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fIf you are looking for some place where you can have Coffee, Tea and Snacks then Big Brew Menu Philippines is meant for you. The Big Brew menu serves delicious Coffee, Tea, Snacks and other beverages to fill your food cravings. The Big Brew menu feels immense pleasure while serving its customers with their best seller Hot Brew menu which contains marvelous Brusko Hot Brew, Choco Hot Brew, Moca Hot Brew, Karamel Hot Brew and Matcha Hot Brew. We are not kidding when we say that these are the best Brews you will find in the Philippines. 

Big Brew Menu 2023 Philippines with Prices 

Big Brew Menu offers quality Tea and Coffee with other tasty snacks that are “BIG in taste but BIT in price”. One may think that such quality would cost a great price but that’s definitely not the case. Big Brew Menu proudly serves high quality food at the lowest prices possible. Here is the whole Big Brew Menu Philippines with the latest prices:


Cheesecakefrom ₱ 45
Cookies & Creamfrom ₱ 45
Dark Chocofrom ₱ 45
Kape Macchfrom ₱ 45
Kape Vanillafrom ₱ 45

Fruit Tea

Blueberryfrom ₱ 45
Green Applefrom ₱ 45
Honey Peachfrom ₱ 45
Kiwifrom ₱ 45
Lemonfrom ₱ 45
Lycheefrom ₱ 45
Mangofrom ₱ 45

Milk Tea

Cheesecakefrom ₱ 45
Chocolatefrom ₱ 45
Cookies & Creamfrom ₱ 45
Dark Chocofrom ₱ 45
Double Dutchfrom ₱ 45
MatchaA refreshing cold drink made with a special Japanese green tea called Matcha, black tea, and pure milk.from ₱ 45
Red Velvetfrom ₱ 45
Salted Caramelfrom ₱ 45
TaroNotable for its color, which runs from purple-tinged brown to nearly lilac, and its coconut-like flavor, taro (ube) is pureed and blends perfectly to boba milk tea.from ₱ 45
Winter Melonfrom ₱ 45

Iced Coffee

Kape BruskoSweet black coffeefrom ₱ 45
Kape FudgeChocolate fudgefrom ₱ 45
Kape MacchMacchiatofrom ₱ 45
Kape MatchaGreen teafrom ₱ 45
Kape MocaDark chocolatefrom ₱ 45
Kape VanillaVanillafrom ₱ 45

Big Brew’s Iced Coffee and Fruit Tea with Crystals Menus attract a huge amount of customers. Kape Brusko, Kape Vanilla and Kape Fudge are the highlights of the Iced Coffee menu. While Kiwi Fruit Tea, Green Apple Fruit Tea,Lemon Fruit Tea and Honey Peach Fruit Tea are the pride of the Fruit Tea menu. Milk Tea with Pearls has terrific Okinawa, Wintermelon and Red Velvet Milk Tea. You will have a lot of choices if you are going only for tea. 

The Snack with Cheese Melt menu at Big Brew Philippines has crispy Classic, Buffalo, Twister Fries and Mojos if you want to taste something light. All in all, Big Brew Menu is the home of Coffee and Tea with additional beverages such as Snacks. If you ever visit Big Brew Philippines then do try their Iced Tea menu because it is just mesmerizing. You can also take advantage of their delivery service to order your meal at your doorstep. 

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Big Brew Philippines 2022

Big Brew Updated Menu Philippines June 2022 

Big Brew is constantly evolving its menu with the passage of time. Keeping the customer’s desire up front, Big Brew regularly updates its menu and adds new recipes and products. It has become necessary for all the restaurants after seeing a large number of food stores being introduced with each passing day. Here are some mentions of sweet items from the Big Brew Menu Philippines itself: 

Red Velvet Milk Tea 

The Red Velvet has this mild chocolate, vanilla combination which makes it a unique flavor on its own. It comes with pearls for 29/39 Pesos only. When you buy this, purity is guaranteed. Kape Moca 

Try Big Brew’s Cape Moca and experience the boldness of coffee and richness of chocolate. It comes with Cream Puff Toppings for 29/39 Pesos Only. This price is literally nothing in front of its quality and taste. 

Red Velvet Milkshake Recipe 1024x683 1
Red Velvet Milk Tea 

Dark Choco Milk Tea 

Introducing Big Brew’s Best Seller, the Dark Choco Milk Tea never fails to satisfy the craving of all dark choco lovers! It comes with pearls for only 29/39 Pesos. That’s the best thing you will try there. 

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Dark Choco Milk Tea 

Ice Cream turned into Milk Tea

Introducing our Cookies & Cream and Double Dutch Milk Tea with pearls. Grande Size (22oz) for 39 Pesos Each Only. It is unique in taste and in looks.

MilkTeaIceCream 1200x1200 1
Ice Cream turned into Milk Tea

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