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Angel’s Pizza is one of the best Pizza serving food stores in the Philippines. Creamy Spinach
Dip Pizza has become their signature item because of its unique taste. Some other famous
items on Angel’s Pizza menu Philippines include Angel’s Supreme, Pizza Overloaded, Creamy
Garlic & 5 Cheese, All Meat, and Cheesy Burger.

Angel's Pizza  Philippines
Angel’s Pizza Philippines

All the customers admire various varieties of pizzas offered by Angel’s Pizza across the country.
Alongside tasty Pizzas, they also offer crispy Pasta, chicken, and more.

Angel’s Pizza Menu also offers tacos, breadsticks, chicken nuggets, drinks, etc. With
modern technology, Angel’s Pizza takes online orders from its customers and delivers the pizza
at their doorstep and stands true to its motto “heaven at your doorstep.

Angel’s Pizza Menu Philippines with Prices

Angel’s Pizza menu remains the center of pizza lovers’ attention. Angel’s pizza menu
The Philippines offers delicious Pizzas at reasonable prices. Here is the complete list of Angel’s
Pizza Menu Philippines with Prices:

Double Deal Promo

Double Deal (Family Size) (12 Inches)₱ 65
Double Deal (Big Family Size) (14 Inches)₱ 75


Double Deal (Family Size) (12 Inches)₱ 65
Double Deal (Big Family Size) (14 Inches)₱ 66
Halleluia Mozzarella Pizza₱ 67
Garden Of Eden₱ 68
Triple Threat Pizza₱ 69
Big Kahuna Hawaiian Pizza₱ 70
Cheesy Burger₱ 71
Angel’s Pepperoni₱ 72
Angel’s Aloha₱ 73
Garlic Shrimp₱ 74
Angel’s Supreme₱ 75
Angel’s on Fire₱ 76
Creamy Spinach Dip₱ 77
Double Decker Cheesy Burger (Big Family) (14 Inches)₱ 78
Double Decker Cheesy Melt (Big Family) (14 Inches)₱ 79
All Meat Texas BBQ₱ 80


Cheesy Lasagna (Solo)₱ 65
Tomato Cream & Shrimp Penne₱ 66
Asian Chicken Pasta (Platter)₱ 67
Asian Chicken Pasta (Solo)₱ 68
Classic Spaghetti (Solo)₱ 69
Spaghetti (Platter)₱ 70
Carbonara (Solo)₱ 71
Carbonara (Platter)₱ 72
Mac & Cheese (Solo)₱ 73

Combo Meals

Chicken Nuggets with Golden Curls₱ 65
1 pc Chicken, Rice & Golden Curls₱ 66
1 pc Chicken, Pasta & Golden Curls₱ 67
1 Pc Chicken & Rice₱ 68
1 Pc Chicken & Carbonara₱ 69
1 Pc Chicken & Spaghetti₱ 70
2 Pc Chicken & Rice₱ 71
Angel’s Chicken Bucket (6 Pieces)₱ 72
1 Pc Breaded Pork Belly₱ 73

Side Items

Golden Curls₱ 45
Chicken Nuggets (6 Pieces)₱ 46
Tacos₱ 47
Bread Sticks₱ 48
Calzone – Tuna₱ 49
Calzone – Bacon₱ 50
Calzone – Ham, Beef & Mushroom₱ 51

Angel’s Pizza Updated menu Philippines [thisMonth] 2023

Angel’s Pizza Philippines is becoming a major brand with each day. The first branch of Angel’s
Pizza Philippines was established in 2009 and now it has more than 18. Angel’s Pizza keeps
trying new recipes for making its goods. Some famous items from Angel’s Pizza Menu
The Philippines are. Also, Check Pizza Hut Menu & Greenwich Pizza Menu.

Angel's Pizza Updated menu Philippines
Angel’s Pizza Updated menu Philippines

Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza

It’s loaded with Spinach, and of course, four kinds of cheese – cream cheese, parmesan
cheese, mozzarella cheese, and pizza cheese. One look at the pizza and you can see all that
yummy cheesy goodness! The flavors are well balanced and it’s a sure hit!

Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza
Creamy Spinach Dip Pizza

Buffalo Chicken Wings

If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Buffalo Chicken Pizza. It’s their own twist to the classic
buffalo chicken wings. And yes, if you can’t decide on 1 flavor. Don’t worry! You can have 2
flavors in 1 pizza!

Buffalo Chicken Wings
Buffalo Chicken Wings

Holy Seasoned Fries (PHP85)

Holy Seasoned Fries is a crispy, perfectly seasoned and it has a spicy kick to it. It is the best
Fries at such a price.

Holy Seasoned Fries (PHP85)
Holy Seasoned Fries (PHP85)

Angel’s Pepperoni (PHP556)

It is hand-tossed and it looks gorgeous as it’s patched generously with pepperoni and the
cheese is just exceptional. The crust is amazingly good, well seasoned, and has that crunchy
bite to it.

Angel's Pepperoni (PHP556)
Angel’s Pepperoni (PHP556)

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