Welcome to the alluring realm of Maisen, where Japanese gastronomic artistry intertwines with the vivacious taste buds of the Philippines. If you’re prepared to embark on a culinary adventure that harmoniously blends crispy excellence with luscious, savory flavors, you’ve landed at the right destination. Our focal point today? The eagerly awaited “Maisen Menu Prices Philippines,” a treasure trove of delectable delights.

Maisen Menu Prices Philippines

Maisen Menu Prices Philippines





Maisen Restaurant Most Popular Food Items:

Tenderloin Katsu Set:

Unleash the epitome of Japanese culinary excellence with Maisen Restaurant’s Tenderloin Katsu Set. This dish features a perfectly cooked, melt-in-your-mouth tenderloin, expertly breaded and fried to golden perfection. Each bite offers a symphony of textures, from the crispy, light breading to the juicy, tender meat within. It’s paired with fluffy Japanese rice, miso soup, fresh cabbage, and their signature katsu sauce, creating a complete and satisfying dining experience.

Tenderloin Katsu Set:

Tenderloin Katsu Curry Set:

Elevate your katsu experience with Maisen Restaurant’s Tenderloin Katsu Curry Set. This dish combines the exquisite Tenderloin Katsu with a rich and flavorful Japanese curry. The creamy curry, infused with a blend of spices and vegetables, perfectly complements the tenderloin’s savory notes. Each bite is a journey of contrasting textures and harmonizing flavors, making this set a true masterpiece of culinary artistry.

Tenderloin Katsu curry Set:

Tenderloin Katsu Don Set:

Indulge in the comfort and satisfaction of Maisen Restaurant’s Tenderloin Katsu Don Set. This dish features a perfectly cooked tenderloin, breaded and fried to a golden crisp, served atop a warm bed of fluffy Japanese rice. The rice is then generously drizzled with their signature donburi sauce, adding a sweet and savory touch to the dish. Each bite is a guaranteed burst of flavor and texture, leaving you feeling satisfied and content.

Tenderloin Katsu don Set

Loin Katsu Set:

Experience the classic katsu experience with Maisen Restaurant’s Loin Katsu Set. This dish features a generous portion of prime pork loin, expertly breaded and fried to golden perfection. The loin’s juicy meat and crispy breading create a delightful contrast in textures, while the natural sweetness of the pork shines through. It’s paired with fluffy Japanese rice, miso soup, fresh cabbage, and their signature katsu sauce, offering a complete and satisfying meal.

Loin Katsu Set

Maisen Alternative Restaurants Philippines

Maisen Opening & Closing Hours

Tuesday11 am–8 pm
Wednesday11 am–8 pm
Thursday11 am–8 pm
Friday(Feast of the Immaculate Conception)11 am–8 pmHours might differ
Saturday11 am–8 pm
Sunday11 am–8 pm
Monday11 am–8 pm

Social pages

 Email: [email protected]

Phone: +63 2 7239 0390

Who is the owner of Maisen Philippines?

The renowned Maisen franchise is set to grace Manila, thanks to the efforts of Ben Chan’s Group (Suyen Corporation). Delight in the Japanese minimalist atmosphere of the restaurant, where the iconic Maisen logo takes center stage. If you’re wondering what delectable offerings await, read on to discover what to expect and the must-try dishes at Maisen Philippines.

How many branches does Maisen have in the Philippines?

12 branches are Maisen have in the Philippines

Does Maisen accept credit cards?

Yes! Maisen accepts credit cards.

Is Maisen halal?

Maisen’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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