McDonald’s Philippines breakfast menu is under 200 php. In this mcdo price list, you can order Egg Hash brown rice ball, Mc crispy chicken fillet, Mushroom steak, and much more. Also, order MC big breakfast on 150 php in which healthy food is included.

From Monday to Friday their opening hours are 3:50 AM to 10:20 AM. 

McDonald’s party Box

The Mcdo Part box includes menu items on the basis of people. Some  Mc party boxes are for 5 people in 1,6999 Php, Party boxes for 10 are in Php 2,999 which come with original chicken mcdo, 4 BFF Mc fries, 10 regular cokes, chicken Nuggets,  Mc sausage.

The party box also includes a  party balloon, try mats, Party Hats, and gifts for the celebrant.

McDonald’s Delivery Hotlines

Mcdonald’s Philippines delivery services are available in all cities of the Philippines. Mcdonald’s menu delivery is available 24 Hours. Go to the store and directly buy the foods, also check nearby Mcdo ranch and online order your food really quickly.

 Is McDonald’s Halal?

Yes, Mcdonald’s offers halal food, Anyone visits the Mcdonald’s store and also orders the food. Mcdonalds is an international brand that respects all religions so you can easily find all the menus with prices in Mcdonald’s Philippines.

 Where is the biggest McDonald’s store?

The largest Mcdonald’s store is located in San Fernando inside the capital Town. Their more than 1,000 square area makes it the largest Mcdo store in the Philippines.

McDonald’s Burger Philippines;

Mcdo burgers are famous because of their spicy, delicious taste. The variety of Mcdonald’s burgers available you choose is one of your favorites. Many simple variations of burgers like cheeseburger Deluxe, Double big Mac, Mcdo triple Cheesy burger, Hamburger are more popular Mcdo burgers.

McDonalds Drinks and Dessert

Dessert lovers want to eat some sweets, such as Mc flurry, apple pie, Banana Caramel Shake, coke Mcfloat, Mccafe coffee, and a strawberry shake. A Lot of varieties are available in  Mc shakes and dessert so feel free to order from the Mcdo menu.

 About McDonald’s

 Mcdonalds is an American fast food corporation started in 1940 California, United States. The world knows it by their more popular Hamburger.

.Is McDonald’s services available online?

Yes, Mcdonald’s Philippines services are available online. You can go on their Mcdonald’s websites and search your favorite menu or order it. It’s fast and within less time trying to deliver food on your footsteps. Also, download the McDelivery Ph App on their official website or easily place orders.

McDonald’s Family 

 McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop Philippines is for kids. It’s a function to have fun with kids and make McDonald’s. The Philippines enroll children in this fun-filled family event to improve their literacy skills.

 Talk Philippines McDonalds staff

If you want to talk with the Mcdonald Philippines menu team and give some suggestions, gather some information about Mcdonald so you can easily contact them on these social media accounts. Also, go to their official website.

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