Lola Nena’s became a popular name in the Philippines when its original desert named Pichi-Pichi became a sensation among the locals. Lola Nena’s menu is highlighted with signature desserts and pastries. With time Lola Nena’s menu Philippines has added pancit, siopao tostado, cheese donuts, palabok, and many more to its list. 

Lola Nena's menu Philippines 2022 
Lola Nena’s menu Philippines 2023 

Lola Nena’s Special Pichi Pichi is now complemented with a bakery line, Pancit, and bottled products. Lola Nena’s menu has some amazing deals which are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends. Canton Bihan is a famous product of Lola Nena’s menu which is available in three different sizes. Triple Cheese Donut at Lola Nena’s Philippines is enjoyed by people of every age. 

Lola Nena’s Philippines has expanded its branches to 18 locations across the country since its emergence in 2012. Lola Nena’s crew cared so much for their customers that they didn’t stop serving even in the pandemic. Lola Nena’s delivery service is one of its kinds so you can order food at home to avoid any inconvenience. 

Lola Nena’s Menu Philippines with Pricings 

Initially Lola Nena’s became famous for their family dish Pichi-Pichi but now, it has many great food items to offer. These include some amazing deals also. Here is the complete list of Lola Nena’s menu Philippines: 

Lola Nena’s Updated Menu Philippines [thisMonth] 2023 

Lola Nena’s didn’t just rely on its main dish Pichi-Pichi to get the limelight it needed. Instead Lola Nena’s menu kept changing through time to get the maximum number of customers. Here are some famous items from Lola Nena’s menu Philippines: 

Pancit Palabok (Large) 

Lola Nena’s Palabok is topped with thinly sliced Ilocos Bagnet, Chicharon, hard-boiled eggs, and green onions. The sauce is flavored with smoked fish. 

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Pancit Palabok (Large) 
Pancit Palabok (Large) 

Large portions are good for 6-8 people. 

Triple Cheese Donut 

Lola Nena’s makes its Old Fashioned Donuts the traditional way. Every donut is formed and filled by hand. Proud Pinoy product! 

Triple Cheese Donut
Triple Cheese Donut

Served in boxes of 8. 

Special Pichi Pichi 

Lola Nena’s pride and joy. Special Pichi Pichi made from premium 100% Cassava. Enjoy with cheese or niyog topping. 

Special Pichi Pichi 
Special Pichi Pichi 

Small bilao contains 50 pieces. 

Canton Bihon (Small) 

Lola Nena’s Canton Bihon is topped with thinly sliced Ilocos Bagnet, Chicharon, and sauteed with veggies. A perfect combination for food lovers. 

Small serving is good for 3-4 people.

Canton Bihon Small

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