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When we mention a place that is widely credited for making the best quality bakery products we mean none other than Bread talk Philippines. The Bread talk menu has various interesting products for bread lovers. With Almond Frenzy as an appetizer, you can enjoy other delicious items like Pam Cream Cheese, Applewerm, Banana kick, Beefy Bun, Butter Rocky, Butter Sugar, Cheesy Made, Choc Donut, Choco Chips Extreme, and Choco Cream Cheese in the Bread talk menu Philippines. 

Breadtalk menu Philippines
Breadtalk Philippine’s famous bread

For cake cravers, it has Mango Pleasure, Blueberry Cheesecake, Japan Light Cheesecake, Marble Steamed Cake, and Mocha Avalanche. 

Every item of Breadtalk is prepared with natural ingredients which makes them unique and kind of their own. One can make a guess by tasting how much hard work and dedication they put into each of their products. They are successfully spreading their taste in different places of the country with their well-operative online services. 

Breadtalk menu Philippines with price  

It has become a habit of Breadtalk to delight its customers with excellent quality food. With various options and reasonable prices, the Breadtalk menu has remained trustable to its loyal customers for more than a decade. Here is the complete list of the Breadtalk menu Philippines with prices: 

Earthquake Cheese ToastChockful with cheese, high in calcium, protein & vitamins A & B12₱ 175
Premium ToastGood source of calcium, rich in protein, zinc & iron₱ 153
Standard ToastGood source of calcium for strong bones & teeth, natural source of zinc & iron₱ 97
Wholemeal ToastHigh in fiber, and vitamin B & reduces bad cholesterol while preserving levels of good cholesterol₱ 120
breadtalk menu ph

Updated Breadtalk menu Philippines [thisMonth] 2023

Breadtalk has been internationally recognized as a huge bakery brand. It came into existence 16 years ago and since then it is continuously serving its consumers with fine quality bread. Because of its creativity and innovation in food the interest of its buyers is increasing massively. Some popular food items on Breadtalk menu Philippines are : 

Breadtalk menu
Breadtalk menu the Philippines

Black Forest 

Whipped cream, Strawberry Glaze, and Glazed Cherries on Charcoal Sponge. Pizza Bread 

Chicken Hot Dog, Shredded Cheese, Mayonnaise.Onions, Bell Pepper and Chili Sauce. Check out Frankie’s Menu 

Black Forest 
Black Forest 

Boston Chocolate 

A combination of White Mousse and Dark Mousse on Charcoal Sponge. Jumbo Cranberry Cheezymade

Cranberry -soft bread with cheese filling topped with butter cream. Spring in the city 

Prepared with Ham, Eggs, Carrots, Spring Onions, Egg Cream, and Floss.

boston chocolate Breadtalk menu
Boston chocolate at breadtalk

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