Are you looking for the latest Rizalina’s Kakanin Menu Philippines prices? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Rizalina’s Kakanin  Menu Price 2024 Philippines prices

Rizalina's Kakanin  Menu Price Philippines

Rizalina’s Kakanin  Menu Price Philippines


Classic Favorites

All-time Favorites

In my delightful culinary journey at Rizalina’s Kakanin, the menu unveiled a plethora of Filipino delights that captivated my taste buds and wallet alike. From the irresistible Organic Steamed Mais (Malagkit) priced at just ₱32 to the delectable Gourmet Bicho-Bicho Cheese at ₱27, every bite was a symphony of flavors. Not to be missed are the Special Binangkal and Authentic Donut, both priced at an affordable ₱24, offering a truly authentic and budget-friendly experience. Rizalina’s Kakanin is a haven for anyone craving a blend of traditional and gourmet treats without breaking the bank.

Gourmet Platters

What do you call kakanin in English?

Hey there, lovely readers! If you’ve ever wondered what “kakanin” is called in English, I’ve got you covered. Kakanin actually refers to those delightful sticky rice cakes that we all adore. But here’s the thing, it’s important to note that kakanin specifically means the kind of rice cakes made from sticky and sweet rice – not your everyday steamed rice. So, next time you’re enjoying those scrumptious rice cakes, you can casually drop the term “kakanin,” or simply go with “rice cake.” Happy snacking

What is kakanin made of?

Kakanin refers to a variety of glutinous rice cakes. Its main components include Malagkit (sticky rice) and Gata (coconut milk). Additional elements like grated coconut, sugar, and sometimes alternative ingredients such as cassava or taro might be used in different recipes. (Date: 25 Mar 2020)

What is the famous kakanin brand?

It’s Aling Dolor’s Dolores! Our family-run business is famous for the Assorted Kakanin, a delightful treat in a round red box. The standout is the much-loved Sapin-Sapin flavor, adored by many.

Why is kakanin special?

Certainly! Kakanin holds a unique significance as it was traditionally crafted by Filipinos as a sacred offering to their gods. Beyond its religious importance, this delicacy carries symbolic meaning, believed to foster strong bonds among families and friends owing to its sticky texture. This cherished treat’s history and cultural connotations make it a remarkable emblem of togetherness and devotion.

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