Hello bakers plaza cake lovers, are you looking for the latest bakers plaza cake Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of bakers plaza cake Menu 2023 Philippines with prices.

Bakers Plaza Cake Menu Prices Philippines 2022

bakers plaza cake Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Sliced Bread Chiffon Cake Asado Pandesal Black Forest Queshew Cake Chocolate Cake Butter Cream Round Choco Fantasy Strawberry Delight Red Velvet Black Forest Classy Celebration 8×8 Classy Celebration 8×12 Choco Celebration Concorde Black Forest Premium Double Choco Roll Half Cherry Black Forest Roll Half Choco Fudge Roll Whole Sliced Bread Choco Peanut Loaf Cheese Crumble Monay Bread Jumbo Cream Loaf Happy Yema Asado Pandesal Ensaymada Espesyal Ham Cordon Loaf Sansrival Bar



Sliced Bread₱ 70
Chiffon Cake₱ 350
Asado Pandesal₱ 121
Black Forestfrom ₱ 705

Premium Cakes

Queshew Cakefrom ₱ 435
Chocolate Cakefrom ₱ 525
Butter Cream Roundfrom ₱ 595
Choco Fantasyfrom ₱ 665
Strawberry Delightfrom ₱ 665
Red Velvetfrom ₱ 740
Black Forestfrom ₱ 705
Classy Celebration 8x8from ₱ 625
Classy Celebration 8x12from ₱ 745
Choco Celebrationfrom ₱ 795
Concordefrom ₱ 785
Black Forest Premiumfrom ₱ 840


Double Choco Roll Halffrom ₱ 270
Cherry Black Forest Roll Halffrom ₱ 325
Choco Fudge Roll Wholefrom ₱ 415


Sliced Bread₱ 70
Choco Peanut Loaf₱ 70
Cheese Crumble₱ 72
Monay Bread₱ 78
Jumbo Cream Loaf₱ 88
Happy Yema₱ 93
Asado Pandesal₱ 121
Ensaymada Espesyal₱ 178
Ham Cordon Loaf₱ 53

Mini Cakes

Sansrival Bar₱ 63
Dark Chocolate₱ 107
Mini Red Velvet₱ 107

Cakes and Pastries

Star Peanut Cookies₱ 44
Garlic Sticks₱ 53
Banana Cake Best Value₱ 73
Butter Biscocho₱ 98
Garlic Biscocho₱ 103
Oatmeal Cookies₱ 122
Brownies Half₱ 200
Baon Pack Sliced Brownies X6₱ 223
Assorted Polvoron X6₱ 93
Butter Polvoron X12₱ 167
Assorted Polvoron X12₱ 173
Cashew Polvoron X12₱ 173
Cookies & Cream Polvoron X12₱ 173
Peanut Polvoron X12₱ 173
Star Peanut Jar₱ 188
Chiffon Cake₱ 350

Cake Add-Ons

Candle Stickfrom ₱ 3
Numerical Candlefrom ₱ 15

How many branches does Bakers Plaza Cake have in Philippines?

Baker’s Plaza is the one-stop bakeshop that offers the widest selection of delicious and unique tastes of bread, pastries, and cakes, best for and 54 branches of Bakers Plaza Cake in Philippines.

Who is the owner of Bakers Plaza Cake Philippines?

Felipe & Felicidad Dy started the legacy of Graceland / Baker’s Plaza. / Red Platter. It is the most famous chain of restaurants and bakeshops in Bicol.

Does Bakers Plaza Cake accept credit cards?

This bakery is located in Barkat market, opposite the park. Credit cards and QR payments are accepted.

Is Bakers Plaza Cake Halal?

Bakers Plaza Cake’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves. While most cakes can be made from any ingredient, halal cakes and pastries are made solely of those that are within what the Qur’an permits for consumption. This means that they don’t contain any ingredient that is considered ‘haram’ or forbidden. Sometimes, you cannot avoid the use of gelatine.

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