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Lugaw Queen Menu Philippines

Lugaw Queen Menu Philippines With Price List


All Day Meals

From the mouthwatering Longsilog at just ₱94 to the flavorful Chicken BBQ priced at ₱144, this restaurant offers a diverse menu that caters to every palate. Whether you’re craving traditional Filipino classics like Tosilog and Pork Sisig or opting for something different like Bangus Sisig, the prices here are incredibly reasonable. Don’t miss out on their Fried Chicken and Breaded Pork Chop, both priced at ₱124.

Binalot sa Dahon

Their menu boasts a delicious selection of dishes like Longganisa for ₱94, Tocino for ₱112, and the classic Chicken Adobo for ₱124. With affordable prices and mouthwatering options like Pork Chop, Pork Adobo, Chicken & Pork Adobo, and Bangus, you’re in for a treat.


With prices ranging from just ₱37 for a classic Lugaw to ₱119 for the indulgent Lugaw Overload, this restaurant offers a wide variety of Lugaw dishes to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank. From the savory Lugaw with Gyoza to the comforting Goto with Egg, there’s something to suit every palate. Don’t miss out on their Special Lugaw for ₱87, a delightful twist on this Filipino favorite.

Side Dishes

From the savory Tofu with Oyster Sauce at just ₱62 to the affordable yet flavorful Tokwa Plain priced at ₱49, this hidden gem offers an enticing range of options. Don’t miss out on the mouthwatering Chicken Feet for ₱57 or the Cheesy Puto at a steal for ₱32. For those craving something light and crispy, the Lumpiang Togue is a must-try at ₱37.

Lugaw Queen Alternative Restaurants

Lugaw Queen Opening & Closing Hours

Monday8:00 – 19:00
Tuesday8:00 – 19:00
Wednesday8:00 – 19:00
Thursday8:00 – 19:00
Friday8:00 – 19:00
Saturday8:00 – 20:00
Sunday8:00 – 20:00

Who is the founder of Lugaw Queen?

Lugaw Queen, a humble culinary gem, was born in November 2007 thanks to the vision and passion of Sherwin and Beverly Aquino. What started as a modest take-out counter tucked away in San Pablo City, offering simple, hearty lugaw bowls for as little as P10 per serving, has since blossomed into a beloved institution.

What goes well with lugaw?

When it comes to finding the perfect companions for your comforting bowl of lugaw, consider this delightful twist: instead of going for the usual saucy dishes that typically accompany steamed rice, why not opt for some crispy fried delights? A classic choice to complement your lugaw is the irresistible combination of tokwa’t baboy, a popular Filipino dish featuring fried tofu and pork. And if you’re looking to elevate your lugaw experience, don’t forget about the crunchy goodness of chicharon, which not only enhances the flavor of lugaw but also adds a delightful twist to goto variants like the Batangas-style goto. So, next time you’re savoring a bowl of lugaw, give these crispy companions a try for a delightful and satisfying meal.

Where did Lugaw originate from?

Lugaw, a delicious Filipino dish, has its origins rooted in the heart of the Philippines. This comforting meal, also known as pospas or lugao, features glutinous rice as its main ingredient. It has evolved into various delightful variations, including arroz caldo and goto. So, when you savor a bowl of lugaw, you’re indulging in a taste of Filipino culinary heritage that’s both comforting and versatile.

What is a lugaw called?

In the Philippines, there’s a beloved dish known as “lugaw,” which is also sometimes referred to as “arroz caldo.” This comforting breakfast bowl offers a delightful blend of heartiness and versatility when it comes to ingredients. Lugaw belongs to the congee family, a category that encompasses various rice porridge dishes found across Asia. It’s a warm and satisfying start to your day, perfect for those seeking a soothing and adaptable meal.

Is Lugaw healthy?

Certainly! When it comes to the question of whether lugaw is a healthy choice, let’s delve into three significant health benefits of this comforting Filipino dish. One notable advantage is that lugaw is incredibly gentle on the stomach. This soothing porridge has the potential to ease digestion and reduce inflammation, making it an ideal go-to option for individuals experiencing gastrointestinal issues or even diarrhea. In fact, medical experts often recommend lugaw as a delicious and healing food for those not feeling their best. So, if you’re looking for a nourishing and stomach-friendly meal, lugaw certainly deserves a spot on your menu.

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