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Hello Wendy’s fans and food enthusiasts! Are you eager to discover the most up-to-date Wendy’s Menu Prices in the Philippines? Look no further because you’ve landed in the perfect spot. We’ve meticulously compiled and presented Wendy’s complete menu with vivid images and the latest prices. Below, you’ll find the freshest Wendy’s Menu Prices for 2023 in the Philippines. Explore our comprehensive list and satisfy your cravings!

wendy's burger menu
wendy’s menu ph

Here is Wendy’s menu ph list for 2023:


Homestyle Chicken₱126.5₱181.5
Shrimp Fillet Sandwich₱137.5₱192.5

Fam Boxes

Fambox Bacon Mushroom Melt₱467.5₱577.5
Fambox Baconator Single₱605₱770
Fambox Fried Chicken₱504.9₱658.9


Bacon Mushroom Melt Whattabox₱218
Big Bacon Mushroom Melt Whattabox₱273.90
Fried Chicken Whattabox₱196.90


Cheeseburger Deluxe₱94.6₱149.6
Bacon Cheeseburger₱108.9₱163.9
Dave’s Single with Cheese₱163.9₱218.9
Dave’s Double with Cheese₱258.5₱313.5
Bacon Mushroom Melt₱108.9₱163.9
Big Bacon Mushroom Melt₱174.9₱229.9
Baconator Single₱163.9₱218.9
Baconator Double₱284.9₱328.9

Fried Chicken

1 Pc Chicken with Rice A la Carte₱86.9
1 Pc Chicken with Rice Combo₱108.9
2 Pcs Chicken with Rice A la Carte₱178.2
2 Pcs Chicken with Rice Combo₱200
Chicken with Spaghetti Combo₱163.9
Chicken with Fries Combo₱130.9
Chicken with Macaroni Cup Combo₱119.9
3 PC. Fried Chicken₱218.9
6 PC. Fried Chicken Box₱429
Chicken Nuggets A la Carte ₱115.5
Chicken Nuggets Combo with Rice₱154
Chicken Nuggets Combo with Fries₱159.5


Chunky Chicken Salad₱75.9₱143
Waldorf Salad₱75.9₱143
Macaroni Salad₱53.9₱108.9
Taco SaladN/A₱176


Natural Cut Fries with Seasalt₱42.9₱74.8₱90.2

Combo Meal Upgrades & Addons

Combo Upgrade Medium Drink₱11
Combo Upgrade Large Drink₱19.8
Combo Upgrade Biggie Drink₱35.2
Combo Upgrade Large Fries₱22.0
Combo Upgrade Biggie Fries₱35.2
Combo Addon Ice Tea Classic₱16.5
Combo Addon Iced Tea Lite₱16.5


Vanilla Frosty Regular₱42.9
Vanilla Frosty Medium₱67.1
Vanilla Frosty Large₱82.5
Tiramisu Frosty Tops₱53.9


Coke Zero₱60.5₱69.3₱86.9
Iced Tea Classic ₱66₱74.8₱92.4
Iced Tea Lite₱66₱74.8₱92.4

Wendy’s Menu Prices 2023

Wendy’s menu is one of the popular fast-food chains, known for the delicious, yummy burger. It is the top restaurant in the Philippines. Wendys offers a large variety of food and updates its menu according to customer needs and requests. 

wendy's burger menu
wendy’s burger menu

Recently on Wendy’s menu a new addition of  Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger. it is filled with cheese and more bacon with savory and sweet jams looking so delicious. 

It launched a Wendy’s App so the app’s exclusive offer is open download and get free hot & crispy Wendy’s fries daily. 

Wendys Best Seller Menu

As we know it is known for hamburgers, hot fries, Wendys ice cream,  farm box platters, breakfast Como, and wendy’s salad 

It offers a whattabox menu it’s good for large families, parties, and dinners. Wendy’s what box includes a complete meal with premium large Davy single petty, fresh and crispy fries and nuggets, regular forestry plus regular drink at 249 PHP.

In wendys fambox a 6 piece of fried chicken that is good for 3-6 people. 

Wendy’s price is adorable as their food. Filipinos like their breakfast and coffee. 

To attract customers it started a new holiday offer, in this collection, you can get Wendy’s glazed bacon burger, sans rival delight, and holiday salad. 

Wendy’s Best Seller Burger

What is Wendy’s most popular item? , What is Wendy’s most popular burger? What burger is Wendys known for? We listed some of the best and everyone’s favorite Wendy popular burgers it’s easy for you to make a decision. 

Big Bacon Cheddar CheeseBurger:

It is prepared with fresh beef. The beef is not freezing, covered in yummy cheese and bacon jams and topped with smoked bacon, a slice of American cheese, and an onion ring that looks mouthwatering. 



The chain is known for hamburgers due to their quality, and freshness. Filipinos love to eat their burgers. Ham patties are prepared with different spices and cooked on the grill, served deep in milk and soya. These burgers are served with different ingredients. 

Dave’s Triple :

Fambox 1

Dave’s Triple solo includes 3 beef patty slices of cheese, mayonnaise, onion pickles, and lettuce on a tested glazed gun. 

Wendys  Delivery

If you are hungry for lunch, or breakfast and you don’t want to come out Wendys is here. Just open their Wendy’s pp to place an order and Wendy’s come to your door where you are it does not matter. 

Wendy’s online delivery services are provided in almost all of their branches. 

You just need to go to their websites find Wendy’s place and pick up your order. 

So order via hotlines 8-533-3333 or website wendys.com.ph 

Take a look at more menus in the Philippines.

About Wendys

Wendy’s Philippines is owned and managed by the Udenna Corporation through its food group subsidiary. More than 51 restaurants in the Philippines. All Wendy’s restaurants focus on their quality and fresh ingredients. They are committed to providing delicious and fresh meals for every person 

First, wendys began on November 15 1969 by Dev Thomas. Wendys grow quickly because they are sincere with commitment. In 1999 it opened 6,000 new branches at different locations and in different countries. Wendys pledged to make their customers happy.

Wendys contact 

If you want to contact Wendys team members and give them some feedback or suggestions then contact them by using these social links:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wendysph/ 

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