Prepare to be swept away by a symphony of flavors as you delve into the Don C Lechon Manok menu, a treasure trove of culinary delights. From the classic and beloved Lechon Manok Whole to the hearty and satisfying Beef Kaldereta, Don C Lechon Manok has something to satisfy every craving. Indulge in the crispy skin and juicy meat of Lechon Manok Half, or savor the rich and savory goodness of Liempo, a slow-roasted pork belly that melts in your mouth. For a taste of authentic Filipino cuisine, try the Lechon Paksiw, a braised pork dish with a tangy and flavorful sauce, or the Pork Sisig, a sizzling dish made with chopped pork, onions, and chili peppers.

Don C Lechon Manok Menu Prices Philippines

Don C Lechon Manok Menu Prices Philippines


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Popular at Don C Lechon Manok Philippines

Lechon Manok Whole

Don C Lechon Manok is renowned for its Lechon Manok Whole, a culinary masterpiece that epitomizes Filipino culinary traditions. This whole roasted chicken is meticulously prepared using a time-honored recipe, resulting in crispy skin that gives way to juicy, flavorful meat. The chicken is expertly seasoned and marinated, imparting a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving more.

Lechon Manok Whole

Lechon Manok Half

For those seeking a smaller portion but not compromising on taste, Don C Lechon Manok’s Lechon Manok Half is the perfect choice. This half-roasted chicken retains all the delectable qualities of its whole counterpart, boasting crispy skin and juicy meat that will tantalize your taste buds. The Lechon Manok Half is ideal for individual servings or smaller gatherings, allowing you to savor the authentic Filipino flavors without overindulging.

Lechon Manok Half


Pork belly enthusiasts will find their paradise in Don C Lechon Manok’s Liempo, a slow-roasted pork belly that melts in your mouth. This succulent dish is simmered to perfection, allowing the rich flavors of the pork to permeate every bite. The Liempo is served with a side of dipping sauce, adding a delightful tangy contrast to the savory pork belly.


Lechon Paksiw

For a taste of authentic Filipino cuisine, Don C Lechon Manok’s Lechon Paksiw is a must-try. This braised pork dish is a testament to the Filipino love for bold flavors and rich sauces. The pork is braised in a tangy and flavorful sauce, resulting in tender meat that falls off the bone. The Lechon Paksiw is a symphony of flavors, with the tangy sauce complementing the savory pork and the addition of vegetables adding a refreshing touch.

Lechon Paksiw 1 1

Pork Sisig

Pork Sisig is a sizzling dish that perfectly captures the Filipino spirit of bold flavors and creative culinary expression. Made with chopped pork, onions, and chili peppers, Pork Sisig is a testament to the Filipino resourcefulness of transforming simple ingredients into a culinary masterpiece. The dish is cooked to perfection, with the pork retaining its juiciness while the onions and chili peppers impart a spicy and flavorful kick.

Pork Sisig

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Monday10 am–9 pm
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Address: 176, Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Who is owner of Don C?

Don Crawley, known professionally as Don C, is an American streetwear designer from Chicago, Illinois. His family comes from Louisiana.

How much is Lechon Manok franchise?

After 25 years, here is Baliwag Lechon Manok, with over 350 outlets nationwide! … Baliwag Lechon Menu. Lechon Manok (Take-out) 290.00 Manok 1/2 (Take-out) 145.00 Crispy Ulo (Take-out) 480.00 Crispy Pata (Take-out) 450.00

How much is KFC franchise in Philippines?

Franchise investment cost starts at P19 Million.    Final cost will be based on asset type, location, and store area.

Who is the owner of SR Pedro Lechon Manok?

Peter Unabia  Peter Unabia, the man behind the success of Senior Pedro, has climbed up to the ladder and became one of the most wealth persons in Mindanao. Yet, he remains to be humble of his God given blessings. Unabia grew up from a poor and big family in Malaybalay City. 18-Mar-2010

How much is the franchise of Jollibee PH?

   – In Philippines, the total investment to start the Jollibee Restaurant is around Php 35 million to Php 55 million.

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