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Zark’s burger is a popular food chain in the Philippines that provides the best fast food service.

Zarks’ menu is tasty, delicious, and affordable.

zarks burger menu philippines

Here is a list of zark’s burger prices:

Minor League

Zark’s Ultimate₱189
Floyd Chicken Sandwich
(Ranch or Cajun dressing)
Zark’s Bacon BBQ Burger
(Honey BBQ or Spicy Chipotle)
Ragin Cajun₱149
Zark’s Classic₱144

Major League

Double Chili N Cheeseburger₱259
Double Cheeseburger₱239

Cheesy Burgers

Thunder Mac N Cheese₱259
Grilled Cheese Burger₱209
Three Pointer₱179

Meal Deal

Meal A
( Zark’s Classic, Fries or Nachos, Iced Tea or
Blue Lemonade )
Meal B
( Zark’s Bacon BBQ Burger, Fries or Nachos,
Iced Tea or Blue Lemonade )
Meal C
( Three Pointer, Fries or Nachos, Iced Tea
or Blue Lemonade )
Meal D
( Zarks Ultimate, Fries or Nachos, Iced Tea
or Blue Lemonade )
Meal E
( Grilled Cheese Burger, Fries or Nachos,
Iced Tea or Blue Lemonade )
Meal F
( Thunder Mac N Cheese, Fries and Nachos,
Iced Tea or Blue Lemonade )


Buffalo Wings (with ranch or cajun dip)
*Classic Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Honey Buffalo
Chicken Fingers (with ranch or cajun dip)
*Classic Buffalo, Honey BBQ, Honey Buffalo
Cheesy Bacon Fries₱169
Cheesy Nachos₱109
Seasoned Fries (large)₱99

Rice or Fries

Buffalo Wings ( Choice of rice or fries )
*Plain, Honey BBQ, Spicy, Sweet and Spicy
Chicken Fingers ( Choice of rice or fries)
*Plain, Honey BBQ, Spicy, Sweet and Spicy
Signature Burger Steak₱169


Iced Tea₱49
1.5 Coke₱109

Zarks Burger Menu Philippines Updated 2023

Zarks burger menu is one and only one that gives you fresh, huge, and great quality fast food. All of your favorite foods are available here.  Zark’s burger Philippines update their menu from time to time and try to satisfy and make the customer happy. 

They offer yummy and featured items like zark’s classic fried chicken, rice meals, some cheesy burgers, and pizza burgers ultimately yummy and mouth-watering.

Zark’s Burger best seller 

Zark’s burger is a popular restaurant for yummy and cheesy, greasy burgers. It provides a variety of fast-food menus. One of the best sellers on the menu is JawBreaker, it has bacon, jam, meat, two patties, tomato.

Another top-rated zark’s menu in the Philippines is a grilled cheeseburger, cheesy bacon mushroom, jackhammer, and southern classic fried chicken. All of the food is prepared with fresh ingredients and zark burger prices are affordable. 

Last but not least is zark’s ultimate burger, it’s so tasty as it looks prepared with fresh bread and beef patty, mushrooms, creamed onion rings, sauces, cheese and bacon make this burger ultimate. Its taste is as ultimate as its name. 

Take a look at more menus in Philippines.

 You can also like to eat zark’s burger Cebu, zark’s burger tombstone, and zark burger challenge. In which the ultimate heavyweight 8 zark’s patties, 4 slices of American cheddar stacked on top and topped with overflowing cheese sauce. You can enjoy low zark burger calories with friends and family. 

Zark’s Burger Delivery 

Are you hungry and craving fast food? Don’t worry zark’s burger is a popular American food restaurant that provides indoor services. 

Zacks burger online delivery is available, you just need to search for a zark’s burger near me and pick a location or place an order.  Just go to their website and check the location with the zark’s burger delivery hotline. 

About Zark’s Burger

Zark’s burger is a Filipino casual fast-food chain that offers some classic foods in different ways.  Zark’s burger, especially famous for its huge, greasy, and cheesy burgers, Zark’s burger began in 2009 by Rolandrei Viktor “Zark” Varona. Today 32 zark’s burger branches all over the world are available.  

 Zark’s Burger contact 

If you contact the zark burger team and give them some suggestions or feedback then contact them by using these social media links;

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