Hello Bacolod Chicken Inasal lovers, are you looking for the latest Bacolod Chicken Inasal Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Bacolod Chicken Inasal Menu 2024 Philippines with prices.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal Menu Philippines

Bacolod Chicken Inasal Menu Philippines With Price List



From the zesty Mangga Ensalada with Bagoong priced at ₱164 to the savory Chicharon Bulaklak at ₱315, each dish is a delightful journey. Don’t miss the Hanggop for ₱130 or the crispy Crispy Crablets at ₱219. With options like Eggplant with Bagoong (₱131) and Papaya Atchara (₱54), your taste buds are in for a treat.


From their savory Sinigang na Baboy at ₱325 to the delightful Laswa ni Lola priced at ₱197, each dish is a culinary masterpiece. Don’t miss the Sinigang Sa Batwan Salmon Belly and the KBL (Kadyos, Baboy, Langka), both at ₱325. Experience the rich taste of Kansi Sang Negros for ₱455 and savor the comforting Pancit Molo starting from ₱107. Treat yourself to the Sinigang sa Batwan Bangus Belly at ₱325 or relish the La Paz Batchoy With Egg, available from ₱127.

Chicken Inasal

Pork Beef And Chicken

From the savory Pork Barbeque at just ₱79 to the rich and flavorful Chicken Adobo ni Yaya priced at ₱412, each dish tells a story of tradition and taste. Don’t miss the chance to savor the iconic Kare-kare ni Inday starting from ₱247 or the hearty goodness of Pork Adobo ni Lola for ₱467. With options like Tres Adobos at ₱489 and the comforting Dinuguan ni Lola Chit for ₱216, the restaurant truly celebrates the art of Filipino flavors. For those craving a unique twist, the Chicken Adobo Flakes and Sizzling Chicken Sisig are must-tries at ₱212 and ₱299 respectively.

Seafood Specials

Indulge in savory Pinamalhan for ₱351 or savor the crispy Bangus Sisig priced at ₱273. For seafood lovers, the Sizzling Gambas at ₱323 and Boneless Danggit at ₱159 are must-tries. Dive into grilled favorites like the Grilled Boneless Bangus (₱323) or opt for the flavorful Sizzling Boneless Bangus (₱345).


From the classic simplicity of Plain Rice at ₱43 to the aromatic indulgence of Garlic Rice at ₱53, each grain was a testament to perfection. Don’t miss the flavor-packed experience of Bagoong Rice for ₱235 or the rich delight of Choririce at ₱313. And for those craving an exquisite fusion, the Chicken Adobo Rice and Dilis Fried Rice, both priced at ₱269, were a symphony of taste that left me utterly satisfied.



Indulge in flavorful classics like Monggo Guisado with Pork (₱131), Gising-gising (₱131), and Tortang Talong (₱149). Craving greens? Adobong Kangkong (₱131) and Ginataang Langka At Monggo Na May Batwan (₱141) await. Don’t miss Pangat ni Sir Dad (₱153) and Lutik (₱141) for a truly authentic experience. Savor the goodness of Pinakbet (₱259), Chopsuey (₱259), and Fried Veggie Lumpia (₱131).

Sarap Meals

Namit Meals

Indulge in their mouthwatering Lusog Meal with Drink for just ₱327 or savor the delectable Ilonggo Meal for only ₱289. From the Balay Meal to the Pinoy Meal, this restaurant offers a variety of options, all designed to tantalize your taste buds. With prices starting at ₱289, you can enjoy a hearty meal that captures the essence of Filipino cuisine.

BBQuito Meals

Family Meals

Meryenda Snacks

The menu offers a diverse range of delectable Filipino delights that satisfy every craving. From the rich and creamy Ginata-an at ₱107 to the nostalgic sweetness of Suman with Muscovado Sugar priced at ₱97, each dish tells a flavorful story. The Puto Manapla at ₱37 and Arroz Caldo With Egg at ₱125 are a delightful start, while the heartwarming simplicity of Arroz Caldo at ₱109 brings comfort in every spoonful.

Meryenda Go



Bacolod Chicken Inasal Opening & Closing Hours

Sunday6 am–9 pm
Monday6 am–9 pm
Tuesday6 am–9 pm
Wednesday6 am–9 pm
Thursday6 am–9 pm
Friday6 am–9 pm
Saturday6 am–9 pm

Why is Bacolod famous for chicken inasal?

“Why is Bacolod renowned for its Chicken Inasal? Well, let’s step back to 1976 when the Cajili Family of Bacolod City, situated in the charming Negros Occidental, Philippines, embarked on a flavorful journey. They introduced the Bacolod Chicken House, a local eatery dedicated to dishing out the city’s beloved specialty, inasal. The term ‘inasal’ refers to barbecue, and it’s the signature culinary delight that this province is celebrated for.”

Who is the owner of chicken Bacolod?

“Have you ever wondered about the story behind Chicken Bacolod? Well, let me take you on a journey through time. The roots of this beloved chain trace back to the year 1993 when three enterprising siblings, namely Rose, Bing, and JM Tanalgo, came together to lay the foundation. Their journey began with a humble take-out stall nestled in the heart of Mandaluyong. This tiny spot allowed customers to grab their delectable meals and relish them at their own leisure. From these modest beginnings, Chicken Bacolod embarked on a remarkable path that would eventually turn it into the iconic establishment we know today.”

Is Chicken Inasal from Bacolod?

“Is Chicken Inasal from Bacolod? If you’re exploring Bacolod, you definitely can’t miss out on their renowned Chicken Inasal. This local delicacy is akin to the popular lechon manok, but with its own distinct flavors. The chicken is marinated using a blend of calamansi, pepper, coconut vinegar, and annatto, and then skillfully grilled over hot coals. The process involves basting the chicken with the flavorful marinade, resulting in a mouthwatering dish that’s a true representation of Bacolod’s culinary excellence.”

Is chicken inasal good?

Absolutely, chicken inasal is a culinary gem worth exploring! This Filipino delight, known as the Filipino-style Grilled Chicken, boasts a blend of flavors that’s both delightful and satisfying. The preparation is simple, and the taste is extraordinary. Imagine succulent chicken marinated in a delightful mix of vinegar, calamansi juice, lemongrass, and achiote oil, then expertly grilled to achieve juicy perfection. If you’re seeking a dish that effortlessly captivates taste buds and pleases a crowd, chicken inasal should undoubtedly be on your culinary radar. So, if you’re wondering if chicken inasal is good, the resounding answer is a flavorful and hearty yes!”

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