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Hello ramen nagi lovers, are you looking for the latest ramen nagi Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of ramen nagi Menu 2023 Philippines with prices.

Ramen Nagi Menu Prices Philippines 2022

ramen nagi Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

ramen nagi Menu Philippines includes Butao King Ready-to-Eat Red King Ready-to-Eat Gyoza Sides Chicken Karaage Butao King Wonder Chasu King Ready-to-Eat Seafood Curry King Garlic Squid King Butao King Ready-to-Eat Red King Ready-to-Eat Black King Ready-to-Eat Wonder Chasu King Ready-to-Eat Green King Ready-to-Eat Nagi Star Salad Gyoza Sides Chicken Karaage Chasu Rice Nagi Toppings (All Toppings) Extra Noodles (Thin ) Extra Noodles (Thick) Extra Tamago Chasu Extra Wonder Chasu Extra Green Onion Kikurage Cabbage Extra Kakuni Extra Nori Butao King Red King.


Butao King Ready-to-Eat₱ 550
Red King Ready-to-Eat₱ 610
Gyoza Sides₱ 310
Chicken Karaage₱ 440
Butao King₱ 810
Wonder Chasu King Ready-to-Eat₱ 660

Limited Kings

Seafood Curry King₱ 740
Garlic Squid King₱ 640


Butao King Ready-to-Eat₱ 550
Red King Ready-to-Eat₱ 610
Black King Ready-to-Eat₱ 610
Wonder Chasu King Ready-to-Eat₱ 660
Green King Ready-to-Eat₱ 610


Nagi Star Salad₱ 362
Gyoza Sides₱ 310
Chicken Karaage₱ 440
Chasu Rice₱ 291

Hot Nagi To-Go Extras


Butao King Ready-to-Eat₱ 550
Red King Ready-to-Eat₱ 610
Gyoza Sides₱ 310
Chasu₱ 198
Extra Wonder Chasu₱ 299
Extra Green Onion₱ 70
Kikurage₱ 70
Cabbage₱ 70
Extra Kakuni₱ 168
Extra Nori₱ 80

Ramen To Go

Butao King₱ 810
Red King₱ 920
Green King₱ 920
Black King₱ 920
Wonder Chashu₱ 920
Gyoza 10Pcs₱ 290
Karaage 10Pcs₱ 410


Teaco Honey Lemon₱ 120
Teaco Peach Mango₱ 120
Bottled Water₱ 75
Teaco Mixed Berries₱ 120
Coke Regular₱ 105
Coke Zero₱ 105
Sprite₱ 105

Alcoholic Beverages

Kirin Ichiban Beer₱ 220
Sapporo Beer₱ 220
Asahi Super Dry₱ 220
San Miguel Pale Beer₱ 140

Who owns Ramen Nagi Philippines?

Chef Satoshi Ikuta Nagi Chef Satoshi Ikuta Nagi was founded in 2004 by Mr. Satoshi Ikuta at the age of 27. Chef Ikuta, who had trained for over a decade in various classic Hakata ramen shops, began with the practice known as ‘aida kari’, borrowing bar space one day a week to run a guerrilla ramen shop.

Why is it called Ramen Nagi?

凪, or Nagi, means, “a calmness before the waves,” and our Ramen Master Chef Satoshi Ikuta has dedicated himself to bringing a new wave of ramen to the world through every delicious and memorable bowl. This is a place where ramen creativity lives and breathes!

How much is butao King in Ramen Nagi?

We got our hands on two kits: one Butao King (P790/good for two), a.k.a. Ramen Nagi’s original tonkotsu ramen, and one Green King (P900/good for two), which blends their tonkotsu broth with fresh basil, olive oil, and grated parmesan cheese

Is Ramen Nagi a Michelin star?

Tokyo’s First Michelin-Starred Ramen Restaurant Expected to Open in SF. Tonight’s Ramen Nagi grand opening will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. — and a promotion with free bowls for the first 200 customers is likely to attract a preview of the inevitable ramen lines to come.

Why is Ramen Nagi so popular?

It became more popular after Ikuta won a contest for a spot in Tokyo’s famous Tachikawa Square Park. Since then, the brand has become established for its varied flavor profiles and customizable menu

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