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When we think of milk tea, many popular names spring to mind. Despite the overwhelming choices of milk tea available in markets, there are only a few that don’t disappoint and stand according to our expectations and one of those is A Little Tea Philippines.

A Little Tea is a milk tea franchise known for its delectable products and a large variety of flavors. Black Milk Tea is considered one of the all-time favorites on A Little Tea menu Philippines. Other worth trying classic flavors of A Little Tea menu in the Philippines are Caramel Milk Tea, Nata Milk Tea, Cake Milk Tea, Pudding Milk Tea, A Little Tea Milk Tea, and Much More!

A Little Tea Philippines

In their Fruit Tea menu, you have options like Passion Bubble, Lychee QQ, Peach
QQ, Blueberry QQ, and Strawberry QQ to select. All these drinks are made with
pure fruits and healthy ingredients. These will not only quench your thirst but will
also give a gentle relief to your soul.

Along with with delicious milk tea, the A Little Tea menu the Philippines also offers
fresh and yummy Milk for its customers which includes Black Sugar Fresh Milk,
Pudding Fresh Milk, Taro Fresh Milk, and Redbean Fresh Milk. Their Distinct
variety of Yogurt such as Passion Yogurt, Lychee Yogurt, strawberry Yogurt and
Blueberry Yogurt is difficult to find in any other menu. They also have smoothies
and coffee to offer. A Little Tea Philippines is a place for those who are bored of
regular milk tea and wanna experience something marvelous and unique. Every
sip of A Little Tea drink is extraordinary and ultra delicious! You must visit A Little
Tea Philippines to enjoy your favorite milk tea as they warmly welcome people of
every age! With a highly professional staff and cozy ambiance, A Little Tea
The Philippines makes sure to give you a comfortable dining experience. You can
also place your order from A Little Tea Philippines as their online services are
always available.

A Little Tea menu Philippines with prices

A Little Tea is a famous Milk Tea store in the Philippines. A secret behind the
the popularity of A Little Tea Philippines is nothing but the amount of love and
premium quality ingredients which they put in every cup of making. Drinking
healthy and delicious milk tea at low prices is just a dream for someone and Little
Tea has converted that dream into a reality as they have quite reachable prices for
milk tea lovers. Here is the latest list of the irresistible drinks of A Little Tea
The Philippines with affordable prices:


Cake Cocoafrom ₱ 119
Cake Matchafrom ₱ 119
Cake Milk Teafrom ₱ 99
Mousse Cocoafrom ₱ 129
Mousse Milk Teafrom ₱ 109

Classic Milk Tea

Black Rice Milk Teafrom ₱ 99
Cake Milk Teafrom ₱ 99
Ice Cream Milk Teafrom ₱ 109
Mousse Milk Teafrom ₱ 109
Pudding Milk Teafrom ₱ 99
Red Bean Milk Teafrom ₱ 99
Taro Milk Teafrom ₱ 99


Cake Cocoafrom ₱ 119
Cake Matchafrom ₱ 119
Ice Cream Cocoafrom ₱ 129
Ice Cream Matchafrom ₱ 129
Mousse Cocoafrom ₱ 129
Mousse Matchafrom ₱ 129

Fruit Tea

Blueberry QQfrom ₱ 99
Grape QQfrom ₱ 99
Peach QQfrom ₱ 99
Pomelo QQfrom ₱ 99
Strawberry QQfrom ₱ 99


Blueberry Yogurtfrom ₱ 99
Grape Yogurtfrom ₱ 99
Passion Yogurtfrom ₱ 99
Peach Yogurtfrom ₱ 99
Pomelo Yogurtfrom ₱ 99
Strawberry Yogurtfrom ₱ 99
r760 A Little Tea menu
A Little Tea Philippines with prices

Updated A Little Tea menu Philippines 2023

A Little Tea is not old but a newly opened milk tea restaurant in the Philippines. It
has achieved great heights of success in a very short period of time and become
a huge brand. With its unique blend of milk tea, the shop stands out from other
brands. Its classic milk tea selections are what its customers frequently praise
enthusiastically. Some of the worth trying flavors of A Little menu Philippines are:

A Little Tea Philippines Cebu 1 1024x683 1
A Little Tea Philippines

Ice cream Coffee

This ice cream coffee will be a treat for coffee fanatics. The rich, creamy taste of
this ice cream is delicious!
Coffee Ice Cream is a unique recipe that combines the two most loved
ingredients in the world that is coffee and cream. This dessert recipe is extremely
tasty and loved by majority

Ice cream Coffee

Peach QQ

Refreshingly fruity taste of peach. Topped with QQ, their topping includes both
pearls and coconut jelly with a signature of A little Tea. Calories displayed for the
drink prepared with normal ice and normal sugar.

peachjuice 1

Passion Bubble
This passion fruit bubble tea is as refreshing as delicious, made with black
tapioca pearls, green tea, and a dash of maple syrup — no refined sugars!

Passion Bubble

Taro Milk Tea
Taro milk tea combines the starchy root taro or taro powder with creamer and a
sweetener for an extra delicious and satisfying blend. That’s right, there’s actually
no tea in taro milk tea.

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pares retiro menu

popeyes menu

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