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Red Ribbon Cake Menu Prices Philippines

Red Ribbon Cake Menu Prices Philippines

Round Cakes

Red Ribbon is a popular bakery chain in the Philippines known for their delicious cakes and pastries. Some of their standout offerings include the Black Forest Classic, Chocolate Indulgence, and Ultimate Chocolate Cake, all available in both regular and junior sizes. They also offer indulgent chocolate mousse, tiramisu meltdown, ube cake, dulce de leche, and caramel crunch options. Prices for their desserts range from ₱390.50 for a junior size to ₱715.00 for a regular size. No matter your flavor preference, Red Ribbon has something for everyone to enjoy.

Best Cakes in Manila

Menu ItemsPrices
Black Forest Classic (Regular)₱621.50
Black Forest Classic (Junior)₱390.50
Black Forest Royale (Regular)₱715.00
Chocolate Indulgence (Regular)₱621.50
Chocolate Indulgence (Junior)₱390.50
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Regular)₱577.50
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Junior)₱352.00
Chocolate Mousse (Regular)₱550.00
Chocolate Mousse (Junior)₱374.00
Tiramisu Meltdown (Regular)₱605.00
Ube Cake (Regular)₱528.00
Dulce de Leche (Regular)₱627.00
Caramel Crunch (Regular)₱605.00

Dedication Cakes

Their chocolate and mocha flavor options are particularly popular, and come in junior 8×8, regular 8×12, and large 12×12 sizes. They also offer rainbow, graduation, double deck, active, dainty, and Jolibee themed cakes in a regular 8×12 size. Prices range from ₱352.00 for a junior mocha dedication cake to ₱869.00 for a regular double deck dedication cake. No matter the occasion, Red Ribbon has a cake that is sure to please.

Best Chocolate Cakes In Manila

Menu ItemsPrices
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8)₱374.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱550.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Large 12×12)₱770.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8)₱352.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱550.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Large 12×12)₱748.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Junior 8×8)₱407.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱605.00
Graduation Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱605.00
Double Deck Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱869.00
Active Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱825.00
Dainty Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱825.00
Jolibee Dedication Cake (Regular 8×12)₱825.00


Red Ribbon is a beloved bakery chain in the Philippines known for its delectable treats. From their classic butter mamon to their creamy and mocha-flavored versions, there’s a mamon for every preference. They also offer ube mamon in both single and 8’s pack sizes. For those with a sweet tooth, Red Ribbon’s ensaymada selection includes classic, salted caramel, and strawberry cheesecake flavors. And for cake lovers, they offer slices of chocolate, chiffon, and double dutch cake. Prices range from ₱22.00 for a single mamon to ₱38.50 for a single ensaymada. Whatever you’re craving, Red Ribbon has you covered.

Menu ItemsPrices
Butter Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
White Choco Almond Mamon (Singles)₱26.40
Creamy Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
Mocha Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
Mocha Mamon (8’s Pack)₱176.00
Ube Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
Ube Mamon (8’s Pack)₱176.00
Ensaymada (Singles)₱27.50
Salted Caramel Ensaymada (Singles)₱38.50
Strawberry Cheesecake Ensaymada (Singles)₱38.50
Choco Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Chiffon Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Double Dutch Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Choco Marble Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Mocha Marble Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Moist Choco Slice (Singles)₱23.10
Moist Choco Slice (8’s Pack)₱184.80
Classic Butter Slice (Singles)₱22.00
Classic Butter Slice (8’s Pack)₱176.00
Banana Crunch Slice (Singles)₱25.30
Banana Crunch Slice (8’s Pack)₱202.40
Yummy Cheesy Roll (Singles)₱27.50
Yummy Cheesy Roll (8’s Pack)₱220.00
Cinnamon Roll (Singles)₱28.60
Cinnamon Roll (8’s Pack)₱228.80
Cream Macarons (10’s Pack)₱56.10
Chocolate Crinkles (Singles)₱26.40
Chocolate Crinkles (Box of 4 Packs)₱105.60
Butter Puto (10’s Pack)₱71.50
Chicken Empanada (Singles)₱27.50
Chicken Empanada (Box of 6)₱165.00
Pork Pandesal (Singles)₱25.30
Tunda Pandesal (Singles)₱25.30


Red Ribbon is a beloved bakery chain in the Philippines that is known for its mouthwatering rolls. Whether you’re in the mood for chocolate, mocha, leche flan, ube ‘n cream, or mango, they have something to satisfy every sweet tooth. They also offer unique flavors like chocolate caramel and brazo de Mercedes. Prices for their rolls range from ₱198.00 for a half size to ₱385.00 for a full size. Whether you’re looking to indulge in a full roll or just want a half-size as a sweet treat, Red Ribbon has you covered.

Menu ItemsPrices
Triple Chocolate Roll (Half)₱220.00
Triple Chocolate Roll (Full)₱330.00
Mocha Roll (Half)₱203.50
Mocha Roll (Full)₱308.00
Leche Flan Roll (Half)₱214.50
Leche Flan Roll (Full)₱330.00
Ube ‘n Cream Roll (Half)₱198.00
Ube ‘n Cream Roll (Full)₱324.50
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Half)₱214.50
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Full)₱330.00
Brazo de Mercedes (Half)₱214.50
Brazo de Mercedes (Full)₱385.00
Mango Roll (Half)₱214.50
Mango Roll (Full)₱330.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Brownies (Singles)₱22.00
Brownies (10’s Pack)₱220.00
Mango Bar (Singles)₱22.00
Mango Bar (10’s Pack)₱220.00
Cheesy Bar (Singles)₱22.00
Cheesy Bar (10’s Pack)₱220.00
Pineapple Bar (Singles)₱22.00
Pineapple Bar (10’s Pack)₱220.00
Classic Polvoron (Singles)₱11.00
Classic Polvoron (8’s Pack)₱80.30
Classic Polvoron (16’s Box)₱157.30
Peanut Polvoron (Singles)₱7.70
Peanut Polvoron (8’s Pack)₱53.90
Pinipig Polvoron (Singles)₱7.70
Pinipig Polvoron (8’s Pack)₱53.90
Assorted Polvoron (26’s Box)₱174.90
Macupuno Balls (12’s Pack)₱52.80
Pastillas de Leche (12’s Pack)₱63.80

Popular at Red Ribbon Cake Philippines

Ube Overload Cake is a decadent and delicious cake made with layers of ube cake, ube halaya, and ube buttercream frosting. It is topped with grated ube and purple yam shavings. Ube is a purple yam that is a popular ingredient in Filipino desserts.

Ube Overload Cake Popular item of Red Ribbon Cake  Philippines

Mango Supreme Cake is a refreshing and tropical cake made with layers of mango chiffon cake, mango mousse, and mango buttercream frosting. It is topped with fresh mango slices and mango coulis. Mangoes are another popular fruit in the Philippines.

Mango Supreme Cake Popular item of Red Ribbon Cake  Philippines

Yema Caramel Cake is a rich and sweet cake made with layers of yema cake, caramel buttercream frosting, and yema filling. Yema is a sweet custard made from eggs and milk. It is often used as a filling for cakes and pastries.

Yema Caramel Cake Popular item of Red Ribbon Cake  Philippines

Black Forest Cake is a classic cake made with layers of chocolate cake, whipped cream, and cherry filling. It is topped with chocolate shavings and maraschino cherries.

Black Forest Cake Popular item of Red Ribbon Cake  Philippines

Chocolate Dedication Cake is a simple but delicious cake made with layers of chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream frosting. It is customized with a chocolate plaque with a message of your choice.

Chocolate Dedication Cake Popular item of Red Ribbon Cake  Philippines

All of these cakes are popular at Locavore Philippines for a reason. They are all delicious, well-made, and made with high-quality ingredients. If you are looking for a special cake for a special occasion, Locavore is a great place to go.

Red Ribbon Cake Alternative Restaurants

Red Ribbon Cake Opening & Closing Hours

Thursday7 am–9 pm
Friday7 am–9 pm
Saturday9 am–7 pm
Sunday9 am–7 pm
Monday7 am–9 pm
Tuesday7 am–9 pm
Wednesday7 am–9 pm

Red Ribbon is a popular Filipino bakeshop chain that is known for its wide variety of cakes and pastries. It has over 500 branches in the Philippines and abroad, including the United States, Canada, and the Middle East.

Red Ribbon was founded in 1979 by Ching and Lita Ong. The couple started out with a small bakery in Greenhills, San Juan, where they sold a variety of cakes and pastries. The bakery was a success, and the Ongs soon opened more branches all over Metro Manila.

In the early 1990s, Red Ribbon began expanding to other parts of the Philippines. The company also opened its first international branch in Los Angeles, California, in 1994.

Today, Red Ribbon is one of the most popular bakeshop chains in the Philippines. Its cakes and pastries are known for their moist and fluffy textures, as well as their delicious flavors and fillings.

Red Ribbon Cakes Philippines

Red Ribbon is a popular destination for Filipinos of all ages, and its cakes and pastries are often served at special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Red Ribbon is also known for its commitment to social responsibility. The company supports a number of charitable organizations, and it is also involved in environmental initiatives.

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Red Ribbon Cake Delivery

There are a few different online food delivery options available for Red Ribbon Cake Philippines. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Foodpanda
  • GrabFood
  • Yezzy Delivery

In addition to these food delivery apps, Red Ribbon Cake also offers its own delivery service. To order from Red Ribbon Cake directly, you can visit their website or call their customer service line.

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Located in: Villa Building

Address: Makati Ave, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: +63 2 8478 0565

In 1979, what started out as a hobby-induced business in Timog, Quezon City, expanded into a proudly Filipino-owned and professionally run business. Red Ribbon has grown to over 450 outlets all over the Philippines and over 30 stores in the US

What is a Red Ribbon? Red Ribbon documents are usually required when one applies for a job abroad, traveling or even transferring to an abroad school for verification and authentication. There are a number of documents the DFA can give authentication or in other terms a red ribbon.

Red Ribbon’s is lighter and less sweet; theirs is all about the cheese. Goldilocks’ is richer and heftier, with better balance between sweet and salty. Given this, choosing the winner is a matter of preference. Red Ribbon’s appeals to the mature palate with their sophisticated take.

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