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Charlie Wanton Special is an Authentic Chinese food restaurant where you can taste one of the best Wanton noodles in the country. With Beef Wanton Mami as one of their bestsellers, you have other excellent dishes on the table like Chicken Mami, Wanton Soup, Shrimp Mami, Siomai Mai Soup, Asado Siopao, Machang, and Wanton Royale. 

Charlie Wanton menu Philippines
Charlie Wanton menu Philippines

Along With Delicious Mami and Fabulous Dimsum, the Charlie Wanton menu offers Various kinds of Rice such as Patatim Rice, Beef Rice, Beef Curry Rice, Asado Rice, Charlie Rice, and Pork Tausi Rice, and many more! 

There is still a lot to try on the Charlie Wanton PH. Chicken Asparagus Soup, Corn Soup, Nido Soup, Hot and Sour Soup, and Fish Soba are tasty enough to satisfy your cravings for Chinese food. Desserts and drinks are also part of its menu. They also have a very nice food delivery service. 

Charlie Wanton menu Philippines with prices 

Charlie Wanton is a famous Chinese restaurant that serves different kinds of noodles and more than several yummy dishes in town. Because of their incredibly tasty noodles and moderate prices it has become the first priority for Chinese food lovers. Here is the list of Charlie Wanton menus with reasonable prices: 

Charlie Wanton Mami

Asado Mami205
Beef Mami220
Beef Wanton Mami260
Chicken Mami205
Chicken Supreme (Special)290
Chicken Supreme with Mushroom (Special)300
Maki (Special)210
Maki Mi (Special)220
Pares (Regular)185
Shrimp Dumpling Mami/Soup (Special)300
Shrimp Mami (Special)290
Shrimp Mami with Mushroom (Special)300
Siomai Mami195
Wanton Mami205
Wanton Royale (Special)350
Wanton Royale (Spicy) (Special)350
Wanton Soup220

Best Chinese Restaurant In Manila

Charlie Wanton Dimsum

Asado Siopao80
Bola-Bola Siopao80
Chicken Mushroom Siopao90
Frozen Wanton (25 Pieces)690
Frozen Wanton (50 Pieces)1,320.00
Siomai Soup110
Wanton Wrapper105

Charlie Wanton Rice Toppings

Ampalaya Con Carne Rice260
Ampalaya Con Hipon Rice260
Ampalaya Con Lechon Rice260
Asado Rice w/ Sauce and Vegetables260
Beef Brocolli Rice265
Beef Curry Rice265
Beef Rice265
Charlie Rice255
Chicken Curry Rice220
Chop Suey Rice220
Fish Fillet Tausi Rice265
Patatim Rice280
Plain Lechon Kawali Rice270
Pork Tausi Rice250
Roast Asado Rice270
Sauce Lechon Rice260
Shrimp Brocolli Rice265
Tokwa Con Carne Rice260
Tokwa Con Hipon Rice260
Tokwa Con Isda Rice270

Charlie Soba

Beef Soba260
Chicken Soba260
Fish Soba260
Pork Soba260
Shrimp Soba260


Chicken Asparagus Soup200
Corn Soup200
Hot And Sour Soup200
Hototay Soup200
Nido Soup200
Patpo Tokwa Soup200


Beef Sotanghon Guisado340
Bihon Guisado340
Canton Guisado340
Charlie Chow Mien340
Fried Canton340
Lo Bihon280
Miki Bihon Guisado340
Miki Guisado340
Pancit In Large Bilao1,020.00
Pancit In Small Bilao690
Sotanghon Guisado340


Ampalaya Con Carne300
Beef Brocolli360
Beef Curry360
Beef In Oyster Sauce360
Beef with Black Mushroom360
Beef with Button Mushroom360
Beef with Consomme Sauce360
Beef with Onion360
Beef with Sea Cucumber360
Beef with Young Corn360
Tokwa Con Carne300


Brocolli Fish Fillet330
Fish Fillet (Sarsa Blanca)330
Fish Fillet with Tausi330
Fried Fish Ball140
Lapu-Lapu Escabeche540
Lapu-Lapu Tausi540
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet330
Tokwa Fish Fillet330


Sizzling Beef400
Sizzling Pork360
Sizzling Pusit400
Sizzling Seafood400
Sizzling Tofu Steak300


Brocolli In Oyster Sauce270
Button Mushroom With Young Corn270
Chop Suey Guisado280
Chow Patzing340
Fried Tokwa140
Hototay Guisado330


Ampalaya Con Hipon300
Camaron Rebusado350
Chicharo Shrimp360
Fried Shrimp Dumpling (6 Pieces)250
Shrimp Brocolli360
Shrimp Cauliflower320
Shrimp Curry360
Shrimp w/ Button Mushroom360
Shrimp with Consomme Sauce360
Shrimp with Green Peas & Casoy360
Shrimp with Sea Cucumber370
Tokwa Con Hipon300
Torta Hipon290

Updated Charlie Wanton menu Philippines [thisMonth] 2023

Charlie Wanton House is one of the oldest Chinese cuisines that has been serving its valuable customers for almost four decades. However, the recent Charlie Wanton restaurant was opened in 1996. With a simple setup and generous servings, you will not resist yourself to visit Charlie Wanton Special. Here are some of the highly recommended food items on Charlie Wanton’s menu Ph. 

Updated Charlie Wanton
Updated Charlie Wanton

Beef Wanton Mami 

Serving size for the special mami is HUGE that it had to be served in two different bowls!! (One for the soup, the other for the noodles and the toppings) The bowl is filled with noodles down to the bottom.It’s topped with 3 big wantons and huge chunks of beef. The soup is hearty and comforting. Flavorful but not too rich. The wanton gives off a burst of sesame flavor with each bite. 

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Beef Wanton Mami 
Beef Wanton Mami 

The beef is really tender! 

Beef Soba 

Noodles are not the “soba” we know from Japanese restaurants. They use the same one from their mami, but this dish has a thicker sauce. Toppings are beef and a lot of fried tofu. The soup is rich, and flavorful as well. Super yummy and satisfying! Special Bola Bola Siopao

The bread itself is already tasty (soft and tastes really fresh). The meaty bola-bola filling is seasoned just right, and has a generous amount of salted egg slices What makes it yummier is the sauce which has that caramelized brown sugar flavor in it.

Beef Soba 
Beef Soba 

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