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Turks is one of the most recognisable and leading Shawarma serving companies in the Philippines. Turks menu has managed to conquer the hearts of the Filipinos with its heavenly tasted food products. For starters, you can taste their Beef Pita Doner, Chicken Pita Doner, Turks Doner, Kebab Wrap and Hotdog Wrap. 

Turks menu 2023 Philippines with prices list 

Turks is one of the most popular food franchises in the country. They use premium quality meat, healthy vegetables and signature sauces in their food items which give the burst of flavor and make them the most loveable and luscious one. Affordable prices is another reason for its popularity. Here is the complete list of Turks menu Philippines with latest prices: 


Beef Pita Wrap With CheeseBest-seller Beef Pita Wrap served with cheddar cheesefrom ₱ 107
Pita Doner With DrinksPita doner with cheddar cheese and drinksfrom ₱ 137
Small Beef Pita Wrap With Cheesefrom ₱ 83

Pita Wraps

Beef Pita Wrap With CheeseBest-seller Beef Pita Wrap served with cheddar cheesefrom ₱ 107
Chicken Pita Wrap With CheeseChicken Pita Wrap served with cheddar cheesefrom ₱ 107

Small Pita Wraps

Small Beef Pita Wrap With Cheesefrom ₱ 83
Small Chicken Pita Wrap With Cheesefrom ₱ 83

Doners With Drinks

Pita Doner With DrinksPita doner with cheddar cheese and drinksfrom ₱ 137


Bottled Water550ml₱ 30
CokeMismo Softdrinks₱ 30

Turks menu Philippines has a large variety of food items that one could ever imagine. Their Beef Doner Bowl, Beef Doner on Rice, Kebab on Rice, Beef Doner Steak, Kebab and Beef Platter can definitely do the job of capturing the taste buds of Filipinos. 

Turks Philippines also offers distinctive types of Chicken on its menu like Chicken Doner Bowl, Chicken Doner on Rice, Chicken Doner Steak, Beef and Chicken Platter and much more! All the products of Turks are cooked in a way that they give a soul touching taste in every bite of their shawarma. So come to Turks and experience one of the best eating places and make your day with Turks as they have a motto “Everyday make a Turks day”! And if you don’t feel comfortable sitting here you’re in luck as they have a pretty impressive home delivery service.

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Turks menu Philippines 2023

Without a question, Turk has become a huge brand and is ranked in the list of top brands in the Philippines. Established in 2007 as a food cart in SM City Sta,Turks has grown into more than 600 branches nationwide. The creativity and Modernize vision in making the products separates Turks from other brands in the Industry. Some of the well known food items of Turks menu Philippines are:

Chicken Pita Wrap 

This is a fresh, flavorful, and protein-packed healthy meal piled high and assembled on top of pillow-soft pita bread. These mouth-watering chicken pitas are perfect for lunch or dinner. Filled with fresh cucumber and tomato, they are satisfying and flavourful.

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Chicken Pita Wrap 

Hotdog Rice 

A quick and simple meal with big flavors. This budget-friendly recipe is a great use for all the extra rice that comes with Chinese takeout, along with special veggies collected by Turks. 

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Hotdog Rice 

Beef Doner on Rice 

The Beef Doner on rice is the traditional serving style of the doner. Slowly cooked juicy meat is served on top of rice pilaf with lettuce, tomato, potato, onion, tzatziki. Beef doner (shawarma) rice bowl is the oldest and original serving style of this Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. Unlike the other food-to-go servings, it is served in a bowl to eat. It is gluten-free. Beef doner on rice has highly balanced nutrition, including vitamins, minerals, and protein.

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Beef Doner on Rice

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