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Locavore Menu Philippines

Locavore Menu Philippines With Price List


Menu ItemsPrices
Ensalada ni Andres320


From the mouthwatering Salted Egg Gabi Chips to the succulent Oyster Mangga, every dish was a culinary delight. The reasonable prices, with options like Gabi Chops and Street Food Platter, made it a fantastic dining experience without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or prefer traditional Filipino flavors like Kare Kare Wings, Locavore has something for everyone.

Menu ItemsPrices
Salted Egg Gabi Chips350
Gabi Chops145
Singkamas, Mangga at Bagoong175
Street Food Platter190
Fresh River Shrimp220
Kalibo Oyster220
Kinilaw Platter370
Oxtail Sisig350
Kare Kare Wings275
Baked Scallops525
Pulitang Lamang Dagat295
Oyster Mangga255
Bacon BBQ Skewers520

Best Seller

Menu ItemsPrices
Gising Gising275
Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken270
Sugpo Con Mayonesa980
Boneless Lechon Belly650
Sizzling Sinigang550

Pinoy Brunch

From the comforting Champorado ni Speedy at 190 pesos to the exquisite Alimasag at 370 pesos, Locavore offers a range of delectable dishes to satisfy every palate. Don’t miss their Duck Lugaw, TBPL, Poqui-poqui, Kabute, and Talaba, all priced reasonably between 270 and 320 pesos.

Menu ItemsPrices
Champorado ni Speedy190
Duck Lugaw320

Mga Ulam

Their menu boasts a mouthwatering array of dishes, from the savory Garlic Butter Sugpo at 850 pesos to the flavorful Sinugbang Bangus priced at 395 pesos. Don’t miss out on the unique fusion of flavors with options like Kimchinigang and Pho Lalo, both priced at 550 pesos. And if you’re craving something crispy, Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken is a steal at just 270 pesos.

Menu ItemsPrices
Garlic Butter Sugpo850
Gising Gising275
Sinugbang Bangus395
Diniguang Lechon550
Tinola Chicken350
Green Curry Bicol Express480
Kanto BBQ Rib Fingers550
Garlic Baby Squid450
Corned Bistek550
Pho Lalo670
Mac’s Boneless Fried Chicken270
Ginataang Kalabasa420
Sugpo Con Mayonesa980


They offer a wide selection of beers, from San Miguel Light and Pale at just 90 pesos to Sierra Madre and Fish Rider at 230 pesos. Whether you prefer a classic Pivo Praha or something darker, like Kalinga Kolsh, they’ve got you covered with prices starting at 160 pesos. And if you’re feeling adventurous, try Tuff Tuko or Tarsier for a unique taste experience. Don’t miss out on Exit Wounds and Andy Cola, also available at great prices starting at 120 pesos.

Menu ItemsPrices
San Miguel Light90
San Miguel Pale90
San Miguel Premium110
San Miguel C. Negra110
Brew Kettle90
Sierra Madre230
Fish Rider230
Pivo Praha -Classic160
Pivo Praha – Dark160
Kalinga Kolsh160
Tuff Tuko180
Exit Wounds205
Andy Cola120

Signature Cocktails

From the zesty and spicy “Sexy Sili” to the refreshing “Watermelon Mojito,” every drink was a delightful experience. Don’t miss the intriguing “7shot in 7seconds” if you’re feeling adventurous. At just 180 pesos per cocktail, Locavore offers an affordable yet premium drinking experience that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sexy Sili180
Diwata Alab180
Juan Bulag180
Mnago Mojito180
Watermelon Mojito180
7shot in 7seconds1220

Popular at LocavorePhilippines

Oyster Sisig

Oyster Sisig is a fusion dish that combines the classic Filipino sisig with fresh oysters. The oysters are cooked until tender and juicy, then mixed with sisig ingredients like onions, chili peppers, and mayonnaise. The dish is served on a sizzling plate, making it a perfect appetizer or main course.

Oyster Sisig is food item of Locavore in Philippines

Sugpo con Mayonesa

Sugpo con Mayonesa is a simple but delicious dish of steamed shrimp coated in mayonnaise and lemon juice. The shrimp are cooked until perfectly tender, then coated in the creamy and tangy mayonnaise sauce. The dish is often served with a side of rice or vegetables.

Sugpo con Mayonesa is food item of Locavore in Philippines

Sizzling Sinigang

Sizzling Sinigang is a hearty and flavorful dish made with pork belly, shrimp, and vegetables simmered in a sour broth. The dish is served on a sizzling plate, which gives it a unique and delicious flavor. Sizzling Sinigang is a popular main course that is often enjoyed with a bowl of rice.

Sizzling Sinigang is food item of Locavore in Philippines


Kinilaw is a traditional Filipino dish of raw fish marinated in vinegar, onions, and spices. The fish is marinated until it is cooked through by the acidic vinegar. Kinilaw is a refreshing and flavorful dish that is often served as an appetizer or main course.

Kinilaw is food item of Locavore in Philippines

Locavore Alternative Restaurants

Locavore Opening & Closing Hours

Tuesday10 am–9 pm
Wednesday10 am–9 pm
Thursday10 am–9 pm
Friday10 am–9 pm
Saturday10 am–9 pm
Sunday10 am–9 pm
Monday10 am–9 pm

Locavore is a Filipino restaurant chain in the Philippines that is known for its modern take on traditional Filipino cuisine. It was founded in 2013 by sisters Tin Magasaysay-Matic and Carla Magsaysay, along with their friend Alta Lyttle. The restaurant’s name comes from the term “locavore,” which refers to a person who eats food that is grown or produced locally.

Locavore’s menu features a variety of dishes that are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients that are sourced from local farmers and producers. The restaurant also has a strong focus on sustainability, and it uses a variety of eco-friendly practices in its operations.

Locavore 1

Locavore has several branches in Metro Manila, including Makati, Pasig, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), and Eastwood City. It also has a branch in Bacoor, Cavite.

The restaurant has won numerous awards for its cuisine and service, including the following:

  • Best Filipino Restaurant in the Philippines by the Miele Guide in 2018 and 2019
  • Best Filipino Restaurant in Metro Manila by the Philippine Tatler Dining Awards in 2017 and 2018
  • One of the Top 50 Restaurants in Asia by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019

Locavore is a popular dining destination for both locals and tourists alike. It is known for its delicious food, friendly service, and commitment to sustainability.

Locavore Delivery

There are a few different online food delivery options available for Locavore Philippines. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Foodpanda
  • GrabFood
  • Yezzy Delivery

In addition to these food delivery apps, Locavore also offers its own delivery service. To order from Locavore directly, you can visit their website or call their customer service line.

Social Media Pages

Address: 10 Brixton St, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: +63 2 8632 9600

What is the best dish at Locavore?

The best dish at Locavore is a matter of personal preference, but some of the most popular and highly rated dishes include:
Sizzling Sinigang: A classic Filipino soup made with sour tamarind broth, pork, and vegetables, served in a sizzling hot skillet.
Sugpo con Mayonesa: Shrimp cooked in a creamy mayonnaise sauce with garlic and onions.
Oyster Sisig: A Filipino dish made with chopped pork, oysters, onions, and chili peppers, served on a sizzling hot plate.
Crispy Pata: Deep-fried pork leg served with a vinegar dipping sauce.
Kare-Kare: Beef or oxtail stew cooked in a thick peanut sauce with vegetables.

How much does it cost to eat at Locavore?

Locavore is a mid-range to fine dining restaurant, so the cost of eating there will vary depending on what you order. However, you can expect to pay around PHP 1,000-2,000 per person for a three-course meal, excluding drinks.

Does Locavore take reservations?

Locavore takes reservations. You can make a reservation online through their website or by calling their restaurant directly.

Does Locavore offer catering services?

Locavore offers a variety of catering services, including buffet catering, plated catering, and cocktail party catering. They also offer custom catering services to create a menu that is specifically tailored to your event and budget.

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