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Kowloon is an authentic Cantonese Restaurant located at 20 Matalino Street, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines, and operating for over 50 years. Kowloon House is very popular among the Filipinos for its savory, sapid, and tasteful Siomai and Siopao. Kowloon Menu Philippines is decorated with Cantonese traditional dishes which are in great demand in the Philippines. Kowloon House Menu prides itself for serving the world’s best Dimsum Noodles. 

Kowloon Menu Philippines
Kowloon Menu Philippines

Frozen Siomai category items make it to the list of Kowloon House top sellers. In Noodles; Plain Mami, Chicken Mami, Asado Mami, Wanton Mami, and Beef Mami are arguably the best ones. In other Beverages, Kowloon Menu typically offers Drinks. Kowloon House has various menus suited for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. 

Kowloon House Menu Philippines is probably the only Restaurant with Cantonese-themed dishes and recipes. They also have pretty fast home delivery service. 

Kowloon Menu Philippines with Prices 

Kowloon Menu Ph serves its visitors with the best Cantonese food at very budget friendly prices. Here is the list of Kowloon Menu: 


Beef Mamifrom ₱ 110
Beef Wanton Mamifrom ₱ 125
Bola-bola Pao2 Pcsfrom ₱ 95
Jumbo Pao1 Pcfrom ₱ 95
Pork Asado Pao2 Pcsfrom ₱ 95
Wanton Mamifrom ₱ 100


Bola-bola Pao2 Pcsfrom ₱ 95
Chicken Asado Jumbo Pao1 Pcfrom ₱ 95
Chicken Bola Jumbo Pao1 Pcfrom ₱ 95
Jumbo Pao1 PcPopular
Pork Asado Pao2 Pcsfrom ₱ 95
Sausage Pao2 Pcsfrom ₱ 95


DYNAMITE MILK TEADark chocolate milk with frosted mintfrom ₱ 105
SMOOTH BUTTER MILK TEAClassic milk tea with toffee nut flavorfrom ₱ 105
UNIVERSE MILK TEAUbe flavor with fresh milkfrom ₱ 105


Classic Beef Siomai3 Pcsfrom ₱ 90
Classic Pork Siomai3 Pcsfrom ₱ 90
Classic Sharksfin Siomai3 Pcsfrom ₱ 90
Mini Beef Siomai4 Pcsfrom ₱ 55
Mini Pork Siomai4 Pcsfrom ₱ 55


Beef Mamifrom ₱ 110
Beef Wanton Mamifrom ₱ 125
Plain Mamifrom ₱ 70
Siomai Mamifrom ₱ 120
Wanton Mamifrom ₱ 100

Milk Tea Series

Brown Sugar Milk TeaComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 85
Caramel Milk TeaComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 80
Chocolate Milk TeaComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 105
Classic Milk TeaComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 75
Coffee Milk TeaComes with coffee jellyfrom ₱ 110
Dark Chocolate Milk TeaComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 105
Honeydew Milk TeaComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 105
Matcha Milk TeaComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 115
Strawberry Chocolate Milk TeaComes with popping bobafrom ₱ 105
Taro Milk TeaComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 105
Winter Melon Milk TeaComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 85

Smoothie Series

Chocolate SmoothieComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 105
Coffee SmoothieComes with coffee jellyfrom ₱ 115
Dark Chocolate SmoothieComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 105
Honeydew SmoothieComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 105
Matcha SmoothieComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 105
Taro SmoothieComes with pearlsfrom ₱ 105

Kowloon Updated Menu Philippines 2023 

Kowloon Menu Philippines has the best and most delicious Cantonese food items as compared to the whole Philippines. You can find some new items in the Kowloon menu because they keep their menu updated. Here are some famous food items from Kowloon Menu Ph:

Take a look at 24 Chicken Menu Philippine

Kowloon Updated Menu Philippines
Kowloon Updated Menu Philippines

Curry Fish Balls 

Curry has a distinct flavor profile and taste depending on the region . Philippines curry sauce features the key condiments of soy and hoisin sauce to give that umami flavor.

Curry Fish Balls
Curry Fish Balls 

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