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Hello prima doner lovers, are you looking for the latest prima doner Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of prima doner Menu 2023 Philippines with prices.

Primadoner Menu Prices Philippines 2022

Prima doner Menu Philippines 2023 With Prices List

Shawarma Beef + Dark Choco Shawarma Beef + Wintermelon Shawarma Beef + Hokkaido Shawarma Beef + Taro Shawarma Beef + Java Chips Shawarma Beef + Oreo Shawarma Chicken + Dark Choco Shawarma Chicken + Wintermelon Shawarma Chicken + Hokkaido Shawarma Chicken + Taro Shawarma Chicken + Java Chips Shawarma Chicken + Oreo


Prima Combo Shawarma + Milktea

Shawarma Beef + Dark Choco138
Shawarma Beef + Wintermelon138
Shawarma Beef + Hokkaido138
Shawarma Beef + Taro138
Shawarma Beef + Java Chips138
Shawarma Beef + Oreo138
Shawarma Chicken + Dark Choco138
Shawarma Chicken + Wintermelon138
Shawarma Chicken + Hokkaido138
Shawarma Chicken + Taro138
Shawarma Chicken + Java Chips138
Shawarma Chicken + Oreo138

Prima Shawarma Wrap

Beef Shawarma Wrap78
Chicken Shawarma Wrap78

Prima Milktea

Prima Dark Choco Milktea88
Prima Wintermelon Milktea88
Prima Hokkaido Milktea88
Prima Taro Milktea88
Prima Java Milktea88
Prima Oreo Milktea88

Prima Fries

Prima Cheesy Bacon Fries78
Prima Ham and Cheese75
Prima Beef Shawarma75
Prima Chicken Shawarma Fries78

Prima Doner On Rice

Shawarma Beef + Rice80
Shawarma Chicken + Rice80

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