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Cafe Mary Grace Menu Philippines

Cafe Mary Grace Menu Philippines With Price List


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Bars & Loaves

The Lemon Bar, starting from ₱223, is a zesty delight, while the Brownie Bar, beginning at ₱256, is a chocolate lover’s dream. Don’t miss the Food for the Gods at ₱78, and the Mary Grace Ensaymada Bread Pudding, priced from ₱190, is a heavenly dessert. For a classic touch, their Fruitcake Bars & Loaves, starting at ₱76, are a timeless choice.


From the luscious Mango Bene starting at ₱357 to the tempting Strawberry Shortcake at ₱307, their menu offers a delightful array of treats. Whether you’re craving the zesty Limone Santi for ₱212 or the rich Chocolate Truffle priced from ₱267, Cafe Mary Grace has your dessert desires covered. Don’t miss out on classics like the Chocolate Mousse at ₱218 or the Mary Grace Cheesecake starting at ₱257. With options like Toasted Almond Sans Rival and Carrot Walnut Cake, this cafe is a dessert lover’s paradise.

Perfect Plates

Flavorful Pasta

Their menu offers a delightful array of pasta dishes at budget-friendly prices. Whether you crave the zesty Spicy Lemon Scampi Pasta starting at ₱528 or the rich and savory Chorizo & Olives Pasta from ₱447, Cafe Mary Grace has your pasta cravings covered. Don’t miss out on their Mary Grace Mushroom Cream Pasta from ₱523 or the indulgent Smoked Salmon & Cream Pasta, starting at ₱479.

Homemade Pizzas

Their Chorizo & Basil pizza is a flavor explosion at ₱656, while the Margherita at ₱645 is a classic favorite. Don’t miss the Italian Sausage or the Mushroom & Garlic, both priced at ₱643. For seafood lovers, the Seafood & Basil, Seafood Bianca, and Prosciutto & Arugula, all at ₱667, are must-tries.

Savory Starters

All Day Breakfast

Savor the succulent Pork Tocino starting at ₱455 or indulge in the rich flavors of Sirloin Beef Tapa, priced from ₱554. Don’t miss the authentic Vigan Longganisa for ₱527 or the crispy goodness of Fried Bangus, available from ₱510. For a true Filipino culinary experience, try the Chicken Inasal, starting at ₱455.


Their menu boasts a range of options, from the mouthwatering Pan-seared Shrimp Sandwich starting at ₱439 to the flavorful Vigan Longganisa & Kesong Puti Sandwich priced at ₱427. Don’t miss the unique Chicken Inasal Sandwich with Tomato & Wansoy Salsa, available from ₱417, or the healthier choice of Vegetables on Focaccia Sandwich starting at ₱362.

Fresh Salads

Try the refreshing Prawn Salad with Mango Papaya Vinaigrette for ₱516 or the savory Grilled Chicken & Oranges with Black Olive Dressing at just ₱439. Don’t miss the Smoked Ham with Almonds, Cranberries & Balsamic Vinaigrette for ₱389 or the tantalizing Mary Grace Caesar Salad priced at ₱483. For a unique twist, go for the Fried Kesong Puti & Calamansi Vinaigrette at ₱427, or savor the Local Greens with Chili Daing Dressing & Crunchy Garlic for ₱312.

Hearty Soups


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Cafe Mary Grace Opening & Closing Hours

Monday8:00 – 19:00
Tuesday8:00 – 19:00
Wednesday8:00 – 19:00
Thursday8:00 – 19:00
Friday8:00 – 19:00
Saturday8:00 – 20:00
Sunday8:00 – 20:00

What is Mary Grace Cafe known for?

If you’re a fan of comforting and delicious Filipino treats, then you’ve probably heard of Mary Grace Cafe & Bakery. This beloved homegrown company has made a name for itself thanks to its irresistible Ensaymadas and Cheeserolls, which are simply mouthwatering. But that’s not all – Mary Grace is synonymous with the warm embrace of home and the goodness it represents. So, when you think of Mary Grace, think of a taste of home and a delightful culinary journey through Filipino flavors.

Who is Mary Grace Cafe?

Mary Grace Cafe. Mary Grace herself is the brains and heart behind this delightful café, renowned for its mouthwatering ensaymada and cheese rolls, among other delectable treats. Not only is she the founder and president of Mary Grace Foods, but she’s also a dedicated wife and loving mother to her five children. What’s even more endearing is her personal touch – she fondly remembers the joy of surprising her kids on their birthdays with specially decorated homemade cakes. So, if you’re on the hunt for a café that combines passion, family values, and scrumptious pastries, Mary Grace Cafe is definitely a place worth exploring.

Who is the founder of Cafe Mary Grace?

The beloved Filipino institution, Cafe Mary Grace, owes its origin to the enterprising spirit of Mary Grace Dimacali. Back in 1983, with no grand business plan in sight, she embarked on a home-based baking venture. A young mother fresh out of college, Mary Grace followed the prevailing trend of her era, choosing to build a family. Little did she know that her passion for baking would later blossom into the cherished cafe we know today.

How much is tiramisu in Mary Grace?

For all you dessert aficionados out there, Mary Grace Cafe is making a delightful comeback with their Tiramisu. You can savor this heavenly treat in two sizes: a mini version for P404 or a whole Tiramisu for P1,125. While it may put a slight twist on the traditional recipe, what sets it apart is the bold and rich coffee flavor that dances harmoniously with layers of moist sponge cake and creamy goodness. So, if you’re in the mood for an exquisite Tiramisu experience, head over to Mary Grace Cafe and indulge in this delectable delight.

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