The SouthWing Cafeteria is going beyond just being an area to refuel; it’s a haven for consolation food served in beneficiant quantities. Consolation food is the main enchantment here, as every dish provides a heat include for the soul. SouthWing specializes in pleasing cravings with truthful goodness, with out complicated plating or exclusive ingredients. Whether you are yearning a flavor of home or genuinely want a filling and fulfilling meal, SouthWing Cafeteria has got you blanketed. A few popular items consist of four pieces half of-half chook Rice Meal, 12 portions half hen (6 pieces boneless), and 4 pieces 1/2 bird.

SouthWing Cafeteria Menu Prices Philippines

SouthWing Cafeteria Menu Prices Philippines




Chicken Sandwiches

Egg Drop Toastie

Flavorful Glazed Chicken

Rice Meals

Popular at SouthWing Cafeteria Philippines

4 pcs. Rice Meal:

The quintessential Filipino lunchbox, SouthWing’s 4 pcs. Rice Meal is simplicity perfected. Fluffy white rice cradles a choice of their signature dishes, from savory adobo to crispy fried chicken. Each bite is a nostalgic symphony of textures and flavors, a reminder of home-cooked goodness that never disappoints.

4 pcs. Rice Meal:

Half-Half Chicken 12 pcs.:

Gather your friends and family, because SouthWing’s Half-Half Chicken 12 pcs. is meant for sharing. Crispy, golden fried chicken meets juicy, flavorful roasted chicken, offering a double dose of poultry perfection. Whether you’re a die-hard crispy fan or a roasted devotee, this platter has something for everyone.

Half-Half Chicken 12 pcs.:

Half 6 pcs.:

Can’t decide between fried or roasted? No worries! SouthWing’s Half 6 pcs. offers the best of both worlds. Six crispy pieces and six juicy roasted pieces come together on this platter, ensuring everyone gets their fill of chickeny goodness. It’s the perfect solution for indecisive diners or those craving a taste of both worlds.

Half 6 pcs.:

Boneless Chicken 4 Pcs.:

Craving convenience without sacrificing flavor? SouthWing’s Boneless Chicken 4 Pcs. is your answer. Tender, juicy chicken strips coated in their signature crispy batter arrive neatly stacked on your plate, ready for dipping and devouring. It’s mess-free indulgence at its finest, perfect for a quick lunch or a casual snack.

Boneless Chicken 4 Pcs.:

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SouthWing Cafeteria Opening & Closing Hours

Thursday10 am–11:45 pm
Friday10 am–11:45 pm
Saturday10 am–11:45 pm
Sunday10 am–11:45 pm
Monday10 am–11:45 pm
Tuesday10 am–11:45 pm
Wednesday10 am–11:45 pm

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Phone: +63 963 553 7944

How many branches does SouthWing Cafeteria have in the Philippines?

SouthWing Cafeteria has an impressive network of 32 branches across the beautiful Philippines. It’s remarkable to see how this beloved establishment has spread its culinary delights far and wide, offering its delectable menu to many Filipino patrons throughout the country.

Who is the owner of SouthWing Cafeteria in the Philippines?

The dynamic duo behind SouthWing Cafeteria in the Philippines is none other than the talented partnership of Nico Bolzico and Erwan Heussaff. These two culinary enthusiasts are the proud owners of this delightful eatery in the Philippines.

Does SouthWing Cafeteria accept credit cards?

Absolutely! SouthWing Cafeteria is totally credit card-friendly, so you can easily swipe or tap your plastic for a hassle-free dining experience.

Is SouthWing Cafeteria halal?

SouthWing Cafeteria halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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