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Big Time Bilao Menu Philippines

Big Time Bilao Menu Philippines 2024 With Prices List

Bihon Guisado Lumpiang Shanghai Palabok Lumpiang Shanghai Breaded Chicken Buttered Chicken Buttered Garlic Seafood Mix Classic Fried Chicken Cajun Seafood Mix Sweet Chili Seafood Mix Bilao Sweet Chili Mixed Seafood Buttered Garlic Mix Seafood Lumpiang Shanghai + Seafood Bihon Buttered Chicken + Classic Chicken Trio Buttered Chicken + L.Shanghai+ Seafood Bihon Buttered Chicken + Seafood Bihon Spaghetti Pinoy Style Palabok Seafoods Special Bihon Bihon Guisado Pancit Canton Chinese Lauriat 1 (4-6pax) Chinese Lauriat 2 (4-6pax) Inihaw Bilao (6-8pax) Chicken Bbq Boneless Pork Bbq 6pc Inihaw Na Liempo 2pc Sweet N Sour Pork SO



Bihon Guisadofrom ₱ 495
Lumpiang Shanghaifrom ₱ 560
Palabokfrom ₱ 540

Ulam sa Bilao

Lumpiang Shanghaifrom ₱ 560
Breaded Chickenfrom ₱ 1120
Buttered Chickenfrom ₱ 1120
Buttered Garlic Seafood Mixfrom ₱ 840
Classic Fried Chickenfrom ₱ 1120
Cajun Seafood Mixfrom ₱ 760
Sweet Chili Seafood Mix Bilaofrom ₱ 840
Sweet Chili Mixed Seafood₱ 840
Buttered Garlic Mix Seafood₱ 839
Lumpiang Shanghai + Seafood Bihon₱ 578
Buttered Chicken + Classic Chickenfrom ₱ 560
Trio Buttered Chicken + L.Shanghai+ Seafood Bihonfrom ₱ 820
Buttered Chicken + Seafood Bihon₱ 560

Pancit sa Bilao

Spaghetti Pinoy Stylefrom ₱ 540
Palabokfrom ₱ 540
Seafoods Special Bihonfrom ₱ 495
Bihon Guisadofrom ₱ 495
Pancit Cantonfrom ₱ 495


Chinese Lauriat 1 (4-6pax)from ₱ 985
Chinese Lauriat 2 (4-6pax)₱ 1280
Inihaw Bilao (6-8pax)₱ 1600


Chicken Bbq Boneless₱ 340
Pork Bbq 6pc₱ 240
Inihaw Na Liempo 2pc₱ 300
Sweet N Sour Pork SO₱ 295
Beef Brisket So₱ 420
Beef Pares So₱ 420
Curry Beef Brisket So₱ 440
Lechon Kawali 3 Slabs₱ 360
Boneless Bangus So₱ 295
Sweet N Sour Fish SO₱ 320
Chopsuey Guisado SO₱ 320
Pancit Bihon Guisado So₱ 320
Seafood Bihon Guisado So₱ 320
Miki Bihon Guisado So₱ 320
Pancit Canton So₱ 320
Lomi Family₱ 320


Classic Fried Chickenfrom ₱ 280
Breaded Chickenfrom ₱ 280
Breaded Chickenfrom ₱ 280
Lechon Macaofrom ₱ 410


Plain Rice₱ 40
Garlic Rice Cup₱ 50
Plain Rice Patter 5 Pax₱ 200
Garlic Rice₱ 250
Plain Rice Patter₱ 400
Yang Chow Fried Rice₱ 350
Garlic Rice₱ 500

Who is the owner of Big Time Bilao Philippines?

Beth Mendoza Flores and Anton is the owner of Big Time Bilao Philippines.

How many branches does Big Time Bilao have in the Philippines?

15 successful branches are Big Time Bilao in the Philippines.

Does Big Time Bilao accept credit cards?

Yes! Big Time Bilao accepts credit cards and FREE 1 stamp for a loyalty card no minimum of purchase.

Is Big Time Bilao Halal?

Big Time Bilao’s halal status is a matter of debate and personal interpretation. Some believe it is halal, while others do not. It is up to each individual to decide for themselves.

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