Tokyo Tokyo, a popular chain of Japanese restaurants in the Philippines, invites you to enjoy the genuine tastes of Japan with its vast menu. Tokyo Tokyo has dishes to please every palate, from delicious donburis and crispy katsu to comforting ramen and refreshing maki rolls.

Tokyo Tokyo’s Sumo Meals combine the restaurant’s signature dishes for a delightful and memorable dining experience. Whether you’re craving the tender and juicy Pork Tonkatsu Bento, the savory and flavorful Beef Misono Bento, the classic and comforting Pork Katsudon, or the indulgent and cheesy Cheesy Beef Donburi, Tokyo Tokyo’s Sumo Meals will leave you wanting more.

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Prices Philippines

Tokyo Tokyo Menu Prices Philippines


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Popular at Tokyo Tokyo Philippines

Sumo Meals for 2

Enjoy delicious food with Tokyo Tokyo’s Sumo Meals for Two – a great option for couples or friends on a budget. This deal lets you choose two of Tokyo Tokyo’s most popular dishes, guaranteeing a feast of flavors that will excite your taste buds.

Each Sumo Meal for Two includes two substantial portions of steamed rice, offering the perfect complement to your chosen dishes. Two Vegetable Misono servings are included to complement your meal, consisting of a variety of crunchy vegetables cooked in a savory miso broth. To quench your thirst and harmonize with the flavors of your food, two 16oz glasses of Red Iced Tea are provided.

The Sumo Meals for 2 start at just $10.90, providing exceptional value and an excellent option for those looking for a gratifying and reasonably priced Japanese dining experience.

Sumo Meals for 2 Popular food item of  Tokyo Tokyo in Philippines

Pork Tonkatsu Bento Ala Carte

The Pork Tonkatsu Bento is a well-liked meal at Tokyo Tokyo that’s bound to please your desire for Japanese food. The meal includes a delicious pork cutlet that’s juicy and crispy, accompanied by different sides like steamed rice, vegetable misono (or corn & mushroom, or tofu steak), and Japanese pickles. The pork is made with high-quality meat, which is tender and flavorful; and it’s coated with a light and crunchy crust. The vegetable misono is a mix of vegetables cooked in a tasty and healthy miso sauce. It makes a great addition to the bento box. The tangy and refreshing Japanese pickles go well with the meal.

Pork Tonkatsu Bento Ala Carte Popular food item of  Tokyo Tokyo in Philippines

Beef Misono Bento Ala Carte

Try the Beef Misono Bento Ala Carte. This box includes plenty of grilled beef strips marinated in a savory miso sauce, along with steamed rice, vegetable misono, and a fried egg. The vegetable misono is a combination of cooked carrots, cabbage, onions, and other vegetables doused in a miso-based sauce. This dish is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger and leave you feeling satisfied.

Beef Misono Bento Popular food item of  Tokyo Tokyo in Philippines

Pork Katsudon Ala Carte

Pork Katsudon is a delicious dish that combines different flavors and textures that will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Its main attraction is the pork tonkatsu, which is a fried pork cutlet that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The pork cutlet is covered with a sweet and savory sauce that enriches the dish with a unique flavor. This tasty sauce is poured generously over fluffy steamed rice, creating a flavor explosion that is irresistible. A soft and fluffy egg is added to complete this culinary masterpiece, with its delicate yolk providing richness and creaminess to the dish. Each bite delivers a perfect harmony of crispy tonkatsu, savory sauce, fluffy rice, and creamy egg. Pork Katsudon is more than a dish; it’s an enjoyable encounter that will leave you feeling content and desiring additional servings.

Pork Katsudon Ala Carte Popular food item of  Tokyo Tokyo in Philippines

Cheesy Beef Donburi Ala Carte

This is a top-rated meal among Tokyo Tokyo patrons. It comprises savory yakiniku beef, zesty cheese sauce, and crispy potato tempura, all atop steamed rice. This dish is ideal for those seeking a flavorful and filling meal. The beef is cooked to perfection, and the spicy cheese sauce is delightful. The potato tempura adds some crunch to this meal, making it a welcome addition.

Cheesy Beef Donburi Ala Carte Popular food item of  Tokyo Tokyo in Philippines

Beef Misono Bento

This bento box from Tokyo Tokyo is highly sought-after for good reason. It includes a generous portion of thinly sliced beef that’s been soaked in savory miso sauce and is paired with a variety of veggies like carrots, cabbage, and bean sprouts. As a side, there’s also a serving of rice and a glass of iced red tea.

This meal is ideal for anyone craving a filling and delicious meal. The beef is tender and bursting with flavor, while the veggies are perfectly cooked. The miso sauce gives the food a good savory flavor, and the red iced tea is a nice and refreshing drink to end your meal.

Beef Misono Bento Popular food item of  Tokyo Tokyo in Philippines

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Tokyo Tokyo Opening & Closing Hours

Saturday9 am–10 pm
Sunday2–9 pm
Monday7 am–12 am
TuesdayOpen 24 hours
WednesdayOpen 24 hours
Thursday(Bonifacio Day)Open 24 hours Hours might differ
FridayOpen 24 hours

Tokyo Tokyo is the top Japanese fast-food chain restaurant in the Philippines.

In April 1985, the first Tokyo Tokyo branch opened at the Quad car park in Makati, serving Japanese dishes that people love for their taste, quality, and value. Tokyo Tokyo’s menu features real ingredients.

They value the quality of food, which has led to their rapid growth in the market. Currently, Tokyo Tokyo has many branches in different locations and is ranked as the number one Japanese restaurant in the country.

Tokyo Tokyo Delivery

There are a few different online food delivery options available for Tokyo Tokyo Philippines. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Foodpanda
  • GrabFood
  • Yezzy Delivery

In addition to these food delivery apps, Tokyo Tokyo also offers its own delivery service. To order from Tokyo Tokyo directly, you can visit their website or call their customer service line.

Social Pages

Phone: +63 2 7978 3335

Email: [email protected].

Tokyo Tokyo, a restaurant owned by Hansbury Inc., opened its first branch in Makati City on 22 April 1985.

This is now owned by Hansbury Inc., under the One Food Group, which also owns the franchise for KFC and Mister Donuts in the Philippines. Over the years, it has evolved and today, Tokyo Tokyo is an established name in Filipino dining, with more than 60 stores operating nationwide.

Tokyo Tokyo is a Filipino fast-food restaurant chain specializing in Japanese cuisine. It is one of the most popular Japanese restaurant chains in the Philippines, with over 80 branches nationwide. Tokyo Tokyo is known for its affordable and delicious Japanese meals, such as tempura, tonkatsu, yakisoba, sushi, and sashimi. The restaurant also offers a variety of Filipino-inspired dishes, such as adobo and kare-kare. Tokyo Tokyo is a popular spot for both dine-in and takeout.

Yes, Tokyo Tokyo offers unlimited rice with some of their meals. The specific meals that come with unlimited rice may vary from branch to branch, but it is usually available with bento meals and donburi bowls. To be sure, you can always ask your server about the unlimited rice options when you are dining at Tokyo Tokyo.

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