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Hello Amber’s Restaurant enthusiasts! Are you on the hunt for the most up-to-date Amber’s Menu Prices in the Philippines for 2023? Look no further because you’ve just stumbled upon the ultimate resource. We’ve meticulously compiled and updated the entire Amber’s menu, complete with mouthwatering pictures and the latest prices. Below, you’ll discover the freshest listings of Amber’s Menu Prices in 2023 for your dining pleasure.

Amber Menu Prices 2023

Amber is another popular food chain in the Philippines. Amber Golden Plate’s restaurant menu is fully nutritious, healthy, and tasty. Ambers Philippines is a great place for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. They serve a lot of menus with differing flavors in eating.

Ambers Philippines

 Here is a list of Ambers menu Philippines prices for you guys.


Group sizeSingle Order5-Mar10-Jun15-Nov16-2021-25
The Orginal Pancit Malabon₱60₱370₱620₱730₱840₱950
Spaghetti With Meat Sauce₱70₱540₱750₱850₱950₱1050
Canton-Bihon Guisado₱60₱370₱620₱730₱840₱950
Pancit Puti With Toasted Garlic₱60₱370₱620₱730₱840₱950
Sotanghon Guisado₱70₱540₱750₱850₱950₱1050
Bihon Guisado₱60₱370₱620₱730₱840₱1050
Sotanghon-Canton Guisado₱65₱520₱725₱825₱925₱1025
Spicy Oriental Noodles₱70₱540₱750₱850₱950₱1050
Canton Special₱60₱370₱620₱730₱840₱950
Pancit Trio₱1050N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Pancit Otso₱1350N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Combinations Deals

White Rice, Lechon Kawali, Picked Papaya, 2 PCS. Pichi Pichi With Cheese₱790
Choice Of Pancit. Pork BBQ, 2 PCS. Lumpiang Shanghai, 1PC. Chicken Lollipop,
2 PCS. Pichi Pichi With Cheese₱925
White Rice, 1PC. Pork BBQ, 2 PCS. Lumpiang Shanghai, 1 PC. Chicken Lollipop,
2 PCS. Pichi Pichi With Cheese₱800
White Rice, Fish Fillet With Sweet & Sour Sauce, 2 PCS. Pichi Pichi With Cheese₱600
White Rice, 1 PC. Fired Chicken, 2 PCS. Pichi Pichi With Cheese₱618.75
White Rice, Fish Fillet With Tartar Sauce, 2 PCS. Pichi Pichi With Cheese₱600
White Rice, Assorted Vegetable With Quail Eggs, 2 PCS. Pichi Pichi With Cheese₱525
White Rice, Beef Morcon, 2 PCS. Pichi Pichi With Cheese₱650

Pancit Value Package

Choice Of Pancit + 1 Pork BBQ₱510
Choice Of Pancit + Pichi Pichi With Cheese₱375
Choice Of Pancit + 2 Lumpiang Shanghai₱410
Choice Of Pancit + Chicken Lollipop₱535
Choice Of Pancit + Puto Cheese₱370

Rice Value Package

White Rice + Chicken Lollipop₱410
White Rice + 1 Pork BBQ₱385
White Rice + 2 Lumpiang Shanghai₱285
White Rice + 1 Fried Chicken₱383.75
White Rice + Pork Tocino₱360

Chicken Dishes

Chicken Lollipop₱225
Crispy Chicken Wings₱210
Golden Fried Chicken Drumstick₱210
Chicken Teriyaki₱700
Golden Fried Chicken₱230₱350
Garlic Fried Chicken₱260₱400
Buttered Fried Chicken₱260₱400

Pork Dishes

Pork BBQ₱200
Fried Lumpiang Shanghai₱50
Chicharong Bulaklak₱250
Lechon Kawali₱1080
Pork Sisig₱215
Crispy Pata₱790

Beef Dishes

Roasted Beef With Gravy₱770
Lengua In Mushroom Sauce₱800
Beef Morcon In Tomato Sauce₱800
Ox Tripe Kare-Kare With Bagboong₱770


Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet₱700
Fish Fillet Tartar Sauce₱700


Fried Lumpiang Ubod₱250
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod₱230
Assorted Vegetables With Quail Eggs₱550

Appetizer: Soup & Rice

Lomi Special₱150
Hototay Special₱170
Garlic Fried Rice₱25
Sotanghon Soup₱170
Cheese Stick₱150
Steamed White Rush₱22


Puto Cheese₱72₱108₱144N/A
Pichi-Pichi With Fresh CoconutN/AN/A₱72₱120
Pichi-Pichi With CheeseN/AN/A₱78₱130


Regular Royal (Can)₱40
Regular Sprite (Can)₱40
Lipton Real Leaf Tea₱35
Minute Maid Orange Juice (Bottle)₱40
Water (Bottle)₱20
Zesto Juice₱15

Amber restaurant is growing day by day, according to our research, they increase prices of the latest amber menu items and also add some more ingredients in their menus.

Ambers Menu Philippines

More Menus are: Jolly Hotdog & Burger King Menu

Top Amber’s Menu

Ambers shop is a sign of luck popular best Ambers menu. these menus are the perfect addition to your food. So order something very popular. 

Here is the best for sharing dishes from the amber menu. Some of the peppery, savory popular dishes on Ambers menu Philippines is given below

Original Pancit Malabon

Original Pancit Malabon is a bestseller amber menu. It balances your diet and craving. Pancit Malabon is thick rice and cornstarch noodles, shrimp gravy, garnish with egg, sauces.

Ambers Menu Philippines

Fried Lumpiang Shanghai

Are you boring and wait for your food? Amber’s latest menu is Fried Lumpiang Shanghai serves as a starter so you enjoy crispy snacks with 50 pHs. Ambers menu prices are affordable for anyone.


PICHI PICHI serves as a Filipino dessert, sweet snack. Ambers latest menu has a wide variety of PICHI PICHI like PICHI PICHI  coconut milk, PICHI PICHI  with cheese, you can drizzle freshly coconut and cheese 

 Amber’s Pork BBQ

 Flipino style Pork Barbecue is perfect for dining. Pork BBQ ingredients are Garlic&onion powder, pork, sauces cider vinegar made them mouthwatering. 

 About Amber’s 

Amber’s golden plate restaurant’s first branch open in Makati was launched in 1988. People appreciate their services and quality and also love their Yummy sweets are fish, chicken lollipops, pan kit combinations, vegetable packages, and much more.

After 20 years of serving amber launch their other restaurants in different places in the Philippines.

 Why Amber’s 

People choose Amber foods, vegetables, drinks, is it healthy? They aim to do their best all the time, AMBER has offered Pinoy comfort food that reminded customers of the familiar tastes of home and family.

Amber’s Online Delivery

How to order amber online?  are you craving, you have no time to prepare the meal, want to order amber food simply Contact with the amber Philippines is very easy. Go to their website,[https://amberdelivery.com], search amber near me, and order your food. 

Either if you send a quick message then send a message to the amber hotline for global user 0917-824-2222 and call at  (02) 7748-8888.

Amber’s contact information

If you want to contact Amber Philippines and give them feedbacks some suggestions here are Amber’s contact number and social accounts.

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