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Hello lemon square bakery lovers, are you looking for the latest lemon square bakery Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of lemon square bakery Menu 2023 Philippines with prices.

Lemon Square Bakery Menu Prices Philippines 2022

lemon square bakery Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Caramel Chiffon 6in Chocolate Chiffon 6in Minimalist Chocolate (Blue) 6in Caramel Chiffon 8in Rainbow Cake 8in Minimalist Chocolate (Pink) 6in Rainbow Cake 8in Birthday Cake 8in Minimalist Chocolate (Blue) 8in Minimalist Chocolate (Pink) 8in Christmas Bites Pawesome Cake Caramel Chiffon 6in Chocolate Chiffon 6in Minimalist Chocolate (Blue) 6in Minimalist Chocolate (Pink) 6in Mocha Chiffon 6in Ube Chiffon 6in Pet Lovers Cake Caramel Chiffon 8in Choco Caramel 8in Choco Overload 8in Mallows Cake (Chocolate) 8in Chocolate Cake 8in Ube Chiffon 8in Triple Chocolate Cake 8in Sansrival 8in Caramel Chiffon Rec Taisan Cake Classic Taisan Cake Cheesy Yema Taisan Cake Ube Cheese Taisan Cake Choco Caramel Devil’s Food Bar Cake Buttercream Ensaymada Ube Ensaymada Classic Ensaymada Lengua de Gato Bites



Caramel Chiffon 6in₱ 365
Chocolate Chiffon 6in₱ 329
Minimalist Chocolate (Blue) 6in₱ 350
Caramel Chiffon 8in₱ 579

Special Treats

Rainbow Cake 8in₱ 376₱ 470
Minimalist Chocolate (Pink) 6in₱ 350
Rainbow Cake 8in₱ 376₱ 470
Birthday Cake 8in₱ 408₱ 510
Minimalist Chocolate (Blue) 8in₱ 428₱ 535
Minimalist Chocolate (Pink) 8in₱ 428₱ 535

Christmas Treats

Christmas Bites₱ 210

Mini Celebration Cakes

Pawesome Cake₱ 378
Caramel Chiffon 6in₱ 365
Chocolate Chiffon 6in₱ 329
Minimalist Chocolate (Blue) 6in₱ 350
Minimalist Chocolate (Pink) 6in₱ 350
Mocha Chiffon 6in₱ 359
Ube Chiffon 6in₱ 359
Pet Lovers Cake₱ 390

Celebration Cakes

Caramel Chiffon 8in₱ 579
Choco Caramel 8in₱ 570
Choco Overload 8in₱ 565
Mallows Cake (Chocolate) 8in₱ 499
Chocolate Cake 8in₱ 535
Ube Chiffon 8in₱ 595
Triple Chocolate Cake 8in₱ 599
Sansrival 8in₱ 725

Party Cakes

Caramel Chiffon Rec₱ 935

Taisan Cakes

Taisan Cake Classic₱ 95
Taisan Cake Cheesy Yema₱ 121
Taisan Cake Ube Cheese₱ 121
Taisan Cake Choco Caramel₱ 121

Bar Cake

Devil's Food Bar Cake₱ 121


Buttercream Ensaymada₱ 40
Ube Ensaymada₱ 48
Classic Ensaymada₱ 40

Cookies in Pouch

Lengua de Gato Bites₱ 78
Choco Chip Cookies₱ 78


Lemon Squares₱ 119
Choco Mousse₱ 210
Chewy Brownies₱ 315

Cake Toppers

Christmas Sock Topper₱ 66
Christmas Tree Topper₱ 60
Pet Lover Topper - Pug₱ 48
Pet Lover Topper - Pom₱ 48
Pet Lover Topper - Aspin₱ 48

Party Decor

Candle No. 0₱ 18
Candle No. 1₱ 18
Candle No. 2₱ 18
Candle No. 3₱ 18
Candle No. 4₱ 18
Candle No. 5₱ 18
Candle No. 6₱ 18
Candle No. 7₱ 18
Candle No. 8₱ 18
Candle No. 9₱ 18

How much is the cake in lemon square?

They also serve a variety of cakes such as the Ube Cake (for ₱299) , Mocha Cake (for ₱299), and Minimalist Cakes (for ₱289)

Who is the owner of Lemon Square?

Mr. Errol Vergel De Dios
They’re a privately owned family business based in the Philippines, founded by the husband and wife partnership of Mr. Errol Vergel De Dios and Mrs. Nina Vergel De Dios. Together, they manage and lead a workforce of above 500 employees – all highly skilled men and women, dedicated to deliver premium baked products.

What company is Lemon Square cheesecake?

Big E Food Corporation – Lemon Square.

How many does a 12 inch cake feed?

40 people
12 inch cakes can be very generously served to 40 people with each slice measuring about 1 inch across the back. A standard fork is about one inch wide. Keep in mind that the thinner slice of a 12 inch cake is 6 inches long and 4 or 5 inches tall.

How many pieces of lemon square?

LEMON SQUARE CHEESE CAKE 10 pieces in 1 pack | Shopee Philippines.

Where did Lemon Square originate?

Origin and history
The first widely published lemon bar recipe was printed in the Chicago Daily Tribune on August 27, 1962, and submitted by Eleanor Mickelson. However, mentions of lemon bars and lemon squares can be found in earlier community cookbooks or small local newspapers.

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