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Coco milk tea menu is the most popular fresh milk tea and juice shop in the Philippines. You can enjoy a variety of fruit juice and tea from the coco milk tea menu Philippines.

Here is the latest  coco milk tea menu price list:

Coco Milk Tea Menu Philippines
CoCo Milk Tea Large₱95.00
Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Pearl Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Panda Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Panda Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea Large₱100.00


CoCo Black Coffee Regular₱90.00
CoCo Black Coffee Large₱100.00
CoCo Coffee Regular₱100.00
CoCo Coffee Large₱110.00
CoCo Coffee with Pearl Regular₱110.00
CoCo Coffee with Pearl Large₱120.00
Salty Cream Coffee Regular₱110.00
Salty Cream Coffee Large₱120.00

Milk Tea

CoCo Milk Tea Regular₱85.00
CoCo Milk Tea Large₱95.00
Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Pearl Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Taro Milk Tea Regular₱100.00
Taro Milk Tea Large₱110.00
Panda Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Panda Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Jasmine Milk Tea Regular₱85.00
Jasmine Milk Tea Large₱95.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea Large₱100.00
White Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
White Pearl Milk Tea Large₱100.00
2 Ladies Regular₱90.00
2 Ladies Large₱100.00
3 Buddies Regular₱100.00
3 Buddies Large₱110.00


CoCo Chocolate Regular₱90.00
CoCo Chocolate Large₱100.00
Chocolate with Pearl Regular₱95.00
Chocolate with Pearl Large₱105.00
Chocolate with Pudding and Pearl Regular₱100.00
Chocolate with Pudding and Pearl Large₱110.00


QQ Milk Tea Regular₱110.00
QQ Milk Tea Large₱120.00
3Q Milk Tea Regular₱120.00
3Q Milk Tea Large₱130.00
QQ Taro Milk Tea Regular₱120.00
QQ Taro Milk Tea Large₱130.00
QQ Taro Latte Regular₱120.00
QQ Taro Latte Large₱130.00

Cream And Latte

Salty Cream Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Salty Cream Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Salty Cream Black Tea Regular₱80.00
Salty Cream Black Tea Large₱90.00
Salty Cream Chocolate Regular₱100.00
Salty Cream Chocolate Large₱110.00
Salty Cream Mountain Tea Regular₱85.00
Salty Cream Mountain Tea Large₱95.00
Salty Cream Winter Melon Tea Regular₱90.00
Salty Cream Winter Melon Tea Large₱100.00
Black Tea Latte Regular₱90.00
Black Tea Latte Large₱100.00
Winter Melon Latte Regular₱90.00
Winter Melon Latte Large₱100.00
Matcha Tea Latte Regular₱95.00
Matcha Tea Latte Large₱105.00
Taro Latte Regular₱100.00
Taro Latte Large₱110.00
Pearl Matcha Tea Latte Regular₱100.00
Pearl Matcha Tea Latte Large₱110.00
Panda Matcha Tea Latte Regular₱105.00
Panda Matcha Tea Latte Large₱115.00
Salty Cream Matcha Tea Latte Regular₱110.00
Salty Cream Matcha Tea Latte Large₱120.00


Passion Fruit Slush Regular₱100.00
Passion Fruit Slush Large₱115.00
Lemon Yakult Slush Regular₱95.00
Lemon Yakult Slush Large₱110.00
Matcha Slush with Salty Cream Regular₱110.00
Matcha Slush with Salty Cream Large₱120.00
Taro Slush Regular₱110.00
Taro Slush Large₱120.0

Fruit Tea

Passion Fruit Tea Burst Regular₱90.00
Passion Fruit Tea Burst Large₱100.00
Passion Fruit Green Tea Regular₱85.00
Passion Fruit Green Tea Large₱95.00
Passion Fruit Mountain Tea Regular₱85.00
Passion Fruit Mountain Tea Large₱95.00
Lemon Black Tea Regular₱85.00
Lemon Black Tea Large₱95.00
Lemon Dunk Large₱100.00


Honey Lemon with Aloe Regular₱90.00
Honey Lemon with Aloe Large₱100.00
Lemon Calamansi with Aloe Regular₱90.00
Lemon Calamansi with Aloe Large₱100.00
Winter Melon Juice Regular₱80.00
Winter Melon Juice Large₱90.00
Winter Melon with Grass Jelly Regular₱90.00
Winter Melon with Grass Jelly Large₱100.00
Lemon Winter Melon Regular₱90.00
Lemon Winter Melon Large₱100.00
Green Tea Yakult Regular₱85.00
Lemon Yakult Regular₱95.00

Fresh Tea

Ceylon Black Tea Regular₱60.00
Ceylon Black Tea Large₱70.00
Jasmine Green Tea Regular₱60.00
Jasmine Green Tea Large₱70.00
Mountain Tea Regular₱65.00
Mountain Tea Large₱75.00
Winter Melon Mountain Tea Regular₱80.00
Winter Melon Mountain Tea Large₱90.00
Honey Mountain Tea Regular₱80.00
Honey Mountain Tea Large₱90.00

Coco Milk Tea Menu Philippines Updated In 2023

Coco milk tea & juice shop in the Philippines is one of the trendings restaurants by offering a large variety of juices, tea,  and fresh milk like salty cream milk tea, white pearl milk tea, panda milk tea, 3 buddies milk tea. 

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Lemon Dunk is every Filipino favorite coco milk tea menu. A glass freshly squeezed with the whole lemon in jasmine green tea gives extra texture to drink.

Coco Milk Tea Menu Philippines

Coco tea menu Philippines also offers a huge option of other fruit tea like strawberry black tea, grapefruit mountain tea, lemon black tea toping with beautiful fresh fruits force everyone to drink it. 

They update their menu on the basis of computation and customer demands. If you are looking for drinks, coffees, and juice then coco tea is the best option to purchase their fresh juices and enjoy your time. Coco tea menu also updates the prices of some menus.

Bestseller CoCo Tea Menus

With a wide variety of coffee, slush, chocolate drinks, fresh fruit juices, milk, and milk & fruit tea it’s up to you to choose the best taste for yourself. 

We have written below some coco best drinks:

If you are a chocolate lover then Coco chocolate with pearl and pudding is the best option for your blended chocolate and milk until it’s creamy pour into a cup and topped with chocolate peal, cocoa balls.

coco teas

Are you a fruit lover and over concise for health then cocoa fruit juice is prepared with fresh fruits, like Honey lemon with aloe vera is best for diest also, lemon winter melon is a refreshing drink?

For matcha, a lover tries to match slush salty cream blended matcha and ice cubes together until it’s velvety and decore the cup with cream. 

For tea lovers panda milk tea is the best option, Filipino loves to drink this tea, it is made by using both milk and tea or topped with white and black pearls thats give extra yummy looks. Coco milk tea menu Philippines best seller menu.

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Another coco best seller 2023 drink coco bubble tea menu like pearl milk tea, fresh taro with milk, strawberry slush is a smoothie of fresh strawberry blended and mixed with fruit.

Best CoCo Fruit Tea 

Here is a list of the bestseller coco fruit tea drinks:

  • Mango Green Tea
  • Buble gaga  tea
  • Lemon black tea
  • Grapefruit green tea
  • Lemon dunk
  • Lemon watermelon tea
  • Honey aloe vera
  • Passion fruit green tea

About CoCo Tea & juice Menu

Coco tea and fresh juice menu Philippines has an open first store in 1997 at TAIWAN.  They honestly focus on quality and consistently deliver fest menus to the people after some years it becomes more popular in the Tea industry. They expanded their business globally and their first branch open in china in 2007. Coco brings people to a new tea experience by delivering quality sourced ingredients. Now 4000 stores are counted all over the world, UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Thailand, New Zealand, Canada. 

Coco milk tea is the world’s largest fresh tea milk chain in the Philippines.

 CoCo Tea & juice delivery

Coco tea menu delivery services are available it deliver the order in your footsteps. At the time of covid everywhere is lockdown you can easily order on their website and enjoy drinks at home simply search coco tea menu Philippines near me or grab your order by Foodpanda, GrabKitchen, and grab food.

 CoCo Tea Flipino Staff

If you want to contact coco Filipino staff members and give them suggestions or may be starting a business with coco tea menu Philippines the contact them by using social media accounts.

Send a message to them by :

  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/CoCoTeaPhilippines
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/cocoteaph
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cocoteaph/
  • Website: https://coco-tea.ph/drinks/

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