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Aice Ice cream, as the name specifies, is specialized in serving extremely delicious ice cream in the Philippines. It is common that during the summer season, craving of Ice cream increases rapidly and Aice Ice Cream is definitely a summer treat for Ice cream lovers. The menu of Aice Ice Cream comes with various amazing options such as Aice Semangka/watermelon stick, Aice Pineapple stick, Aice Milk stick, Aice Chocolate stick, Aice Milk & Egg stick, Aice Milk Melon, Aice Chocolate Mochi, Aice Chocolate Cup, Aice Vanilla Mochi and Aice Coffee Crispy stick. 

Aice Ice Cream menu Philippines with prices 

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Aice Ice Cream Philippines 2022

Aice Ice Cream isn’t just known for its luscious taste but the menu has products with surprisingly reasonable prices that are within reach of every respectable customer. Here is the recently updated list of Alice Ice Cream menus Philippines with prices: 


2 in 1 Avocado Strawberry₱ 156
Choco Crispy₱ 25
Milk Melon₱ 16
Strawberry Crispy₱ 25


2 in 1 Avocado Strawberry₱ 156
Choco Crispy₱ 25
Choco Melt₱ 26
Choco Stick₱ 13
Choco Sundae₱ 34
Milk Melon₱ 16
Pineapple₱ 13
Strawberry Crispy₱ 25
Sweet Corn₱ 20
Watermelon₱ 13

Other exciting flavors of Aice Ice Cream menu Philippines are Aice Chocolate Cookies, Aice Sweetcorn, Aice Chocolate Sundae Cup, Aice Alpukat Avocado-Strawberry 2in1, Aice Strawberry Cone and many more ! Nothing could go wrong for an Ice cream craver when there are so many options to try. 

Aice Ice Cream menu Philippines also offers Aice Ice Cream Strawberry, Aice Ice Cream Calamansi, Aice Ice Cream 3in1 Strawberry Vanilla Strawberry, Aice Ice Cream Avocado Sundae and Aice Ice Cream Cookie. No doubt, Aice Ice Cream is conquering the Philippines with its unique products. Aice Ice cream provides healthier and tastier ice cream than any other Ice cream brand. Their ice cream is prepared with pure ingredients and great affection and love which gives a soul touching taste. Aice Ice Cream Mango flavor is approved as the first low fat ice cream in the ice cream market. Their online services are always ready to serve. You just need to make a call and yummy ice cream will be at your doorstep. So grab your favourites from Aice Ice Cream Philippines and rejoice! Have an Aice Day! 

Aice Ice Cream Philippines

Updated Aice Ice Cream menu Philippines

Aice, after making itself a mass market ice cream brand in Indonesia, has gained strong momentum in the Philippines. The brand traces its roots in the Philippines in 2018 and has taken very short time to stand trustworthy among Filipinos. Aice cares for its customers and their desires. It brings in new recipes and flavor in their menu to make them joyful and happy. Here are some mentions from Aice Ice cream menu Philippines : Aice Ice Cream Vanilla Mochi 

Discover a touch more with Aice Vanilla Mochi ice cream that can be savoured with your fingers. Let yourself enjoy this refined yet indulgent treat.Taste this new vanilla mochi made with vanilla bean ice cream, wrapped in a slightly sweet rice dough. I’m telling you that you can’t resist yourself to try this flavoful ice cream more than once.

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Aice Ice Cream Vanilla Mochi 

Aice Ice cream Vanilla Sundae 

The original sundae, consists of vanilla ice cream topped with a flavored sauce or syrup, whipped cream, and a maraschino cherry. 

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Aice Ice cream Vanilla Sundae 

Aice Ice Cream Chocolate cup 

Rich, creamy, with just the right amount of sweetness and real cocoa! Who can resist? It’s deliciously snackable in a perfectly portioned 3 fl oz. serving ice cream cup.

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Aice Ice Cream Chocolate cup

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