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If you are a coffee lover and looking for a menu that offers the best of all Coffee then Bo’s Coffee Menu Philippines is the place you need to visit. Bo’s Coffee menu in the Philippines specializes in making a variety of Coffee with heart and delicacy that grabs customers’ attention from a distance with its fragrance alone. Bo’s Coffee menu is more than proud to serve its visitors with its Signature as well as best-selling coffee flavors which include Gold White Brew and Iced Cream Latte. Bo’s Philippines Coffee Origins menu offers creamy and delicious Matutum, Sagada, Benguet-Atok and Benguet Ampucao. Bo’s Hot Espresso menu is in great demand nowadays. It offers Caffe Americano, Caffe Latte, Cappuccino, Caramel Latte, and many more amazing items. 

Bo’s Coffee Menu Philippines with Prices 

Bo’s Coffee Menu Philippines is reaching new heights with each passing day. There are two reasons for its rapid success. First is obviously the quality of its products and second is the price at which all the items are available. Bo’s coffee doesn’t care about making money, instead, they put customers’ welfare before their profit. Here is the complete list of Bo’s Coffee menu Philippines with the latest prices:


Cold White Brewfrom ₱ 115.50₱ 165
Hazelnut Mocha Froccinofrom ₱ 115.50₱ 165
Iced Creamy Lattefrom ₱ 115.50₱ 165
White Chocolate Mochafrom ₱ 115.50₱ 165

Snack Bundles

Caffe Latte and Cookie Bundle2 Small caffe latte and 2 craft cookies₱ 245₱ 350
Drip Coffee and Cookie Bundle2 Medium drip coffee and 2 craft cookies₱ 245₱ 350
Signature Chocolate and Cookie Bundle2 Small signature chocolate and 2 craft cookies₱ 245₱ 350

Seasonal Beverages

Cinnamon Mocha FroccinoA blended mocha beverage with cinnamon powder, topped with whipped cream, a dash of cinnamon powder and a piece of chocolate coated pretzel.from ₱ 115.50₱ 165
Dark Chocolate Coffee Mousse FroccinoBlended coffee beverage with mocha powder and chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream and dash of chocolate powder and espresso fine groundfrom ₱ 122.50₱ 175
Hazelnut Mocha FroccinoA blended coffee beverage flavored with chocolate and hazelnut, topped with whipped cream and a dash of chocolate powder.from ₱ 115.50₱ 165
Hot Creamy LatteAn espresso based beverage with steamed milk, mixed with whipping cream and sugar syrup. Served hotfrom ₱ 122.50₱ 175
Maja Blanca FreezeNon coffee blended beverage with coconut cream and whole corn kernel that creates a traditional Filipino dessert maja blanca topped with sweet-toasted desiccated coconutfrom ₱ 136.50₱ 195
Ube Coconut FroccinoCoffee blended beverage with ube powder and coconut cream that gives us a sapin-sapin flavor. A Filipino kakanin dessert after taste, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with sweet-toasted desiccated coconutfrom ₱ 136.50₱ 195


Caffe Americanofrom ₱ 91₱ 130
Caffe Lattefrom ₱ 98₱ 140
Caffe Mochafrom ₱ 108.50₱ 155
Cappuccinofrom ₱ 98₱ 140
Caramel Lattefrom ₱ 115.50₱ 165
White Chocolate Mochafrom ₱ 115.50₱ 165


Caramelo Froccinofrom ₱ 112₱ 160
Coffee Jelly Froccinofrom ₱ 126₱ 180
Cookies N’ Cream Froccinofrom ₱ 119₱ 170
Mocha Froccinofrom ₱ 112₱ 160
White Chocolate Mocha Froccinofrom ₱ 126₱ 180


Artisanal Chocolatefrom ₱ 112₱ 160
Cookies N’ Creamfrom ₱ 115.50₱ 165
Matcha Green Teafrom ₱ 136.50₱ 195
Strawberryfrom ₱ 112₱ 160
Vanillafrom ₱ 112₱ 160

Hot Tea

Aged Earl Grey₱ 101.50₱ 145
Arvensis Mint Tea₱ 101.50₱ 145
Bughaw Tea₱ 101.50₱ 145
Monkey King₱ 101.50₱ 145
Simply Mint₱ 101.50₱ 145
Tropical Summer Tea₱ 101.50₱ 145
Turmeric Amber Sun₱ 101.50₱ 145

Shaken Iced Tea

Apple Chia Black Tea₱ 122.50₱ 175
Citrus Ginger Tea₱ 122.50₱ 175
Strawberry Slush Black Tea₱ 122.50₱ 175
Tropical Fruit Black Tea₱ 122.50₱ 175

Pasta and Sandwiches

Bacon Pesto₱ 157.50₱ 225
Beef and Pesto Flatbread₱ 76.30₱ 109
Bolognese₱ 150.50₱ 215
Carbonara₱ 150.50₱ 215
Grilled BLT Sandwich₱ 164.50₱ 235
Grilled Cheese Tuna Sandwich₱ 157.50₱ 225
Ham and Cheese Bogel₱ 143.50₱ 205
Spam and Egg Sandwich₱ 129.50₱ 185
Spanish Sardines₱ 154₱ 220

Coffee To Go

Boxed Brew Caffe LatteAn espresso-based beverage with steamed milk and light foam₱ 680
Boxed Brew Caffe MochaAn espresso-based beverage with chocolate powder and steamed milk₱ 755
Boxed Brew Drip CoffeeBrewed coffee made with Bo’s Coffee barista blend₱ 580

Coffee Beans

Bo’s Coffee Philippine Arabica Beans – Atok Benguet₱ 415
Bo’s Coffee Philippine Arabica Beans – Kitanglad₱ 395
Bo’s Coffee Philippine Arabica Beans – Matutum₱ 395
Bo’s Coffee Philippine Arabica Beans – Mt. Apo₱ 395

Bottled Beverages

Hope in a Bottle₱ 38.50₱ 55
Hope in a Box₱ 38.50₱ 55
Iced Brew Latte₱ 73.50₱ 105
Iced Brew Macchiato₱ 73.50₱ 105
Iced Brew Mocha₱ 73.50₱ 105
Stellina’s Lemonade Old Passion₱ 73.50₱ 105
Stellina’s Lemonade Pink with Cranberry₱ 73.50₱ 105
VC Coco Juice₱ 63₱ 90


Bar Nuts₱ 73.50₱ 105
Blueberry Walnut Overnight Oats₱ 112₱ 160
Cranberry Muffin Overnight Oats₱ 112₱ 160
Theo and Philo – Barako₱ 112₱ 160
Theo and Philo – Calamansi₱ 112₱ 160
Theo and Philo – Dark Chocolate₱ 112₱ 160
Theo and Philo – Green Mango₱ 112₱ 160
Theo and Philo – Labuyo₱ 112₱ 160
Trail Mixed₱ 63₱ 90
Trail Mixed Overnight Oats₱ 112₱ 160

Bo’s Coffee Menu Philippines is so rich and filled with a lot of subordinate Coffee menus. One of the main reasons for its success among the natives and international visitors is its quality preference. All the items at Bo’s Coffee are made wholeheartedly to please the customer’s roots. Besides Hot Espresso, there is also an Iced Espresso menu which has White Chocolate Mocha and Caffe Mocha with all the items from the previous menu. Bo’s Froccino menu serves Caramelo, Coffee Jelly and Cookies n’ Cream as its specials. Shaken Iced Tea and Freeze are also quite popular among visitors. 

Bo’s Coffee menu the Philippines doesn’t just stop at Coffee products. Bo’s Coffee menu also offers excellent Cakes and Baked Goods to fill your food cravings. They also offer Breakfast Platters, Pasta, and Grilled Sandwiches which are loved by visitors of all ages and groups. All in all, we can say that Bo’s Coffee should be your first priority when you want to have Coffee because it offers a huge variety of Coffee products that are tasty and budget-friendly at the same time which, to be honest, is a very rare combination. They also have a quick delivery service so you can enjoy your meal at your home and office. 

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Bo’s Coffee Philippines 2022

Bo’s Coffee menu is winning the hearts of the customers with its admirable services across the country. Bo’s menu gets regular updates with time keeping in view the taste of the visitors. All the items are perfectly made with care, passion, and affection. New items attract new customers to the old ones. Here we will mention some currently famous products from Bo’s Coffee menu Philippines: 

Apple Chia Black Tea 

Shaken Iced Tea is made with black tea, apple juice, fructose syrup, and chia seeds, served over ice. It is liked by sweet lovers. It tastes so delicious that you will crave more and more of it. Tropical Fruit Black Tea

Another Shaken Iced Tea is made with black tea, passion fruit sauce, fructose syrup, and bits of dried pineapple served over ice. One of its kind in the whole Bo’s Coffee menu. Available at P165. 

black tea apple infusion 639x641 1
Apple Chia Black Tea 

Bo’s Breakfast Platter (2 types of meat) 

A combination of Bacon and Corned Beef served with scrambled eggs and toast. It is a Perfect meal for your breakfast. It tastes so great. Available at the mere price of P260. Chocolate Desire Cake Sliced 

Layers of moist dark chocolate and red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting topped and bordered with red and dark chocolate sprinkles. So sweet to taste and remains one of the best products offered by Bo’s Coffee menu Philippines.

Bo’s Breakfast Platter

Hap Chan Menu

Racks Menu

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