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Hello master Cindy’s cake price lovers, are you looking for the latest Cindy’s cake price Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Cindy’s cake price menu 2023 Philippines prices.

Cindy's Cake Price Menu Prices Philippines 2022

Cindy’s Cake Price Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Choco Cream Round Cake Choco Caramel Cake Pan de Espana Delisoft Sandwich Loaf Brownie Bites Coconut Cookies X8 Tarts X8 Jumbo Sandwich Loaf Delisoft Sandwich Loaf Delisoft Jr Wheat Bread Taisan Soft Cake Brownies Cheesy Butter Mamon Mamon Cup Banana Slice Brownie Bites Cheesy Mocha Softy Mamon Cheesy Ube Softy Mamon Ube Ensaymada Cheesy Ensaymada Pan de Espana Pan De Cococnut Ube Macapuno Cake Roll Nutty Caramel Whole Roll Choco Cream Round Cake Choco Caramel Cake Yema Celebration Cake



Choco Cream Round Cake₱ 340.80₱ 426
Choco Caramel Cake₱ 386.40₱ 483
Pan de Espana₱ 87.20₱ 109
Delisoft Sandwich Loaf₱ 67.20₱ 84
Brownie Bites₱ 55.20₱ 69

Finished Goods

Coconut Cookies X8₱ 119.20₱ 149
Tarts X8₱ 91.20₱ 114

Sandwich Loaf

Jumbo Sandwich Loaf₱ 80.60₱ 100.75
Delisoft Sandwich Loaf₱ 67.20₱ 84
Delisoft Jr₱ 44₱ 55
Wheat Bread₱ 69.60₱ 87


Taisan Soft Cake₱ 91.20₱ 114
Brownies₱ 36.80₱ 46
Cheesy Butter Mamon₱ 29.60₱ 37
Mamon Cup₱ 32₱ 40
Banana Slice₱ 36.80₱ 46
Brownie Bites₱ 55.20₱ 69
Cheesy Mocha Softy Mamon₱ 31.20₱ 39
Cheesy Ube Softy Mamon₱ 31.20₱ 39


Ube Ensaymada₱ 42.40₱ 53
Cheesy Ensaymada₱ 36.80₱ 46
Pan de Espana₱ 87.20₱ 109
Pan De Cococnut₱ 87.20₱ 109

Cake Rolls

Ube Macapuno Cake Roll₱ 322.40₱ 403
Nutty Caramel Whole Roll₱ 317.60₱ 397

Round Cakes

Choco Cream Round Cake₱ 340.80₱ 426
Choco Caramel Cake₱ 386.40₱ 483

Celebration Cakes

Yema Celebration Cake₱ 455.20₱ 569

What happened to cindys?

They actually never really went away—they simply focused on their strongest locations (across Central and Northern Luzon) and their core strength (baked goods). They rebranded, dropping their “place to be” slogan in favor of encouraging patrons to “savor great moments” with Cindy’s.

Who is the owner of Cindy’s?

Jesse Castillo Guereque – Owner, and CEO. – Cindy’s Restaurant | LinkedIn.

Did Cindy get released?

In season seven of Orange Is the New Black, Cindy Hayes was released from prison. Cindy had been serving time in prison for a theft she committed while she worked at an airport as a security officer and TSA agent in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Who was Cindy’s boyfriend?

Sindy’s boyfriend Paul was released in 1965, and her younger sister Patch in 1966. Sindy’s friends Vicki and Mitzi, and Patch’s friends Poppet and Betsy debuted in 1968.

How many branches does Cindy’s have?

With 67 branches across 13 provinces and major cities around Luzon, Cindys continues to serve its signature meals and baked goods to a standard of quality that keeps people coming back for more, ensuring that it’s always better than you remember.

Where was the first Cindy’s store located?

Cindy’s opened its first store in 1972 as a bakery & refreshments shop in Tarlac City. It served freshly baked breads and other products off the oven which quickly caught on to residents and visitors of Tarlac.

What is the tagline of Cindy’s?

Living up to their motto as “The place to be” right from when they first operated in 1972 up to today, where it continues to evolve with modern trends and concepts catering to the new generation.

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