Embark on a gastronomic adventure with Ministop, a beloved convenience store chain in the Philippines that has captivated the hearts and taste buds of Filipinos for decades.Venture into a world of culinary delights where affordability meets delectable flavors. Ministop’s menu boasts an array of gastronomic gems, from savory rice meals to sweet treats, all meticulously crafted to satisfy every craving.

Ministop Menu Prices Philippines

Ministop Menu Prices Philippines

Ready To Eat

Crispy Pata450.00
Sweetchilipork Minibucket140.00
Gravypork Minibucket Ufc Gravy140.00
Siomai Fritos Crab Rice58.00
Siomai Fritos Pork W Ric50.00
Siomai Fritos Pork43.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 1Pc Ufc Gravy109.00
Uj Chicken 6S Ufc Gravy518.00
Extra Rice23.00
10 Pcs Hotchix With Ufc Gravy140.00
Shanghairoll Minibucket140.00
Uj Chicken 3S Mang Tomas282.00
Uj Chicken 1Pc Mang Tomas105.00
Kariman Ham&Cheese39.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 2Pc Ufc Gravy209.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 2Pc Mang Tomas209.00
Siomai Fritos Pork Rice58.00
Chicken Empanada32.00
Siomai Fritos 3S120.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 1Pc Mang Tomas109.00
Uj Chicken 2Pc Ufc Gravy202.00
Siomai Fritos Crab43.00
Kariman Chocolate17.00
Uncle John’s Pinoy Style Chicken325.00
Uncle John’S Fried Chicken Spicy Chicken 3S Mt252.00
Kariman Cookie Caramel17.00
Kariman Savory Partyp10S370.00
Kariman Sweet Party Packs165.00
Uj Chicken 10S Mang Tomas818.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 10S Ufc Gravy851.00
Turon Classic23.00
Uj Chicken 2Pc Mang Tomas202.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 3S Ufc Gravy292.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 6S Ufc Gravy538.00
Uj Chicken 10S Ufc Gravy818.00
Uj Chicken 3S Ufc Gravy282.00
Bbqpork Minibucket140.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 6S Mang Tomas538.00
Uj Chicken 6S Mang Tomas518.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 10S Mang Tomas851.00
Uj Spicy Chicken 3S Mang Tomas292.00
Uj Chicken 1Pc Ufc Gravy105.00

Best Lasagna in Manila

Basic Commodities

Ufc Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil 485Ml95.00
Mychoice Eggs 6Pcs80.00
Harvesters Sinandomeng 5Kg300.00
Mychoice Refined Sugar 500G38.00
Harvesters Dinorado 5Kg375.00
Mychoice Dinorado Rice 2Kilos155.00

Canned Goods

Libby’S Vienna Sausage 130G80.00
Century Tuna Flakes Hot & Spicy 180G60.00
Century Tuna Flakes In Oil 180G60.00
Purefoods Corned Beef 210G132.00
Spam Luncheon Meat Regular 340G260.00
Purefoods Corned Beef 150G97.00
Purefoods Corned Beef 380G224.00
Delimondo Ranch Style Cb175G105.00
Delimondo Garlic Chili Cb175G111.00
Goldseas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks In Olive Oil 185G80.00
Goldseas Yellowfin Tuna Chunks In Olive Oil With Chili 185G80.00
Maling Chicken Luncheon 397G145.00
Pf Chinese Luncheonmeat 350G108.00

Brand of the Day

Bucket of 10s UFJC w/ MT818.00
Bucket of 10s UFJC w/ Gravy818.00
Bucket of 6s UFJC w/ MT518.00
Bucket of 6s UFJC w/ Gravy518.00


Alfonso Brandy Light 700ml355.00
Red Horse Beercan 24S 330ml1,272.00
Alfonso Brandy Light 1L450.00
Emperador Brandy Light 1L220.00
Sanmig Beer Pale Pilsen Can 24S 330ml1,272.00
Emperador Brandy Light 750ml135.00
Sanmig Beer Light Can 24S 330ml1,272.00
Emperador Brandy Double Light200.00


Smart Load Card 500500.00
Binge Watch Do’s: Chicken and WiFi899.00
TM Limited Edition Sim & P300 Call Card x UJFC420.00
Coke Zero In Can 325ml42.00
Royal In Can 325ml42.00
Sprite In Can 325ml42.00
Trop Juice Twister Orange 1L75.00
Gatorade Sdrink Grape 500Ml49.00
Pepsi Regular In Can 330Ml39.00
Mountain Dew Pet 2L88.00
Gatorade Sdrink Tropical Fruit 500Ml49.00
Mountain Dew In Can 330Ml39.00
Pepsi Reg Pet 600Ml40.00
Gatorade Sportdrink Blue Bolt1.5L138.00
Gator Sportdrink Tropical Fruit 1.5L138.00
Mountain Dew Ice 600Ml40.00
Pepsi Regular Pet 1.5L79.00
Ladyschoice Mayonnaisebot220Ml149.00
Ladyschoice Peanut Butter 170G116.00
Ludys Peanut Butter 224G145.00
Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black 101G156.00
Indomie Mi Goreng Pedas Hot & Spicy 80G22.00
Lucky Me Mami Chicken Pouch 55G13.00
Lucky Me Pancit Canton Calamansi Pouch 80G20.00
Lucky Me Pancit Canton Original Pouch 80G20.00
Nissin Cup Creamy Seafood 45G32.00
Nissin Cup Hot Creamy Seafood 48G32.00
Nissin Yakisoba Savory Beef 59G17.00
Nongshim Claypot 117G88.00
Ottogi Jin Ramen Hot Pouch 65G85.00
Ottogi Jin Ramen Mild Pouch 65G85.00
Lucky Me Pancit Canton Chilimansi 80G20.00
Lucky Me Supreme Chicken Sotanghon 28G37.00
Nissin Soupermeal Beef Brisket 90G52.00
Nissin Soupermeal Hot & Spicy 85G52.00
Nissin Cup Noodles Spicy Seafood 60G44.00
Ottogi Cheese Ramen Pouch 111G90.00
Quaker Oats Chicken & Mushroom Cup 28G35.00
Quaker Oats Chocolate Cup 30G35.00
Lucky Me Supreme Jjamppong 70G50.00
Indomie Migoreng Original 85G22.00
Nissin Cup Noodles Seafood 74G185.00
Nongshim Shinramyun Noodles 120G90.00
Swissmiss Tincan Md Assorted8S115.00
Jolly Canola Oil 500Ml126.00
Maeil Hot Pepper Paste- Premium (Tayangcho Gochujang) 170G155.00
Maeil Seasoned Soy Bean Paste (Ssamjang) 170G164.00
Maeil Ssamjang Ssndpaste 170G165.00
Maeil Shin Gochujang 170G155.00
Silverswan Soysauce 1L68.00
Gardenia Classic Loaf 600G94.00
Cheez Whiz Original 220G110.00
Eden Cheese Regular 165G75.00
Nutella Hazelnut Spread 200G212.00
Nestea Iced Tea Powder Lemon 25G29.00
Great Taste Coffee White Sachet 30G12.00
Kopiko Brown 3In1 Coffee 27.5G12.00
Kopiko Blanca 3In1 Coffee 30G14.00
Kopiko Blanca Coffee Rtg 30G30.00
Nature’S Spring Distilled Water 6L98.00
Great Taste Iced Coffee Vanilla Lattee 200Ml22.00
Great Taste Ice Coffee Caramel Macchiato 200Ml22.00
Delmonte Juice Pine Ace 1L128.00
Coke Mini Can 180Ml21.00
Del Monte ACE Can 240ml35.00
Coke Zeron Can 325ml36.00
C2 Green Tea Apple 500Ml41.00
Coke Regular 1.5L83.00
Coke Zero 1.5L83.00
Del Monte Pineapple Juice Ace 240Ml42.00
Gatorade Blue Bolt 500Ml49.00
Mountain Dew 1.5L79.00
Nature’S Spring Purified Water 1L28.00
Royal 1.5L83.00
Sprite 1.5L83.00
C2 Green Tea Apple 355Ml34.00
Coke Regular 2L92.00
Coke Zero 2L92.00
Nestle Bear Brand Sterilized Milk 1L130.00
Nestle Chuckie Choco 250Ml41.00
Absolute Distilled Water 1L31.00
Absolute Distilled Water 500Ml20.00
Bear Brand Sterilized Milk 200Ml35.00
C2 Green Tea Apple 1L65.00
Cobra Energy Drink Regular 350Ml29.00
Cobra Energy Drink Smart 350Ml29.00
Coke Regular Can 325Ml42.00
Coke Regular 500Ml43.00
Coke Zero 500Ml43.00
Mountain Dew 600Ml40.00
Pocari Sweat Ion Drink 500Ml55.00
Pocari Sweat Ion Drink 900Ml95.00
Smart C Lemon Juice 500Ml39.00
Sting Strawberry Energy Drink 330Ml28.00
Summit Natural Spring Water 1L26.00
Summit Natural Spring Water 500Ml17.00
Wilkins Distilled Water 1L37.00
Wilkins Pure Water 1L25.00
Yakult Singles 80Ml12.00
Goodday Culturedmilkstraw 80Ml20.00
Goodday Culturedmilk Mango80Ml20.00
Delmonte Juice Tetra Fiber 1L138.00
Delmonte Juice Tetra 4Seas 1L117.00
Goodday Cultured Milk Orig80Ml20.00
Great Taste Iced Coffee Chocolate Mocha 200Ml22.00
Absolute Distilled Water 1.5L43.00
Dutchmill Delight 400Ml55.00
Absolute Distilled Water 6L98.00
Summit Natural Spring Water 6L91.00
Wilkins Distilled Water 7L113.00
Nestle Fresh Milk 1L120.00
Bear Brand Powder Milk Drink 700G260.00
Bonakid Milk Supplement 1-3 Years Old 400g235.00
Nestle Chuckie Opti-Grow 1L140.00
Bonakid Pre-School 3+ Powder Milk Drink 400g235.00
Nido Pre-School 3+ Milk 370G215.00
Bonamil Milk Supplement 6-12months 180g108.00
Nido Junior 1-3yr Milk 370g240.00
Jnj Piattos Cheese Super 170G82.00
Doritos Nacho Cheese 198.5G205.00

Popular at Ministop Philippines

Siomai Fritos Pork

Calling all siomai lovers! Ministop’s Siomai Fritos Pork is a must-try for anyone who enjoys the classic Filipino dish with a twist. This delectable offering combines the savory goodness of pork and the delightful contrast of soft siomai, all wrapped in a crispy Fritos shell. Each bite is an explosion of flavors and textures, guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Siomai Fritos Pork

Uj Spicy Chicken 1Pc Ufc Gravy

Spice up your life with Ministop’s Uj Spicy Chicken 1Pc Ufc Gravy, a culinary masterpiece that will ignite your senses. Tender chicken marinated to perfection in a blend of aromatic spices, this dish is enveloped in a rich and creamy gravy, creating a symphony of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Each bite delivers a fiery kick that will leave you craving more.

Uj Spicy Chicken 1Pc Ufc Gravy

Purefoods Corned Beef 380G

Embark on a meaty adventure with Purefoods Corned Beef 380G, a classic Filipino dish that never fails to impress. Savor the savory richness of corned beef, slow-cooked to perfection, and relish its melt-in-your-mouth texture. This hearty dish is a true testament to the Filipino love for flavorful and satisfying meals

Purefoods Corned Beef 380G

Crispy Pata

Indulge in the epitome of Filipino cuisine with Ministop’s Crispy Pata, a culinary masterpiece that will transport you to a traditional Filipino fiesta. Deep-fried pork leg, expertly prepared to achieve a crispy exterior and tender, juicy interior, this dish is a testament to the art of Filipino cooking. Each bite delivers a satisfying crunch followed by a burst of juicy flavors, leaving you craving more.

Crispy Pata

Ministop Alternative Restaurants Philippines

Ministop Opening & Closing Hours

Wednesday8 am–9 pm
Thursday8 am–9 pm
Friday8 am–9 pm
Saturday8 am–9 pm
Sunday8 am–9 pm
Monday8 am–9 pm
Tuesday8 am–9 pm

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Located in: Marc Square

Address: Marc Square, 166 Rizal Ave, Taytay, 1920 Rizal, Philippines

How much is the chicken in ministop?

Ministop’s new spicy fried chicken is available as a one-piece meal with rice for P75 or as a two-piece for P135. A bucket of 6 costs P350, while a bucket of 10 costs P560.

How to order mini stop online?

Open the JoyRide app. In the PICKUP field, search for the Ministop store where you want to order. In the DROP-OFF field, enter your address or where you want your order delivered to.

How much is a 10 piece bucket of chicken?

The $30 10-Piece Feast gets you: 10 pieces of KFC’s Original Recipe Fried Chicken or Extra Crispy Bone-In Chicken.

Where can I buy a Ministop beep card?

North Residences Edsa Brgy., Veterans Village, Quezon City. MINISTOP MADISON SQR. MINISTOP ROXAS BLVD.

How much is Ministop chillz?

Also available in 16 oz for P65! You can also enjoy it without pearls for only P42 (12oz) and P50 (16 oz.)

How many Ministop branches are there in the Philippines?

460 branches In January 2022, Robinsons Group assumed full ownership of the Ministop business in the Philippines with 460 branches. It was announced that the stores would be rebranded as Uncle John’s, after the flagship fried chicken product sold in the Philippine market since 2006.

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