Noriter Chicken & Beer Restaurant is a popular place in the Philippines known for Korean-style fried chicken and casual get-togethers. They specialize in Korean-style fried chicken, especially their “Noriter” chicken, named after the seaweed in the batter. The menu likely includes a variety of chicken flavors, from classic soy garlic to spicy options. The Seasoned Chicken is well-liked for its crispy texture and balanced flavor. The Soy Garlic Chicken is also a favorite, offering a familiar blend of Asian sweetness and savory soy sauce. They probably have side dishes like Korean pancakes (kimchijeon) and pickled vegetables to go with the chicken. Some branches might have live music or entertainment, but this may vary across locations.

Noriter Chicken & Beer Menu Prices Philippines

Noriter Chicken & Beer Menu Prices Philippines


Korean Style Chicken



Popular at Noriter Chicken & Beer Philippines

Seasoned Chicken:

Forget bland poultry! Noriter’s Seasoned Chicken is a crispy concerto, a vibrant melody of juicy meat bathed in a symphony of spices. Imagine each bite a delightful duet, the golden crust harmonizing with the savory whispers for a taste of pure poultry perfection.

 Seasoned Chicken:

Soy Garlic Chicken:

Craving a tastebud tango? Noriter’s Soy Garlic Chicken is a sticky serenade, a poem of tender meat glazed in a sweet and savory soy sauce dance. Imagine each bite a playful chorus, the caramelized glaze clinging to the juicy chicken for a taste of pure Asian bliss.

 Soy Garlic Chicken:

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Noriter Chicken & Beer Opening & Closing Hours

Wednesday11 am–12 am
Thursday11 am–12 am
Friday11 am–12 am
Saturday3 pm–12 am
Sunday3 pm–12 am
Monday11 am–12 am
Tuesday11 am–12 am

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Phone: +63 966 719 0551

What is chicken and beer in Korean?

” It’s a delightful combination of two beloved treats: “chikin,” which means fried chicken, and “maekju,” which is Korean for beer. This dynamic duo is typically enjoyed as a delightful evening snack in South Korean restaurants, where you can savor crispy fried chicken, whether it’s the plain hurried or the spicy yangnyeom variety, alongside a refreshing glass of beer.

What is the name of the beer with chicken in it?

you’re curious about that unique beer with a hint of chicken flavor, right? Well, it goes by the rather clever name of Perdue Beer Can Chicken Beer. This intriguing brew was a joint effort between Perdue Farms and Manhattan’s very own Torch & Crown Brewing Company. What makes it stand out is its delightful combination of flavors – it’s a honey double-citrus summer ale, crafted with a blend of citra hops, honey, lemon and orange puree, a touch of pink peppercorn, a sprinkle of rosemary, a dash of sea salt, and a pinch of thyme.

Why is chicken and beer so good?

Many folks wonder about the delightful combination of chicken and beer, and here’s the scoop: it all boils down to some tasty science! You see, while water and fat don’t really get along, alcohol and fat are like best buddies. When you cook chicken with beer, the alcohol seeps into the meat, bringing along all those wonderful brine flavors for a joyous flavor party. Plus, beer has this nifty knack for breaking down fat, a talent that water just doesn’t possess.

What is beer alcohol?

Beer is a delightful beverage crafted through the magical process of fermenting sugars derived from starches, with its core ingredients being barley, hops, water, and yeast. This beloved libation comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic variations, offering a wide range of options to suit different tastes. When it comes to the alcoholic variety commonly found in the United States, the alcohol content typically hovers around 4% to 5% alcohol by volume, though there are brews that pack a stronger punch in terms of alcohol content.

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