Hello Domino’s Pizza lovers, are you looking for the latest Domino’s Pizza Menu? You have arrived at the right place then. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices. Below you will find the latest Lists of Domino’s Pizza Menu 2024 Philippines with prices.

Domino's Pizza Menu Philippines

Domino’s Pizza Menu Philippines With Price List


What’s New?


Top Picks Section

From the mouthwatering American Bacon Cheeseburger priced at just ₱516, to the tantalizing Ultimate Pepperoni and the tropical delight of Aloha, both starting at ₱461. For those craving a delightful twist, the 6 Pcs Baked Wings at ₱384 and the irresistible Chicken Kickers from the Top Picks Section at ₱329 are must-try treats.

Double Deal

Classic Pizza

Domino’s Finest Pizza

Savor the mouthwatering Ultimate Pepperoni Pizza, the tropical delight of Aloha Pizza, the exquisite Domino’s Deluxe, and the cheesy perfection of 5 Cheese Pizza – all starting from just ₱461.

Specialty Pizza

The Spicy Chicken Buffalo and Teriyaki Supreme pizzas delighted my taste buds with a burst of exquisite ingredients. Not to mention the mouthwatering Pizza Carbonara and the unique American Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, all starting from just ₱ 516. The Extravaganzza, Meatzza, and Memphis BBQ Chicken options also impressed, making it a must-visit for pizza enthusiasts seeking a delectable treat.






How many slices are in a 10-inch Domino pizza?

“How Many Slices are in a 10-Inch Domino’s Pizza? | Get the Scoop
When it comes to the generous slices of Domino’s pizza, a 10-inch one falls into the small category. This delightful small pizza serves up a tasty quartet of slices. If you’re aiming for a heartier feast, you might want to consider the medium option with its 12-inch diameter and half a dozen slices. Domino’s goes big with their large pies, which sport even more slices for your pizza-loving pleasure. So, whether you’re savoring a small, medium, or large Domino’s pizza, rest assured that each size brings its own slice of delight!”

What is the best-selling pizza in Domino’s Philippines?

The top favorite among pizza enthusiasts at Domino’s Philippines is the Extravaganza. This globally cherished pizza is now delighting Filipinos with its abundant toppings and irresistible flavors, making it an absolute must-try.

How many slices in a pizza Domino’s?

Well, when you dive into a delectable large pizza with the classic Hand—hand—tossed crust, you’ll find it beautifully sliced into 8 generous pieces. These slices are a delightful symphony of flavors, harmonizing the scrumptious toppings with the subtly seasoned, hand-tossed crust. This pizza treasure easily satisfies a gathering of 3 to 5 hungry folks. Now, if you opt for the tantalizing Crunchy Thin Crust variety, you’re in for a treat – it comes divided into 16 delectable squares, making every bite a crispy, savory delight.

How much is in a Domino large pizza?

When it comes to the size of a Domino’s pizza, a Large pie stretches out to a satisfying 13.5 inches, offering a generous portion of taste in each of its 10 delectable slices, generously layered with ooey-gooey cheese. And here’s a delightful tip: You can elevate your pizza experience by opting for the Domino’s Stuffed Crust®, which infuses every bite with a delightful blend of garlic, herbs, and even more cheese to savor.

Is Pizza Hut or Dominos better?

When it comes to deciding between Pizza Hut and Domino’s, each has its distinct advantages. Domino’s stands out for its convenience and consistent quality, making it a reliable choice. On the other hand, Pizza Hut boasts an enticing variety of toppings and crust selections, ensuring a delightful return to their offerings. So, whether you lean towards Domino’s efficiency or Pizza Hut’s diverse menu, both promise a satisfying experience in their own right.

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