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The Bigby’s Café Concept Philippines was first introduced in the city of Cagayan de Oro on December 8, 1998. Its creators came up with an idea of creating an atmosphere fit for an adventure into the different cuisines of the world.. Bigby’s menu Philippines serves delicious food which is sectioned in different menus. Bigby’s Taste Teasers menu offers savory Quesa Chicken, Quesa Beef, Quesa Plain, Viva Las Gambas, Blossoming Spinach Dip, Crispidilla Hawaiian, Crispidilla Four Cheese, Chili flappers and more. Bigby’s Taste Teasers menu is so rich and tasteful. Its one look is enough to make your mouth water. It is also the best seller. 

Bigby’s Menu 2023 Philippines with Prices 

Bigby’s Menu prefers quality no matter what the cost is. One might think that the food prices will be sky high but that’s definitely not the case here. You can get amazing deals also at very reasonable prices. It is one of the major food stores, however, it still offers food at very friendly prices. Here is the complete Bigby’s Menu Philippines with latest prices:

Taste Teasers 

Blossoming Spinach Dip285
Buenos nachosStack of crispy corn chips with cheese sauce, mexican beef and salsa fresca.319
CDO SinuglawBigby’s award-winning “sinugbang baboy” and “isdang kilawin” recipe.359
Chili flappersSpecially marinated and glazed chicken wings, served with a touch of sweet and spice270
Crispidilla Four Cheeseblue cheese, mozzarella, parmesan, gruyere295
Crispidilla HawaiianHam and pineapple275
Dippy Doodle DooGolden breaded chicken strips with honey mustard sauce270
Food trip platterA sampler of our great-tasting appetizers: Tijuana Quesadillas,Chili Flappers, Dippy Doodle Doo with barbecue-flavored fat fries.520
Nacho Bake495
Quesa Beef Full319
Quesa Beef Half215
Quesa Chicken Full319
Quesa Chicken Half215
Quesa Plain Full255
Quesa Plain Half165
Quesadilla Cheese149
Quesadilla Combo219
Quesadilla Mexican Beef185
Quesadilla Mexican Chicken185
Squigly RingsBreaded squid rings served with garlic dip.
Sriracha garlic chicken wingsIf you love the hot Sriracha sauce, try these chicken wings with a kick! Crispy, hot and saucy – all in one dish to satisfy your spicy craving.295
Viva las GambasSautéed shrimps with lots of garlic, wine and hot chilies.370

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Emperor Caesar’sCrisp romaine and iceberg lettuce tossed with our signature Bigby’s creamy caesar’s dressing, parmesan cheese, bacon bits and oven-baked croutons.285
Emperor Caesar’s Salad with Chicken339
Fruit & Nut Salad365
Fruit & Nut Salad with Chicken399
Soup of the Day155
Tiki wackyA chunky salad treat with tomatoes, yellow mango, grapes, walnuts, cheese, croutons and creamy chicken salad on top of romaine lettuce.399


Manhattan burger349
Manhattan with cheese380
Triple decker399

Mom’s Corner

BM Basket210
BM Passion225
Chicken in a basketOur generous portions of homestyle golden fried chicken served with rice and country cream gravy.299
Chix AhoyFried boneless chicken steak smothered with garlic gravy.399
Garlic Tuna SteakGarlic-marinated fresh tuna, served with fried rice and a tropical picke of ripe mango and pomelo on the side345
Kimmy Chunky StewKorean-style beef stew served with rice.565
Passion FishParmesan breaded fish fillet served with garlic mayo and choice of fries or rice.295
Pescado al FrescoFillet of dory served with pesto and string potatoes.310
Tapa BaiOur very own marinated sweet and spicy beef tapa.349
Uncle Sam Roast BeefSlow roasted U.S. beef served with gravy.650

Home Style Grill

Belly SizzlersBelly Sizzlers Filipinos love their inihaw na baboy, served sizzling hot!399
Bigby’s RibletsStill our very own signature smoky barbequed ribs in bite size pieces.349
BM Baby349
BM Belly269
BM Rodeo269
Don Pepito Fajitas – Meaty595
Don Pepito Fajitas – Seafood550
Grilled Rodeo ChopsSpecially marinated pork chops grilled nice and easy, served with rice and your choice of cranberry sauce or pan gravy.399
Hungarian SausageGrilled all meat spicy sausage with cuban rice.310
Mojo Chicken QLook Ma, no bones! Enjoy our version of the chicken barbeque trouble free. Smothered with a sweet & tangy barbeque sauce and served with cuban rice and relish.399
Rack-a-bye BabyFinger-licking goodness of premium cut smoky barbecued pork ribs.499

Home style Grill – Surf’s catch

Awesome SalmonPink salmon steak served sizzling hot with teriyaki sauce, sauteed greens, and steamed white rice720
Boomerang shrimpSkewered shrimp kebabs.495
Fresh fish catchGrilled and served with mango salsa and your choice of spinach rice or Cuban rice495
Garlic Tuna Steak420

Family platters

Belly BusterThe ultimate combo of our famous barbecued Baby back ribs, grilled Rodeo Chops and smoky pork belly. Served in one heaping platter with garlic rice, buttered vegetables and crispy onion rings.850
Fisherman’s PlatterTry our seafood sampler of one hefty portion of tortilla-crusted golden fish fillet, squiggly rings and two sticks of fire-grilled Boomerang Shrimps. Served with garlic rice.975
Kids Dippy Doodle Doo Jr.205
New Orleans Shrimp PlatterHoney Cajun Shrimp in a bowl with a mound of shrimp spiced rice.950
Super Duper Spaghetti Jr225

Homestyle Grill Steak

Capt. Joe’s Ribeye Steak1,550.00
Porky Steak395
Steak Ala Pobre715
Steakhouse Tips680
Tender U.S. Steak975


Bread Basket110
Buttered Vegetables55
Corn on the Cob55
Cuban rice55
Fat Fries99
Garlic Bread110
Garlic Rice55
Mashed Potatoes99
Spinach-Buttered Rice55
Steamed White Rice50


Creole PastaA pasta combination of ham, chicken, sausage and shrimps in sweet and spicy red tomato sauce359
Deep Sea PastaGarlic shrimps and rich crab fat sauce on spaghetti noodles that’s served sizzling hot.345
Grilled Chicken CarbonaraCreamy garlicky cheese sauce, with grilled chicken and bacon bits.310
Super Duper SpaghettiPinoy bolognese, a bit on the sweet side.289


Dippy Doodle Doo Jr.Four strips of crispy chicken tenders with rice & honey mustard sauce.175
Super Duper Spaghetti Jr.Want to be a super hero? Stuff yourself with sweet, meaty sauce and yummy spaghetti made especially for young heroes like YOU!185


Capt. Joe’s Ribeye1,275.00
Porky Steak349
Steak Ala Pobre620
Steakhouse Tips595
Tender US Steak845


Banana FannaCaramelized banana fritters with vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce165
Bigbys Cookies’N Caramel CheesecakeCreamy-rich baked cheesecake with caramel swirl and cookie bits285
Fudgie Sensation155
Mango Chantilly285
Midnight 1 Layer1,665.00
Midnight dream cakeMoist, dark chocolate cake served with mocha and toffee sauce155
Mini Midnight550
Scoopy Duo Ice Cream120


Blu Lemonade150
Bottled Water55
Bottomless Iced Tea150
Bottomless Lemonade150
Calamansi Juice65
Chamomile Tea75
Cooling Cucumber150
Four Seasons Juice80
Four Seasons Juice79
Fruit Shake125
Jasmine Green Tea75
Lemon Green Tea75
Mango Juice80
Mango Juice79
Milk Shake145
Mug Root Beer in Can80
Raspberry Iced Tea150
Raspberry Lemonade150
Strawberry Lemonade150
Sunset Splash150


Soup of the Day120

Shake It Up

ellow Mango Shake150
Fruit Shake Pineapple150
Fruit Shake Strawberry Mango150
Fruit Shake Watermelon150
Green Mango Shake150
Milk Shake Berry Berry Strawberry159
Milk Shake Choco Loco159
Milk Shake Vanilla Ice159

Bigby’s Menu Philippines takes great pride in serving delicious Nacho Bake, Dippy Doodle Doo, Quesadilla Cheese, Quesadilla Mexican Beef, Quesadilla Mexican Chicken, Quesadilla Combo and Buenos nachos. Their food products are health friendly and are made under the supervision of highly qualified cooks who check each and every little detail. Bigby’s menu Salad comprises Fruit and Nut Salad and Fruit and Nut with Chicken which makes your food taste heavenly. 

The Bigby’s menu, the interior design and service style were created to position the concept midway between fine dining and fast-casual dining. This format has developed into the Bigby’s Café and Restaurant System. Bigby’s menu Philippines also has Soup of the Day, Sandwiches, Burgers, Homestyle Grills Steak, Family Platters, Desserts, Soups and other scrumptious Beverages to satisfy your food loving soul. Bigby’s Desserts menu offers saccharine Scoopy Duo Ice Cream, Fudgie Sensation, Mini Midnight and Midnight Dream Cake. Things just don’t end here, there is so much more in Bigby’s menu that we just can’t explain every single item individually. Their complete menu with prices would be given below to save your efforts. They also have a very fast home delivery service. 

IMG 3844
Bigby’s Philippines 2022 

Bigby’s Updated Menu 2023 

Bigby’s Philippines wants to make big as compared to its competitors. Bigby’s owners know that they can only do this by keeping the interest of their customers in their already fabulous menu. So what do they do? They just simply keep updating their menu with new recipes and dishes to make it look attractive. Their newly added items are always worth a try. Here are some mentions from Bigby’s Menu Philippines: 

Sriracha Garlic Chicken Wings 

If you love the hot Sriracha sauce, try these chicken wings with a kick! Crispy, hot and saucy – all in one dish to satisfy your spicy craving. It will give chills to your taste buds. Food Trip Platter 

A sampler of our great-tasting appetizers: Tijuana Quesadillas,Chili Flappers, Dippy Doodle Doo with barbecue-flavored fat fries. Its luscious taste will blow your mind for sure. Moreover, you can order it at your doorstep too. 

image asset
Sriracha Garlic Chicken Wings 

Emperor Caesar’s

Crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce tossed with their signature Bigby’s creamy caesar’s dressing, parmesan cheese, bacon bits and oven-baked croutons. It is perfectly cooked and served with some nice beverages. Some drinks can make your experience unforgettable. Mojo Chicken Q 

Look Ma, no bones! Enjoy Bigby’s version of the chicken barbeque trouble free. Smothered with a sweet & tangy barbeque sauce and served with cuban rice and relish. All the Filipinos love chicken and as a result it one of their best sellers.

chickpea iceberg caesar salad

Andok’s Menu

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