Cafe Elim is a Korean-inspired dessert cafe located in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. The cafe is known for its stylish interior, delicious coffee, and delectable desserts. I recently had the opportunity to dine at Cafe Elim, and I was thoroughly impressed. Cafe Elim provides many varieties of delectable desserts, mind-refreshing juices and smoothies, and other excellent summer treats on its menu. In the dessert category of Cafe Elim’s menu, they serve delights like Dojima Roll, Nagasaki Castle, Macaron, Croffle, Kaya Toast, Brownie Ala Mode, and Choco Choux, Meringue, Bread Rusk, and Brownie Mousse Cake.

They are exceptional in taste and after trying them for once, you would come back here again for sure. We have uploaded their complete menu with pictures & updated prices.

Cafe Elim Menu Prices Philippines

Cafe Elim Menu Prices Philippines

Good Morning Breakfast

Menu ItemsPrices
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Corned Beef Breakfast370
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna : Ciabatta Panini Bulgogi370
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna : Ciabatta Panini Honey Bacon370
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna : Corned Beef Breakfast370
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: French Toast370
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Sausage Patty Breakfast370
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Spam Patty Breakfast370


Menu ItemsPrices
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna : Anchovy Pasta415
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna : Bulgogi Pasta375
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna : Carbonara365
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Chicken Masala415
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Nutty Pasta425
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Pollock Cream Pasta520
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Pollock Oil Pasta495
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna : Rose Pasta425
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Shiitake Mushroom Pasta425
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Shrimp Olive Pasta425
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna: Squid Ink Pasta425
Cafe Elim – AS Fortuna : Tuna Pesto365
Chili Pomodoro375

Rice Dish

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Teriyaki440
Fish Cutlet440
Homemade Bacon Pilaf415
Homemade Sausage Pilaf415
Minced Cutlet440

Yellow Toast

Menu ItemsPrices
Bacon and Cheese240
Bbq Pulled Pork275
Bulgogi Toast250
Chorizo De Cebu Jalapeno Toast275
Ham and Cheese240
Sausage and Cheese250
Spam and Egg240
Sriracha Chicken275
Wasabi Tuna240
Yellow Egg215


Menu ItemsPrices
Avocado Bottle Cake285
Brownie A La Mode170
Brownie Mousse Cake245
Choux Choco Mini50
Choux Mini38
Croffle with Ice Cream245
Dojima Roll (Half Roll)875
Dojima Roll (slice)175
Honey Bread235
Matcha Gateau Au Chocolat225
Nagasaki Castella270

Bread and Pastry

Menu ItemsPrices
Almond Croissant185
Blueberry Danish140
Bread Rusk75
Brioche Loaf140
Chestnut Danish140
Chili Sausage Pastry170
Choco Choux Cream Bun82
Chocolate Loaf170
Cream Cheese Garlic Ball -Baguette170
Cream Cheese Honey Ball – Baguette160
Croissant Original125
Crouque Madame Danish185
Floss Bun85
Garlic Baguette190
Milk Bread Loaf170
Olive Tomato Danish170
Onion Cream Cheese Danish210
Pain Au Chocolat140
Raisin Loaf Bread140
Red Bean Bun110
Sandwich Bread140
Soboro Bun110
Sourdough Ciabatta Bread125
Strawberry Danish140


Menu ItemsPrices
Avocado Cake250
Banana Nutella210
Basque Burnt Cheesecake220
Blueberry Cheesecake220
Carrot Cake225
Choco Matcha Cake250
Choco-berry Cake250
Chocolate Cake210
Japanese Cheesecake225
Jerry Cheesecake250
Mango Fresh Cream210
Mocha Fresh Cream225
Oreo Cake207
Red Velvet Cake225
Strawberry Fresh Cream Cake235
Sweet Potato Cake225
Ube Pastillas210


Menu ItemsMenu Items
Banana Macaron75
Blueberry Macaron75
Cherry Macaron75
Chocolate Macaron75
Citron Macaron75
Cookies & Cream Macaron75
Green Tea Macaron75
Injeolmi Macaron75
Lemon Macaron75
Lotus Macaron75
Mango Macaron75
Melona Macaron75
Mocha Macaron75
Peanut Butter Macaron75
Strawberry Macarons75
Vanilla Macaron75
Yogurt Macaron75


Menu ItemsPrices
Chocolate Chip Cookie75
Chocolate Smores Cookie75
Green Tea Cookie75
Mocha Cookie75
Nutella Cookie75
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie75
Oreo Cookie75
Red Velvet Cookie75
White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie75


Menu ItemsPrices
Avocado Cheesecake Smoothie245
Banana Smoothie230
Banana Strawberry Smoothie230
Mango Banana Smoothie230
Mango Smoothie230
Strawberry Smoothie230


Menu ItemsPrices
Black Forest Frap245
Cherry Blossom Frap245
Chocolate Frap245
Cookies and Cream Frap245
Green Tea Frappe245
Green Tea Mint Choco Chip Frapp245
Mocha Frappe245
Oreo Cheesecake220
Strawberry Cheesecake220
Strawberry Kitkat245
Taro Cheesecake220
White Chocolate Frap245
Menu ItemsPrices
Black Forest Frap245
Cherry Blossom Frap245
Chocolate Frap245
Cookies and Cream Frap245
Green Tea Frappe245
Green Tea Mint Choco Chip Frapp245
Mocha Frappe245
Oreo Cheesecake220
Strawberry Cheesecake220
Strawberry Kitkat245
Taro Cheesecake220
White Chocolate Frap245


Menu ItemsPrices
Café Latte175
Café Mocha195
Caramel Latte195
Caramel Macchiato195
Cold Brew200
Cold Brew Latte220
Einspanner Grain235
Einspanner Latte235
Einspanner Matcha235
Espresso Double Shot175
Espresso Single Shot140

Fresh Ade / Cooler

Menu ItemsPrices
Ginger Ade215
Lemon Ade215
Mango Orange ade215
Melon Crush235
Mojito Ade215
Strawberry Ade215
Wine Ade215


Menu ItemsPrices
Black Sugar Latte220
Earl Grey Tea Latte190
Pong Pong Latte250
Real Strawberry Latte250
Snow Latte235
Taro Milk Tea Latte190
Thai Tea Latte190
Wintermelon Tea Latte190

Popular at Cafe Elim Philippines

Cafe Elim is a dessert shop that offers a relaxing atmosphere for customers. Its delicious food and excellent service have earned it a special place in the hearts of its patrons. The shop regularly updates its menu with new and innovative recipes to keep its customers satisfied and coming back for more. Some of the popular items on Cafe Elim’s menu in the Philippines include:

Affogato coffee

An Italian dessert, affogato coffee, is a yummy mix of hot espresso and vanilla ice cream. The difference in temperature creates a special sensation as the warmth of the espresso melts the ice cream, unleashing its creamy sweetness. The coffee’s rich flavor and vanilla blend perfectly, giving a harmonious taste that’s revitalizing and satisfying.

Affogato coffee Popular food item of  Cafe Elim in Philippines

Mango Smoothie

A delicious and healthy drink, the mango smoothie is perfect for any time. It is made with fresh, sweet mangoes that are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. With its smooth and creamy texture, it is a pleasure to drink and its delicious mango flavor will transport you to a tropical island with each sip.

Mango Smoothie Popular food item of  Cafe Elim in Philippines


These delicate pastry puffs are a true testament to French culinary artistry. Made with choux pastry, a unique dough that puffs up during baking, creating a hollow shell, these pastries are light and airy, with a slightly crisp exterior and a soft, custardy filling. The filling can be sweet or savory, and there are endless possibilities for flavor combinations. Whether you enjoy them filled with vanilla cream, chocolate ganache, or savory fillings like cheese or mushrooms, choux are a versatile and delectable treat.

Choux Popular food item of  Cafe Elim in Philippines

Cafe Elim Alternative Restaurants

Cafe Elim Opening & Closing Hours

Friday8 am–12 am
Saturday8 am–12 am
Sunday8 am–12 am
Monday8 am–12 am
Tuesday8 am–12 am
Wednesday8 am–12 am
(Bonifacio Day)
8 am–12 am
Hours might differ

Along with desserts, sweet lovers can also delight themselves with freshly baked Cake from the Cafe Elim menu. Cakes of Cafe Elim menu come in flavor of Strawberry, Chocolate, Jerry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Japanese Cheesecake, Red Velvet, Carrot, Mocha, Banana Nutella, Tiramisu, Mini Basque Burnt Cheesecake and Mini Japanese Cheesecake. In their coffee menu they have suggestions like Americano, Cappuccino, Caramel Macchiato, Affogato Einspanner, Einspanner Macha, Einspanner Grain and more! 

For killing hot weather, the Choco Frap, White, Chocolate Frap, Cookies and Cream Frap, Cherry Blossom, Black Forest, Strawberry KitKat, Mocha Frap, and Green Tea of Cafe Elim menu are worth trying. You cannot neglect their refreshing and delicious Latte which are Thai Tea Latte, Earl Gray Tea Latte, Wintermelon Tea Latte, Black Sugar Latte, Snow Latte, Pong Pong Latte, and Real Strawberry Latte. Smoothies on the Cafe Elim menu are in Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Banana Strawberry, and Banana Mango flavors. Cafe Elim is not only capable of providing you with heart-melting sweets and Mind-blowing drinks, but also they have savory meals that will definitely satisfy your hunger. In the food menu, Cafe Elim offers Fine quality pastas such as Toowoomba, Chili Pomodoro, Bulgogi Pasta, Rose Pasta Anchovy, Chicken Masala, and Heart touching Rice which includes, Homemade Bacon Pilaf, Homemade Sausage Pilaf, Chili Shrimp Bowl, Garlic Shrimp Bowl, Minced Cutlet, Spicy Cream Dora among others. Apart from the menu, the ambiance of Cafe Elim is very quaint and dainty, the staff is very friendly and accommodating and the food delivery service is quick and smooth. 

Social Pages

Phone: +63 927 002 2040

Email: [email protected]

As of 2023, there is only one Cafe Elim restaurant located in the Philippines. It is situated in Cebu City, specifically at 120 A.S. Fortuna St. Barangay Capitol Site, Cebu City, 6000, Philippines.

The restaurant is open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily, and it serves a variety of Korean-inspired desserts, coffee, and snacks. It is a popular spot for students, young professionals, and tourists alike.

Cafe Elim accepts cash, credit cards, and debit cards. They also have a Cash payment option.

Bacon and Cheese Yellow Toast – Thick sliced yellow toast with a chunk of egg omelet, cheddar cheese, bacon slices, herbs and mayonnaise.

Croffles – A hybrid of a croissant and a waffle, topped with vanilla ice cream.

Korean-style Spicy Chicken – Crispy and spicy fried chicken coated in a sweet and savory Korean-style sauce.

Korean-style Garlic Butter Shrimp – Plump shrimp cooked in garlic butter sauce.Korean-style Cheese Buldak – A stir-fry dish made with spicy chicken, ramen noodles, and tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes).

some specific details about the atmosphere at Cafe Elim:

  • Noise level: The restaurant can get quite noisy, especially during peak hours. However, the noise level is usually tolerable, and it doesn’t make it difficult to have a conversation with your friends.
  • Music: The restaurant plays a variety of music, including pop, rock, and hip-hop. The music is usually played at a moderate volume, and it doesn’t interfere with conversation.
  • Lighting: The restaurant has plenty of natural light, and the artificial lighting is warm and inviting.
  • Overall vibe: The overall vibe at Cafe Elim is relaxed and friendly. It’s a great place to catch up with friends, study for exams, or just relax and people-watch.

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