Mang Inasal menu recipe is simple, fresh, fully nutrients taste, you choose pork BBQ, sisig, Mang Inasal halo halo, palabok, and much more taste is choose from Mang Inasal Menu Philippines.

Mang Inasal Menu ph

Here is the latest Mang Inasal menu price 2021 list

Empanada Combos

mpanada Combo 1
Pinoy Halo-Halo Small + 1 pc Chicken Empanada
Empanada Combo 2
Palabok Solo + 1 pc Chicken Empanada
Empanada (Solo)
1 pc Chicken Empanada
Empanada ( Value Meal ) 1 pc Chicken Empanada with drink₱65
6 pcs Empanada
6 pcs Chicken Empanada

Chicken Inasal

Paa Large – PM1₱116₱132
Pecho Large – PM2₱133₱150
Paa Large + Pinoy Halo-Halo Small₱171₱187
Paa Large + Crema de Leche Smal₱182₱192
Paa Large Triple Rice₱132₱149
Pecho Large Triple Rice₱150₱166
Paa Large Triple Rice + Pinoy Halo-Halo Small₱187₱204
Paa Large Triple Rice + Crema de Leche Small₱198₱215
Paa Large Family Size
4 pcs Chicken Inasal Paa Large
Pecho Large Family Size
4 pcs Chicken Inasal Pecho Large
Paa Large Buddy Size
2 pcs Chicken Inasal Paa Large
Pecho Large Buddy Size
2 pcs Chicken Inasal Pecho Large

Paborito Value Meals

PM1 – Paa Solo₱99.00
PM1 – Paa with Drink₱109.00
PM1.5 – Spicy Paa Solo₱99.00
PM1.5 – Spicy Paa with Drink₱109.00
PM2 – Pecho Solo₱105.00
PM2 – Pecho with Drink₱115.00
PM3 – Pork BBQ 2 pcs. Solo₱99.00
PM3 – Pork BBQ 2 pcs. with Drink₱109.00
PM4 – Bangus Sisig Solo₱99.00
PM4 – Bangus Sisig with Drink₱109.00
PM5 – Pork Sisig Solo₱99.00
PM5 – Pork Sisig with Drink₱109.00
PM6 – Bangus Inihaw Solo₱99.00
PM6 – Bangus Inihaw with Drink₱109.00

Todo Solb Meal

Todo Solb Paa Large
Paa Large with 1 rice, half Chicken Palabok, soup and drink
Todo Solb Pecho Large
Pecho Large with 1 rice, half Chicken Palabok, soup and drink
Todo Solb Paa Large Triple Rice
Paa Large with 3 rice, half Chicken Palabok, and soup
Todo Solb Pecho Large Triple Rice
Pecho Large with 3 rice, half Chicken Palabok and soup

Sulit Meals

SM1 – Paa Solo₱59.00
SM1 – Paa with Drink₱69.00
SM2 – Pork BBQ 1pc Solo₱59.00
SM2 – Pork BBQ 1pc with Drink₱69.00


Chicken Sisig
Chicken Sisig with 1 rice
Bangus Sisig
Bangus Sisig with 1 rice
Chicken Sisig Triple Rice
Chicken Sisig with 3 rice
Bangus Sisig Triple Rice
Bangus Sisig with 3 rice
Chicken Sisig Family Size
Good for 5 people
Bangus Sisig Family Size
Good for 5 people


Pansit Bihon Solo₱49.00
Pansit Bihon with Drink₱59.00
Diniguan at Puto Solo₱49.00
Diniguan at Puto with Drink₱59.00


Chicken Palabok
Palabok with Pinoy Halo-Halo
Chicken Palabok with Pinoy Halo-Halo Small
Chicken Palabok Family Size
Good for 4-5 people


Halo-Halo Regular₱39.00
Halo-Halo Sepcial₱49.00
Leche Flan₱29.00
Turon Split₱39.00


Pinoy Halo-Halo₱62₱84
Crema de Leche Halo-Halo₱72₱94


Sago’t Gulaman₱29.00
Soft Drink Regular₱29.00
Soft Drink Large₱39.00
Iced Tea Regular₱29.00
Iced Tea Large₱39.00


Iced Red Gulaman₱40₱51
Coke Zero₱40₱51
Coke Regular 1.5L₱99N/A


Plain Rice₱22
Leche Flan₱32
Chicken Oil Sachet₱6
Toyomansi Sachet₱6

Mang Inasal Menu PH Updated In September 2022

Mang Inasal is usually famous for barbecues, parties, fast-food menus. Their menu is popular in the Philippines and they open some new branches at different locations.

Mang Inasal Menu pics

 Filipinos love Mang Inasal family size that is enough for medium to a large family, they are updating some menu on it.

Here are some updated menu of Mang Inasal menu 2021

Mang Inasal  Super Menu

Halo Halo

Halo-halo is one of the top demanding menus at Mang Inasal, Filipino show their carving to eat this, because of extra creamy ice milk garnish with your favourite items, red jelly, langka, red sago, red mongo beans, Leche flan, banana, macapuno, ice cream, and bar quilts gives the colourful texture every one wants to eat this.

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Mang Inasal Palabok combo 

Mang Inasal Palabok has simple rich flavourful noodles, an array of palabok ingredients, chopped onions, boiled eggs make them different and spicy to eat. 

You can also enjoy with family by choosing its combo with Leche flan, iced red Gulaman, with cold drinks and iced tea it’s up to you to choose the best combination with Mang Inasal palabok price.

Mang Inasal Menu

Pork BBQ

If you have a question what is the best Mang Inasal food? Mang Inasal Pork BARBEQUE is one of the best menus in their store. A plate come with a Filipino favourite traditional cup of rice, and a stick of grilled pork hot barbecue is served to you their all meals come with a cup of rice so option to use it or not.

Chicken Inasal

Mang Inasal chicken comes with two regular Paa and pecho sizes with chicken pecho Inasal you ordering a wing and marinated breast with a cup of rice for dining in.

And when you are choosing Paa chicken thigh or drumstick grill the mang Inasal way served with a bowl of rice.


 The Mang Inasal sisig is made of flavourful, delicious, juicy, pork and Bonus chunks with yummy crunchy chicharron and onion rings, with a rice bowl, get this at P99.

It is perfect for a solo meal and your family at an affordable price.

Mang Inasal Promo

They have a special offer for special occasions like parties, birthday celebrations, 

An anniversary celebration and others. Free unlimited rice serving and discount offer is announced for a limited time only. 

 You can get a Mang Inasal Blowout mean buy 4 chicken Inasal and get 1 free chicken. And if buy 1 large chicken Inasal and then get a large family size Palabok or save P199 so this type of many offers, promos are the open time to time you easily get their benefits.

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 About Mang Inasal 

Mang Inasal started in 2003 at the Robinson’s Mall Carpark-Iloilo by Edgar sia. He introduces a lot of menus but the best seller menu is Chicken Inasal this secret spices dish won the heart of Filipino.

Mang Inasal is a fast-growing food company  quickly successful and opens 450 stores nationwide

It also gets many awards in taste and people belove their taste, Mang Inasal also won the best Chicken Inasal restaurant award in 2010.

Mang Inasal  Delivery services

Mang Inasal delivers each and every food online you just search Mang Inasal near me choose your favourite Mang Inasal menu and place your order easily. 

Is there a Mang Inasal delivery Hotline available?
You can call their delivery simply using Mang Inasal contact number dial #733-1111 to contact them.

Is there a Mang Inasal menu for vegetarians?

They have a Veggie chicken Inasal simply marinated and bake or get the best chicken Inasal flavour and serve with veggies.

Mang Inasal contact

If you want to give some suggestions to the Mang Inasal staff then contact them with these social links and through the website.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Website

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