Seattle’s Best Coffee is a popular coffee shop chain in the Philippines, known for its delicious coffee drinks and light fare. The menu offers a wide variety of items, including coffee, tea, smoothies, sandwiches, pastries, and more.

Seattle’s Best is a great option if you’re looking for a quick and easy meal. The menu features a variety of sandwiches and wraps, including the Ham and Cheese Croissant, Big Breakfast 3, and Nutella Croissant. You can also find a variety of pastries, such as muffins, donuts, and cookies.

Seattle's Best Coffee Menu Prices Philippines

Seattle’s Best Coffee Menu Prices Philippines


Black Sesame Oat Series


New Croissant

Strawberry Blush

Buy 1, Get 1 Large Iced Latte

Buy 1, Get 2nd At 50% Off Hot Beverage

Buy 1, Get 2nd Off At 50% Javakula

Beyond Meat

Ice Blended Javakulas

Hot Beverages

Non-coffee Hot Beverages

Iced Beverages

Non-coffee Iced Beverages

Italian Soda



All Day Breakfast



Gourmet Sandwich


Popular at Seattle’s Best Coffee Philippines

Iced Latte: I’m a big fan of iced lattes, and the one from Seattle’s Best Coffee was no exception. It was perfectly balanced, with a strong coffee flavor and a creamy milkiness. The ice was also perfectly crushed, so it didn’t dilute the drink.

Iced Latte Popular items of Seattle's Best Coffee Menu Philippines

Iced White Chocolate Mocha: I’m not usually a fan of white chocolate, but this drink was surprisingly delicious. The white chocolate flavor was subtle and not too sweet. The coffee flavor was also strong and present.

Iced White Chocolate Mocha Popular items of Seattle's Best Coffee Menu Philippines

Big Breakfast 2: The Big Breakfast 2 was a huge serving of food, and it was all delicious. The bacon was crispy, the sausage was juicy, and the eggs were cooked perfectly. The toast and hash browns were also good.

Big Breakfast 2 Popular items of Seattle's Best Coffee Menu Philippines

Salted Caramel Javakula: This blended coffee drink was a decadent treat. The salted caramel flavor was rich and sweet, and the coffee flavor was strong and balanced. The ice cream made the drink extra creamy and delicious.

Salted Caramel Javakula Popular items of Seattle's Best Coffee Menu Philippines

Spinach, Mushroom & Cheese Omelette: This omelet was a healthy and delicious breakfast option. The omelette was fluffy and flavorful, and the spinach, mushrooms, and cheese were a great addition.

Spinach, Mushroom & Cheese Omelette Popular items of Seattle's Best Coffee Menu Philippines

Hot Cappuccino: The hot cappuccino was a classic coffee drink that was executed perfectly. The espresso was strong and flavorful, and the steamed milk was creamy and smooth. The foamed milk on top added a nice touch.

Hot Cappuccino Popular items of Seattle's Best Coffee Menu Philippines

Seattle’s Best Coffee Alternative Restaurants

Seattle’s Best Coffee Opening & Closing Hours

WednesdayOpen 24 hours
ThursdayOpen 24 hours
FridayOpen 24 hours
Saturday10 am–7 am
Sunday10 am–12 am
MondayOpen 24 hours
TuesdayOpen 24 hours

Seattle’s Best Coffee is a popular coffeehouse chain that originated in Seattle, Washington. It is now owned by Kraft Foods and has over 1,000 locations worldwide, including several in the Philippines.

Seattle’s Best Coffee is known for its high-quality coffee and its wide variety of coffee drinks. The coffeehouse offers a variety of roasted coffees, as well as espresso-based drinks, blended drinks, and iced drinks. Seattle’s Best Coffee also offers a variety of food items, including pastries, sandwiches, and salads.

The coffeehouse chain is popular in the Philippines for its convenient locations and its affordable prices. Seattle’s Best Coffee is a great place to go to get a delicious cup of coffee and a quick bite to eat.

Some of the things you can expect from Seattle’s Best Coffee restaurant in the Philippines:

  • A wide variety of coffee drinks, including espresso-based drinks, blended drinks, and iced drinks
  • High-quality coffee that is roasted in small batches
  • A variety of food items, including pastries, sandwiches, and salads
  • Convenient locations and affordable prices
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff
 Seattle's Best Coffee Menu

If you are looking for a great place to get a cup of coffee in the Philippines, be sure to check out Seattle’s Best Coffee.

Seattle’s Best Coffee Delivery

There are a few different online food delivery options available for Seattle’s Best Coffee Philippines. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Foodpanda
  • GrabFood
  • Yezzy Delivery

In addition to these food delivery apps, Seattle’s Best Coffee also offers its own delivery service. To order from Seattle’s Best Coffee directly, you can visit their website or call their customer service line.

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Located in: Ponte Salcedo Condominium

Address: g2, Ponte Salcedo, Salcedo Village, 120 Valero, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: +63 2 8840 0488

Did Starbucks buy Seattle’s Best?

Starbucks acquired Seattle’s Best Coffee in 2003 for $72 million. The deal gave Starbucks a lower-priced brand and access to Seattle’s Best contracts with grocers and food service providers. However, Starbucks is currently focused on a costly makeover of its North American stores.

Is Seattle’s Best still in business?

While Seattle’s Best Coffee used to have coffeehouses in the United States, they appear to have closed down or have been converted to Starbucks coffeehouses when Starbucks owned this brand.

What happened to Seattle’s Best?

SEATTLE – Starbucks today announced it plans to sell Seattle’s Best Coffee brand to Nestlé, with which the company established the Global Coffee Alliance in 2018. This transaction will further strengthen the Global Coffee Alliance by allowing both companies to focus on their core strengths.

Is Seattle’s best the same as Starbucks?

Both Starbucks and Seattle’s Best North American coffee houses started in the Seattle, Washington area in the early ’70s, but the two brands are very different.

Does McDonald’s use Seattle’s Best Coffee?

The primary suppliers for McDonald’s coffee beans aside from McDonald’s are Gaviña Gourmet Coffee, Newman’s Own, Green Mountain Coffee, and Seattle’s Best. Gaviña has supplied the majority of coffee beans to McDonald’s since 1983.

Why is Seattle so famous for coffee?

Seattle has a long history in coffee, going all the way back to 1895. It was at this time that Oscar Delaloyes began pan-roasting coffee after finding some beans spilled on the ground. First operating out of a cart, Delaloyes eventually opened Seattle Tea and Coffee In the Pike Place Market.

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