Are you looking for the latest QShiok Shiok Singapore Famous Hawker Food Menu Philippines prices? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Shiok Shiok Singapore Famous Hawker Food Menu Price 2024 Philippines prices.

Shiok Shiok Singapore Famous Hawker Food

Shiok Shiok Singapore Famous Hawker Food Menu Price Philippines


Featured Food

Noodles And Soups

Rice Toppings

Indulged in a delightful culinary journey at Shiok Shiok, the renowned Singaporean hawker haven now in the Philippines! The menu boasts a tempting array of options, including their signature Cereal Chicken Rice (₱269) and the delectable Salted Egg Chicken Rice (₱269). Don’t miss the flavorful Beef Tendon Rice (₱288) or the mouthwatering Curry Porkchop Rice (₱294). With affordable prices and authentic flavors, Shiok Shiok is a must-visit for every food enthusiast. Satisfy your cravings today!


Wok Items

From tantalizing Cereal Chicken to mouthwatering Salted Egg Prawn, and flavorful Beef Rendang, savor a symphony of tastes that transport you to the bustling streets of Singapore. With prices starting from just ₱ 225, dive into an authentic culinary adventure that’s a treat for both your taste buds and wallet. Don’t miss the chance to relish Curry Chicken, Sambal Okra, and a variety of other dishes that embody the true essence of Singaporean cuisine.

Coco Milk Tea Menu

Satay BBQ

Singaporean Toasts


From the enticing Kaya Bun (Steamed) at just ₱188 to the delectable Jumbo Bola-Bola Siopao priced at ₱313, every bite is a revelation of flavors. Don’t miss the heavenly Milo Bun starting from ₱188 and the exquisite Dessert Sampler (3 Pcs) for only ₱188.



What does Shiok mean in Singapore?

“Shiok” (pronounced she-oak) is a term used in Singapore to express the feeling of something being delicious or really enjoyable. It’s commonly used to describe tasty food or experiences that are simply great. For instance, you might say, “This burger is so juicy, so shiok!” to convey how delicious it is.

What is the origin of the word Shiok?

“Shiok” is a Malay exclamation that captures the sense of pure delight. It’s used to express the feeling of joy and satisfaction when something positive or enjoyable happens. This term encapsulates that wonderful sensation of happiness derived from a great experience.

What does potato mean in Singapore?

In Singapore, the term “jiak kantang” is a slang from Singaporean Hokkien and Malay roots, directly translating to “eat potato.” This phrase is used to describe individuals who prefer Western culture over their own heritage, symbolizing a shift away from traditional values and languages.

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