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Looking for delicious and convenient dining options in the Philippines? Look no further than Army Navy, a fast food chain restaurant known for its premium quality burgers and burritos, as well as a variety of other tasty menu options including tacos, sandwiches, and pasta. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a satisfying meal, Army Navy has something for everyone. So why wait? Check out the Army Navy menu today and see what delicious options are available at a location near you!

Army Navy  Burger Menu and Burrito

Army Navy Burger

Classic Burger₱210
Double Burger₱280
Bully Boy Burger₱350
California Burger – Single₱280
California Burger – Double₱370

Burger Add-ons

Sauteed Onions₱30


Starving Sailor – Chicken₱275
Starving Sailor – Steak₱295
Chipotle Crispy Chicken Sandwich₱230


Crunchy Tacos₱200
Soft Tacos – Steak₱220
Soft Tacos – Carnitas (Pork)₱210
Soft Taco – Chicken₱200
Sisig Baboy Soft Taco₱220
Tacos Addon – Doube The Meat₱95


Steak Burrito₱245
Chicken Burrito₱220
Carnitas (Pork) Burrito₱230
P.I. Burrito (Adobo Flakes)₱230
P.I. Burrito (Sisig Baboy)₱230
Vegetable Burrito₱220
Breakfast Burrito – Steak₱250
Breakfast Burrito – Longganisa₱250
Naked Burrito – Chorizo₱245
Naked Burrito – Chicken₱245
Naked Burrito – Carnitas (Pork)₱245
Naked Burrito – Adobo Flakes₱245
Sisig Baboy Naked Burrito₱245

Burritos Addons

Sour Cream₱40
Cheese Dip₱25
Double The Meat₱95


LiberTea MilkTea 940ml₱225
LiberTea Iced Tea₱115
LiberTea MilkTea 500ml₱130
Coke Regular₱65
Coke Zero₱65
Coke Light₱65
Minute Maid₱60
Bottled Water₱40


Churros – Chocolate₱95
Churros – Caramel₱95


Tapatio Hot Sauce₱95
Freedom Fries₱95
Onion Rings₱90
Tortilla Chips₱35
Tortilla Soup₱140
Clam Chowder₱140

All-Day Breakfast Addons

Additional Egg₱30
Plain Rice₱35
Garlic Rice₱35
Double The Meat₱95

All-Day Breakfast

Adobo Flakes₱220
Hungarian Sausage₱220
Classic Pancake₱140


3pcs Chipotle BBQ & 3pcs Classic Buffalo₱310
Fearless Fried Chicken₱215
Classic Buffalo – 4 PCS.₱215
Classic Buffalo – 6 PCS.₱310
Chipotle Barbecue – 4 PCS.₱215
Chipotle Barbecue – 6 PCS.₱310


Carbonara Pasta₱215
Pasta and Meatballs₱215

Querida Mia

Baja Chicken₱230
Charlie Bravo₱240
Querida Mia Verde₱260


Steak Quesadilla₱230
Cheese Quesadilla₱145
Chicken Quesadilla₱220

Army Navy Menu Updated In [thisMonth] 2023

Army navy has always been a classic American casual dining restaurant for Flipino. Army Navy’s menu regularly updates and changes its foods on a customer-demand basis. Their super crisp, tender, gravy and juicy recipes are popular in the Philippines and their ingredients are changed and updated from time to time.

Army Navy Burger Menu ph 1 1

By Flipino beloved, their taste  Army navy staff decided to open more branches at different locations of the Philippines, and around the world.

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Army Navy Best Seller 

A  variety of foods at Army navy is considered a Best Seller, customers like to eat their Burger, Burrito, Birria, army navy Makati, libertea army navy, and some delicious drinks is everyone favourite menu.

One of the best sellers of Army navy Quesadillas is available in many forms like Chicken Quesadillas, Cheese Quesadillas, ground beef Quesadillas, so everyone like to eat creamy cheesy Quesadillas their super recipe is perfect for satisfying cheese lovers.

Another Favourite food at Army Navy is SandwichesStarving Sailor – Steak, Starving Sailor – Chicken,  Chipotle Crispy Chicken Sandwich, the spicy crispy chicken sandwich is prepared with spicy sauces, chipotle peppers in the marinade keeps the chicken drumsticks so juicy and tender, honey and avocado mixture with onion rings make it delicious and mouthwatering.

The chicken rice meal is always, as usual, fried crisp to perfection, tender and juicy, with a side of pepper gravy. 

If you are craving Mexican and American classic pizza then  Army-Navy  Querida Mia pizza topped with cheese and flavorful ingredients make a unique taste for you.

Army Navy Best Seller menu

 Best Army Navy Burger

No doubts Army-Navy Knows by classic burgers, their burger is made with fresh ingredients delivered at a reasonable price.

Army Navy Bully Boy Burger Tripple beef patties, topped with tomatoes, fresh Lettuce, Onion, and sesame seed bun make a delicious byte. It’s your choice to add single, or double beef patties.

Army Navy Promo includes California Burger single quarter beef, cheese slice, and other topping ingredients that look as delicious as crispy to eat.

If you are vegetarian and looking for a veggies burger, Army navy recently launch a new Plant-based Burger to fill your calories with fresh vegetables, Army Navy Plant-based double patty burger is available at P395, so a different variation is here.

Army Navy Burger + Burrito

The best-seller menu in Army-Navy Philippines has always been Burger + Burrito its a perfect and different combination that interact with everyone with fresh, tasty ingredients. The plate contains a tasty Burrito on your favourite choice and a super spicy burger with a beautiful topping that make you more craving. you have no idea which one choose first to eat. 

Its taste is as delicious as look you can enjoy this combo with cold and fresh  Liberta ice tea, Army Navy Burger + Burrito price varies to your choice.

Army Navy delivery 

Is Army-Navy online Delivery?

Yes, it delivers all foods to your doors. You will be easily eating and enjoy food at home, office and their branch.

You may place an order on the website by searching Army Navy near me and may b call at army navy contact number 8-333-3131. Their all branches deliver the same food online so get your burger + burrito or check your order status. 

Their app is also here so grab your meal on it.

 About Army Navy

Army Navy is a food corporation company in the philippine that is most famous by Burger + Burrito and has great dining menus. Their motto is to come hungry and walk out happy with the premium quality menu and best services.

 In 2008 First Army-Navy store launch. Their concept is to offer Mexican and Americano food and unique style burgers that will become famous among people.

 The owner of Army-Navy menu  Eric Puno, managed and open a new Franchise in the Philippines rapidly so 70 branches throughout the Philippines is run at that time, all of them covering traditional, healthy, fresh, 100 % quality recipes.

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Army Navy Contact 

If you want to contact with Army-Navy staff and give,m some suggestions, and feedback and start a Career so here is an Army-Navy  Philippines menu contact information.

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