Red Ribbon is one of the largest fastest growing bakehouses in the Philippines that produces 

the best classic cakes, pastries,  and other best sweet dishes in the baking industry.  Red Ribbon menu is a part of Filipinos special occasion, they love their delightful menus spacially   Red Ribbon cake is the most popular product in the Philippines.

Red Ribbon Men Philippines

Here is a  Red Ribbon menu price list update 2022:

Round Cakes

Black Forest Classic (Regular)₱621.50
Black Forest Classic (Junior)₱390.50
Black Forest Royale (Regular)₱715.00
Chocolate Indulgence (Regular)₱621.50
Chocolate Indulgence (Junior)₱390.50
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Regular)₱577.50
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Junior)₱352.00
Chocolate Mousse (Regular)₱550.00
Chocolate Mousse (Junior)₱374.00
Tiramisu Meltdown (Regular)₱605.00
Ube Cake (Regular)₱528.00
Dulce de Leche (Regular)₱627.00
Caramel Crunch (Regular)₱605.00

Dedication Cakes

Chocolate Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8)₱374.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱550.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Large 12×12)₱770.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8)₱352.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱550.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Large 12×12)₱748.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8)₱407.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱605.00
Graduation Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱605.00
Double Deck Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱869.00
Active Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱825.00
Dainty Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱825.00
Jolibee Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱825.00


Butter Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
White Choco Almond Mamon (Singles)₱26.40
Creamy Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
Mocha Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
Mocha Mamon (8’s Pack)₱176.00
Ube Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
Ube Mamon (8’s Pack)₱176.00
Ensaymada (Singles)₱27.50
Salted Caramel Ensaymada (Singles)₱38.50
Strawberry Cheesecake Ensaymada (Singles)₱38.50
Choco Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Chiffon Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Double Dutch Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Choco Marble Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Mocha Marble Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Moist Choco Slice (Singles)₱23.10
Moist Choco Slice (8’s Pack)₱184.80
Classic Butter Slice (Singles)₱22.00
Classic Butter Slice (8’s Pack)₱176.00
Banana Crunch Slice (Singles)₱25.30
Banana Crunch Slice (8’s Pack)₱202.40
Yummy Cheesy Roll (Singles)₱27.50
Yummy Cheesy Roll (8’s Pack)₱220.00
Cinnamon Roll (Singles)₱28.60
Cinnamon Roll (8’s Pack)₱228.80
Cream Macarons (10’s Pack)₱56.10
Chocolate Crinkles (Singles)₱26.40
Chocolate Crinkles (Box of 4 Packs)₱105.60
Butter Puto (10’s Pack)₱71.50
Chicken Empanada (Singles)₱27.50
Chicken Empanada (Box of 6)₱165.00
Pork Pandesal (Singles)₱25.30
Tunda Pandesal (Singles)₱25.30


Triple Chocolate Roll (Half)₱220.00
Triple Chocolate Roll (Full)₱330.00
Mocha Roll (Half)₱203.50
Mocha Roll (Full)₱308.00
Leche Flan Roll (Half)₱214.50
Leche Flan Roll (Full)₱330.00
Ube ‘n Cream Roll (Half)₱198.00
Ube ‘n Cream Roll (Full)₱324.50
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Half)₱214.50
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Full)₱330.00
Brazo de Mercedes (Half)₱214.50
Brazo de Mercedes (Full)₱385.00
Mango Roll (Half)₱214.50
Mango Roll (Full)₱330.00
Brownies (Singles)₱22.00
Brownies (10’s Pack)₱220.00
Mango Bar (Singles)₱22.00
Mango Bar (10’s Pack)₱220.00
Cheesy Bar (Singles)₱22.00
Cheesy Bar (10’s Pack)₱220.00
Pineapple Bar (Singles)₱22.00
Pineapple Bar (10’s Pack)₱220.00
Classic Polvoron (Singles)₱11.00
Classic Polvoron (8’s Pack)₱80.30
Classic Polvoron (16’s Box)₱157.30
Peanut Polvoron (Singles)₱7.70
Peanut Polvoron (8’s Pack)₱53.90
Pinipig Polvoron (Singles)₱7.70
Pinipig Polvoron (8’s Pack)₱53.90
Assorted Polvoron (26’s Box)₱174.90
Macupuno Balls (12’s Pack)₱52.80
Pastillas de Leche (12’s Pack)₱63.80

Red Ribbon Updated Menu In September 2022

Red Ribbon cakes are bakery famous in the world for delicious cakes. So they update their menu from time to time and launch some offers for customers on a special specific occasion. Their cakes made family celebrations complete they also introduce some varieties of bread, each and every product on the Red Ribbon menu is prepared with natural and healthy ingredients. 

Recently they introduce classic bread rolls that can be eaten with butter, jam, cheese, and on their own.  They also launch some new franchises in different areas of the Philippines go to their website and check the latest red ribbon cake price.

Best Seller Red Ribbon Cake

If you are a cake lover then come to their store to check the Red Ribbon dedication cake list it’s fully creamy and yummy. These top cakes satisfy your cake cravings.

One of the most favorite and delightful Red ribbons cakes is Rainbow cake. This cake filing with colorful chocolate layers is good for both adult’s and child’s parties. Topped with chocolate and a colorful lollypop.

Take a look at More menus in the Philippines.

Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake is a fully delicious, yummy chocolate cake. The layers of chocolate and cream coated with chocolate, cherries give you the best taste.

Red Ribbon Mango cake if fully creamy topped with delicious mangos and cream is god for mango lovers.

So a variety of cakes are available here like ube cake red ribbon,  triple chocolate roll cake, Cappuccino creme cake chocolate mouse, caramel crunch cake. Red ribbon cake price is affordable everyone purchases it.

Best Seller Red Ribbon Pasteries

Red Ribbon is also famous for pastries a large variety of pastry is available chose on your taste for yourself and also your friends and families. 

Chessy ensaimada topped with seat butter, cheese, and sugar is good for your launch foods. Red Ribbon goals to make family celebrations are memorable with delicious sweets so order your treat online by using their pastries. Moist chiffon-bursting Mocha Memon pack of 6 is good for your large family. 

So large selection of pastry available for you enjoy your time by choosing Red Ribbon pastry.

Red Ribbon Rolls

If your friend’s birthday is coming or may you want to surprise them by choosing cake rolls.  A triple chocolate layer roll at Red Ribbon is everyone’s favorite cake roll.  A roll mixing with rich butter icing, cream, ube crumbs, and coconut flakes ad into the cake rolls looks so delicious. 

Their rolls come in a huge variety and different sizes it may be half and full it’s really affordable and cheapest. Some of the Red ribbon rolls are listed here like the Mocha roll, Brazo de marches roll. Their cake roll price around about  P250  to 350.

Red Ribbon Delivery

Red Ribbon online delivery is available, so it’s easy for everyone to choose food from your home and eat it with family.  Simply need to go google search Red Ribbon near me place an order by using Red Ribbon App. You may place delivery orders from 8 Am to 7 Pm. and dial red Ribion contact number #8-7777. 

About Red Ribbon 

Red Ribbon has become one of the largest bakeshop chains in the Philippines.  First founded in 1979, because of superior tasting cakes and pastries it is Filipino families’ favorite bakeshop.  

Red Ribbon grows fastly and 450 outlets are available in the Philippines also introduce yourself to other countries like in U.S 30 bakeshops are available. 

Today Red Ribbon boasts itself at 500 locations around the world wide. 

Red Ribbon  Reward Cards

Red ribbon goals to try to happy customers so they offer the reward card facility to new and old customers by using this avail a lot of gift offers for yourself and also happy your friends. You but by P100 and earn points to get free food and other benefits also.

Red Ribbon  Contact

If you want to contact red ribbon staff contacts them by using these social media links:

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