Greenwich Menu is a popular pizza chain in the philippine. Their Greenwich pizza menu is delicious and filled with Greenwich’s secret menu. One of the best Greenwich menus is Hawaiian Overload combines cheddar cheese, capsicum, and pineapple bytes to make it tastier. People are crazy to eat this flavor.

Here is the latest list of Greenwich menu price

greenwich pizza Philippines

Special Offers

Overloaded Trio A₱ 499.00
Pizza & Lasagna Trio₱ 499.00
Barkada Overloaded Trio A₱ 999.00
Overloaded Trio B₱ 499.00
Overloaded Trio C₱ 499.00
12″ Barkada Delicious Duo Overload₱ 699.00
15″ BIG Delicious Duo Overload₱ 999.00
Barkada Overloaded Trio B₱ 999.00
Barkada Overloaded Trio C₱ 999.00
Overloaded Trio Upgrade₱ 599.00
Overloaded Trio No Pork₱ 499.00


Hawaiian Overload₱ 111.00
All-In Overload₱ 279.00
4 Cheese Overload₱ 111.00
Pepperoni Overload₱ 111.00
Bacon Overload₱ 111.00
Veggies & Cheese Overload₱ 111.00
All-Meat Overload₱ 111.00
Beef & Pineapples Overload₱ 245.00
All-Beef Overload₱ 392.00
All-In (No Pork) Overload₱ 279.00
Beef & Sausage Overload₱ 111.00
Cheeseburger Classic₱ 77.00
Ham & Cheese Classic₱ 77.00
Ham & Pineapples Classic₱ 77.00

Best Lasagna in Manila


Lasagna Supreme₱ 100.00
Creamy Bacon Carbonara₱ 115.00
Meaty Spaghetti₱ 56.00
Lasagna Supreme Pan₱ 521.00
Creamy Bacon Carbonara Pan₱ 521.00
Meaty Spaghetti Pan₱ 297.00

Best Pasta In Manila

Group Meals

Barkada Bundle 599 (Good for 4)₱ 599.00
Barkada Bundle 799 (Good for 5)₱ 799.00
Barkada Bundle 999 (Good for 6)₱ 999.00

Solo Meals

Lasagna Chicken Combo₱ 162.00
Carbonara Chicken Combo₱ 162.00
Pizza Value Meal A₱ 129.00
Pizza Value Meal B₱ 100.00
Pizza Loaded Combo D₱ 156.00
Pizza Loaded Combo E₱ 200.00
1 pc Crunchy Chicken with Rice₱ 95.00
2 pcs Crunchy Chicken with Rice₱ 168.00


Crunchy Fried Chicken₱ 299.00
Potato Waves₱ 55.00
2 pcs. Chicken and Waves₱ 223.00
3 pcs. Chicken and Waves₱ 301.00
4 pcs. Chicken and Waves₱ 345.00
6 pcs. Chicken and Waves₱ 515.00
8 pcs. Chicken and Waves₱ 690.00
Extra Hot Sauce₱ 6.00
Extra Ketchup₱ 6.00
Extra Barbecue Dip₱ 15.00
Extra Sour Cream Dip₱ 15.00
Extra Cheese Dip₱ 15.00


1.5L Coke₱ 99.00
Melon Slush₱ 44.00
Coke in Can₱ 65.00

Overload Reward Cards

Overload Rewards Card₱ 100.00
Pizza Pasta Treat₱ 539.00

Updated Greenwich Pizza Menu 2024

greenwich pizza Philippines menu

 Hawaiian Overload

One of the best Greenwich menus is Hawaiian Overload combines cheddar cheese, capsicum, and pineapple bytes to make it tastier. People are crazy to eat this flavor. Here list of the best pizza in the Philippines and in Manila

greenwich pizza menu

ALL in One Overload

Greenwich has been a popular pizza branch in the philippine, if you have no idea which pizza to choose then ALL in One Overload is the best option for you, All of the Greenwich pizza flavor topping green bell papers, a large amount of pepperoni, beef, pineapples and more. 

Lasagna Supreme Pan

Greenwich lasagna supreme is a super creamy pasta. It is a perfect combination of potato, beef, and cheese that make your time so much celsius at every byte you feel tasty and satisfied. Lasagna supreme pan is also best for family sharing at 258p.

greenwich pizza promotion Philippines

Lasagna Chicken Combo

If you are hungry or want to eat something new & tasty then it offers a Lasagna chicken combo to fulfill your lunch break with spice. Also check

Veggies and Cheese  Overload

Greenwich pizza size is enough for anyone, the veggies, and cheese overloaded pizza is looking so delicious, simple, and tasty is good for veggie-lover, topping with pineapple, bacon, and double amount of Cheese. 

 Meaty Spaghetti

One of the best Greenwich savor menus is Meaty spaghetti is good for one person.

Greenwich Buy 1 Take 1

Greenwich offers a lot for their customer Buy 1 and takes 1 offer is available at a specific time in which you can get one of favorite promo and take 1 fee.

 If you buy 1 family overload pizza Take one family classic pizza for free(on the choice of you).

Tae 1 party size pizza and take a Half pan of Meaty spaghetti for free at P279.

 Mush more offer is available on the Greenwich menu.

More pizza media are landers pizza menu, Yellow Cab Menu Pizza also best pizza in manila and in the Philippines

Greenwich Delivery Hotline

Greenwich online delivery services are available, you buy each and every Greenwich food online just place your order on the Greenwich website and the order is delivered within time at your door. 

How do I call Greenwich Delivery?

 Also, search the Greenwich near me find the store near you, or place an order track your order, or calling at Greenwich contact number # 5-55-55

Greenwich Overload Reward Card

If you are a regular customer at a particular store and avail their benefit, they give some cards offer for the loyal customer

Greenwich menu provides an exclusive offer to the customer is an Overload reward card. Get this card for P100.

Get some special offers by using a Reward card for free food for points, exchanging some food, fast cashless payment.

What Are the Price Comparisons Between S&R New York Style Pizza and Greenwich Pizza in the Philippines in 2024?

The price comparisons between S&R New York Style Pizza and Greenwich Pizza in the Philippines in 2024 can help customers make informed decisions. To understand the difference, it is essential to consider the s&r pizza menu prices 2024. By comparing the prices, customers can assess which option suits their budget and taste preferences. This analysis can guide pizza enthusiasts in choosing the best value for their money while enjoying a delectable pizza experience.

Greenwich pizza loaded combo

To enjoy your lunch at home and office during work, Greenwich pizza Philippines provide a facility of the different combo at an affordable Greenwich pizza price.

A pizza-loaded combo D is available at p167 including 1 piece of pizza, chicken, rice, pasta with sauce.

A pizza-loaded combo E is available at p204 including 1 piece of pizza, chicken, rice, pasta with sauce, and Greenwich lasagna supreme.

Greenwich Promos 2024

greenwich pizza promotion Philippines 1

Greenwich menu in the Philippines has special promo offers group meals and solo meals in which you get some discount. Greenwich pizza and lasagna Trio are best celebrated with family and friends at p657. To enjoy your favorite Greenwich Barkada overloaded delicious trio at p999. All of the Greenwich food is good for parties so take your food and enjoy with family

Greenwich Barkada bundle is available in almost all stores including different menu items at different Greenwich prices.

Barkada Bundle 599, is good for 4

About Greenwich 

Greenwich menu is also known as the Best Pasta and Pizza chain in the Philippines. Greenwich was launched in 1971 by Cressida Tues. After that pizza branch expanded into more Greenwich franchises. NOw 107 Greenwich store available.

Why do people like Greenwich so much?  Why is Greenwich the largest pizza and pasta chain in the philippine? Because of their fresh, tasty, creamy Pizza menu, people believe in their taste. 

Greenwich Contact

If you want to contact Greenwich Philippines and give them some suggestions or something else easily contact Greenwich  Philippines staff. Use the following social media accounts to contact them:

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