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Banapple is a popular cake chain in the Philippines. Its name comes from two bestsellers banoffee pie and apple caramel crumble. 

Here is a list of the price of the ban apple menu:

Easyquick Bowls

Glazed Pork Tocino and Creamy Egg₱180
Fried Chicken Fillet in Barbecue Sauce₱180
Breaded Fish in Garlic Teriyaki Sauce₱180


Hickory Smoked Barbecued
Country Ribs
Chicken Parmigiano₱305
Bacon Fried Chicken Steaks
with Milk’shroom Gravy
Breaded Fillet of Cream Dory
with Honey Thyme Mustard Sauce
Baked Fish Gratinee
with Scalloped Potatoes
Boneless Bangus Belly
a la Pobre
Herbed Chicken Rolls with
Basil Cream Sauce
Buttermilk Fried Chicken
with Parsley Cream Sauce


Lasagna Roll-ups₱345
Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne₱325
Trio of Sausages Pasta₱325
Pasta Jacintha₱300
Penne Bolognese₱300
Pasta Aglio Olio₱300

Best Cheesecake In Manila

All-Day Breakfast

Sirloin Garlic Beef Tapa₱325
Glazed and Caramelized
Pork Tocino
Savory Longanisa with
Caramelized Onions
Hungarian Sausage
Chorizo al Ajillo


Awesome Blueberry₱250
Chocolate Chip₱230


Crunchy Chicken Fillet and
Bell Peppers
Terrific Tuna₱250
Warm Chicken₱250


Super Caesar Salad₱215
Banapple’s House Salad₱215
Asian Sunshine Salad₱215
Banapple’s Potato Salad₱160



Cafe Latte₱125
Cafe Mocha₱125
Hot Choco₱125
Flavored Tea
(lemon, green tea, black tea)


Homemade Brewed Iced Tea₱110
Lime Lemonade Soda₱100
Iced Americano₱125
Iced Latte₱125
Iced Mocha₱125
Iced Choco₱125
Sodas in Can
(coca-cola, sprite)
Mineral Water₱50
Cold Milk₱85
Iced Cappuccino₱125


Ripe Mango₱130
Mocha Fudge₱165
Dark Chocolate₱145
Frozen Latte₱145


Banoffee Pie₱1,165
Apple Caramel Crumble Pie₱1,255
Hallow Mallow S’mores Pie₱1,245
Key Lime Pie₱1,285
Fudgymudgymud Pie₱1,295


Blueberry Cheesecake₱1,515
Snicker Fudge Cheesecake₱1,795
Two Nut Caramel Cheesecake₱1,795
Dark Chocolate Tiramisu
White Chocolate Truffle
Berry Cheesecake
Strawberry Crunch


Hearts All Over Carrot Cake₱1,485
Verry Berry Custard Cake₱1,495
Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake₱1,355
Supercaramel Fudge Cake₱1,295

Savory Pies

Baked Creamy Chicken Pie
(Box of 6)
Baked Savory Tuna Pie
(Box of 6)
Baked Cheese & Mushroom Pie
(Box of 6)
Box of Baked Savory Pies
Baked Pepperoni Parmi
Savory Pie (Box of 6)

Junior Cakes

Banoffee Pie Jr.₱610
Fresh Mango Toffee Jr. Pie₱655
Strawberry Crunch
Cheesecake Jr.
Blueberry Cheesecake Jr.₱895


Burst of Blueberry Muffin₱110
Banana Nut Muffin
(Box of 6)
Chocolate Crumb Muffin₱110
Box of Muffins
(Assorted 6 pcs)


Fat and Chewy Chocolate
Chip Cookie (box of 8)
Cookie Fudge Crinkles
(Box of 8)
Box of Cookies
(Assorted 8 pcs)
Double Chocolate Chip
Oatmeal Cookie (box of 8)
Oatmeal Power Cookie
(Box of 8)


Caramel Parmesan Crumble
Box of Ensaimada 6 pcs₱480

Cake Slices

Banoffee Pie Slice₱160
Apple Caramel Crumble
Pie Slice
Supercaramel Fudge
Cake Slice
Verry Berry Custard
Cake Slice
Cheesecake Slice
Old-Fashioned Chocolate
Cake Slice
Two Nut Caramel
Cheesecake Slice
Hearts All Over Carrot
Cake Slice
White Chocolate Truffle
Berry Cheesecake Slice
Dark Chocolate Tiramisu
Cheesecake Slice
Hallow Mallow S’mores
Pie Slice
Key Lime Pie Slice₱175
Strawberry Crunch
Cheesecake Slice
Fudgymudgymud Pie Slice₱175
Snicker Fudge
Cheesecake Slice

Essential Bread

Cheese Pesto Bread 6 pcs₱99

Banapple Menu Philippines Updated menu in [thisMonth] 2023

anapple is a comfort food shop and bakehouse that serves a variety of foods for its customers. All of the bapple Philippines menus is tasty, yummy and affordable.their banoffee ice cream, cheesecakes are next level.

Banapple cakes update and change their menu and also give some special discount offers on important occasions.

Banapple best seller Menu

Blueberry Banapple pancake is a Filipino favorite cake. it’s the best part of your breakfast. This classic cheesecake is average sweeter, custard base cheese filled with fruity, jam, blueberry, and crunchy graham crust.

 If you are a caramel lover banapple banoffee pie has two layers of dulce de leche ensconcing ample and thickly sliced cuts of banana atop a buttery graham cracker crust made pleasantly gritty from the white sugar.

Take a look at More menus in Phlippnies.

It’s the best banoffee pie that leaves you with good vibes. 

Another banapple signature dish is lasagna. It’s a traditional pasta type food that is served with a thin layer of pasta and a variety of different savory mixtures baked in the oven. It’s made with different ingredients like mushrooms, shrimps, scallops, and other seafood.

Blueberry and chocolate pancake is also a perfect combo. It is served with fresh blueberry sauce and yummy chocolate. Kids like to eat it. It’s cheap and tasty. 

Banapple tocino is on every Filipino breakfast menu traditionally prepared with beef, chicken, and beef, with a different combination of spices, salt, and sugar served with fried rice and scrambled eggs.

Another best menu is bacon fried chicken steaks, sirloin garlic beef tapa, dark chocolate cheesecake.

Banapple delivery

Banapple  delivers food to your doorsteps. For celebrations, lunch, meals banapple online delivery services are available.so you can enjoy your all-time favorite food at your home with the best comfort. All Banapple branches provide online delivery.

You just need to go to their website and find  banapple near me and place an order.

You just need to call at 212-1212  for your favorite hot, yummy banapple menus.

About Banapple 

 Banapple started cooking and baking a year ago. They start their business with the best signature menu cheesecake, banoffee pie, and apple caramel crumble. These two ingredients hit early. All of their menus are home-based; after some time they started with a restaurant and shifted from a banapple shop into a large kitchen. 

Now Banapple serves home cook-style sandwiches,banapple pasta, fried chicken, premium quality pancakes, Banapple Katipunan, banapple matlino, and much more.

Banapple  contact

If you want to start a career with banapple branches and if you give them some feedback about banapple bestseller cakes and other menus contact them by using these social links:

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