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Lots'A Pizza Menu Philippines

Lots’A Pizza Menu Philippines With Price List



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Treat yourself to the All Cheese Premium Pizza, a symphony of flavors available in both Large (₱300) and Extra Large (₱395) sizes. If you’re a fan of the classic Hawaiian blend, the Hawaiian Delight pizza awaits, starting at ₱305 for Large and ₱405 for Extra Large. The Pure Beef Special offers a savory delight, priced at ₱305 for Large and ₱405 for Extra Large. Craving the bold taste of pepperoni? The Just Pepperoni pizza is a must-try at ₱305 for Large and ₱405 for Extra Large. And for an exquisite medley of flavors, the Great Manhattan pizza, available in Large (₱375) and Extra Large (₱460), is a true winner.


Look no further than Lots’A Pizza Menu! Indulge in their irresistible Double Whammy and Bacon Blaze options, available in both large and extra-large sizes, starting at just ₱285. Craving something savory? Don’t miss out on the delectable Roasted Beef N’ Cheese.


Indulge in a delectable pizza experience at Lots’A Pizza Menu Philippines! Savor a variety of mouthwatering toppings, from classic Mozzarella Cheese and Pepperoni to flavorful options like Spiced Ham and Roasted Beef. With prices starting at just ₱50, you can treat yourself to a cheesy and delightful culinary delight. Whether you’re a fan of Pineapple Slices or prefer the savory goodness of Diced Bacon, Lots’A Pizza offers a range of options to satisfy your cravings.

Who is the owner of Lots a Pizza?

The brains behind the thriving Lots’a Pizza, a highly acclaimed and rapidly expanding pizza franchise in the Philippines renowned for its delectable “Pinoy Style” pizzas, pastas, and baked goods, belong to none other than Teresita and Eduardo Ngan Tian. The inception of this venture dates back to 1986, and it embraced franchising as a growth strategy in the year 2000.

Why is Pizza Hut so successful?

Ever wondered about the driving force behind Pizza Hut’s remarkable triumph? Well, it all boils down to their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The crew at Pizza Hut is meticulously trained to ensure that every patron feels not just welcomed, but genuinely valued. With a blend of courtesy, attentiveness, respect, and infectious enthusiasm, they create an experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Moreover, the emphasis on cleanliness is paramount at Pizza Hut, further enhancing the overall dining experience.

Does Lots’A Pizza accept credit cards?

Yes!Lots’A Pizza accepts credit cards.

Is Lots’A Pizza halal?

IS LOTS’A PIZZA HALAL? NO. Lots’a Pizza Philippines is not Halal Certified.

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