A Kenny Rogers is one of the Famous restaurants for Roast chicken in the philippine. At Kenny Rogers menu you find healthy, Delicious, Fresh great meals as you accept.

Kenny Rogers Menu Philippines

Here is al latest Kenny Rogers Roaster menu price list


Classic Chicken Plate₱220
Corned Beef Plate₱209
Spam Plate₱209
Corned Beef and Cheese OMLT₱193
Bacon and Egg Sandwich₱154
Spam and Egg Sandwich₱154
Sunny Side-up Egg₱33
Scrambled Egg₱33

Solo Plates

Solo A Chicken₱250.00
Solo A Ribs₱400.00
Solo B Chicken₱280.00
Solo B Ribs₱430.00
Super Solo Chicken₱320.00
Super Solo Ribs₱470.00
Ribs & Chicken Plate₱505.00

Solo Plates

Quarter Classic Super Solo Chicken₱345
2 OMG Original Super Solo Chicken₱345
2 OMG Spicy Super Solo Chicken₱345
Quarter Classic Solo B₱300
2 OMG Original Solo B₱300
2 OMG Spicy Solo B₱300
Quarter Classic Solo A₱265
2 OMG Original Solo A₱265
2 OMG Spicy Solo A₱265

Grilled Plates

Grilled Chicken Plate 1 Side₱255.00
Grilled Chicken Plate 2 Side₱285.00
Burger Steak 1 Side₱255.00
Burger Steak 2 Side₱285.00
Grilled Sausage 1 Side₱240.00
Grilled Sausage 2 Side₱270.00
Grilled Fish 1 Side₱270.00
Grilled Fish 2 Side₱300.00
Premium Steak 2 Side₱525.00

Rib Plates

Honey Bourbon Ribs A₱425
Spiced Ribs A₱440
Honey Bourbon Super Solo Ribs₱510
Spiced Super Solo Ribs₱520
Honey Bourbon Ribs B₱460
Spiced Ribs₱475

Healthy Plates

High-Protein Meal₱285.00
Classic Healthy Plate₱285.00
High-Fiber Meal₱285.00
Low Calorie Meal₱290.00
Light & Easy₱210.00
Super Salad₱210.00


Chunky Tuna Sandwich₱145₱185
Ham and Cheese Sandwich₱165₱209
Roasted Chicken Sandwich₱180₱220
BBQ Pork Bun Sandwich₱225₱265
Cold Chunky Tuna Combo₱175.00
Cold Chunky Tuna Ala Carte₱140.00
Ham & Cheese Combo₱200.00
Ham & Cheese Ala Carte₱165.00
Roasted Chicken Combo₱200.00
Roasted Chicken Ala Carte₱165.00
1/3 Lb Cheese Burger Combo₱240.00
1/3 Lb Cheese Burger Ala Carte₱205.00

Group Meals

Roasted Chicken₱905.00
Omg Unfried Fried Chicken₱905.00
Roasted & Omg Unfried Fried Chicken₱905.00
Rib and Chicken Platter₱1,080.00
All Grilled₱1,285.00
Honey Bourbon Ribs₱1,520.00

Ala Carte

Roasted Chicken Quarter₱170.00
Roasted Chicken Half₱295.00
Roasted Chicken Whole₱555.00
Omg Chicken 2 Pcs₱170.00
Omg Chicken 4 Pcs₱295.00
Omg Chicken 6 Pcs₱555.00
Ribs Half₱385.00
Ribs Whole₱725.00


Sola A Chimichurri Chicken₱270.00
Sola B Chimichurri Chicken₱350.00
Chimichurri Chicken Group Meal₱1,040.00
Chimichurri Roast Chicken and Rib Platter₱1,170.00
Half Chimichurri Chicken₱355.00
Whole Chimichurri Chicken₱670.00
Chimichurri Chicken & Rib Plate₱545.00
Classic Healthy Plate – Chimichurri Chicken₱320.00
High Protein Meal – Chimichurri Chicken₱320.00
High Fiber Meal – Chimichurri Chicken₱320.00


Spaghetti with Meatballs₱165.00
Spaghetti Carbonara₱160.00
Chicken Lasagna₱160.00


Caesar Salad₱155.00
Kani & Mango Salad₱155.00
Soup & Salad₱120.00


Chicken Noodle Soup₱90.00
Clam Chowder₱105.00

Side Dishes

Side Sampler₱165.00


1 Piece₱18.00
Box of 6₱90.00

Desserts & Beverages

Chocolate Mousse₱60.00
Fruits in Cream₱65.00
Sundae – Chocolate – Strawberry – Vanilla₱70.00
Brownie / A La Mode₱50/85.00
Banana Split/ Peach Melba Split₱155.00
Soda Regular₱55.00
Soda Large₱60.00
Soda Pitcher₱165.00
Iced Tea Regular₱60.00
Iced Tea Large₱65.00
Iced Tea Pitcher₱180.00
Sugar-Free Iced Tea Regular₱60.00
Sugar-Free Iced Tea Large₱65.00
Sugar-Free Iced Tea Pitcher₱180.00
Pineapple Juice Regular₱65.00
Pineapple Juice Large₱70.00
Soda Float₱85.00
Bottled Water₱40.00
Soda in Can₱65.00
Hot Tea₱35.00
San Miguel Pale Pilsen₱70.00
San Mig Light₱70.00

Kenny’s Fruit Juice 300m

Pink Guava₱110.00

Kenny’s Menu Updated In [thisMonth] 2023

Keny Rogers Restaurant is best for casual dining, Launch, parties, and other events also.

Kenny Rogers Menu Philippines

Many Filpino love their taste, so they change and improve their menu spices, flavors, and dishes.

 In Kenny, Roger Philippine has a lot of deals is opening in which buy 1 get 1 free, like Roast Chicken, Chicken Quesadilla and pasta then get a free roasted chicken burrito, muffins, and cheeseburger, so much more offers is updated time to time on their restaurant for customers.

A flavourful Kimchiii Roast Group Meal is a new update in their menu list,  best for birthday parties, roast marinated chicken, side dishes, scoop rice and muffins is the biggest combo that is enough for four to six people.

It is exciting news for Kenny Roger Customers they update their menu both for vegetarian and non-vegetarians according to your requirements.

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 Best Kenny Rogers Menu

It is Primarily known as Kinny Roger Chicken, fresh chicken tender in secret spices, and herbs, after marination roast its look crispy, yummy and juicy no one wait to eating eat.

Kenny Rogers Menu Philippines latest

Chimichurri Chicken is another top demanding meal freshly chopped parsley, oregano, sprinkled olive oil, red paper flakes, makes colorful or flavourful healthy food.

Their side dishes are full of nutrients prepare with fruits, corn, chicken, and carrots mixed with cheese, steamed vegetables give an extra rich flavor.

Meanwhile, a variety of classic salads is perfect for diet, breakfast.

All chicken, side dishes, solo plates, drinks, and desserts are popular items at Kenny Rogers.  So it’s hard to say this is the best menu their main focus is to deliver healthy, fewer calories food. 

Kenny Rogers Group Meals

Omg unfried chicken group meal with Half Kimchiees is a combination of Rotisserie-roasted chicken marinated in many sauces, including half kimchee roast, half classic roast group meal,  and a combination of 4 side dishes, muffins scoops rice with soda is perfect for large families, parties celebration in P1105.

Kenny Rogers Promo is best for saving money, and giving a treat to friends and families. However, an All Grilled group meal with American chicken fillet, rosemary chicken fillet, one burger steak with four combinations of sides dished is enough for family dining. 

 At  Kenny Rodgers’s greatest hits, You can get more promo with different combos at you and I Kenny roger.

Kenny Rogers Delivery 

Kenny Rogers provide online delivery on all food items, Almost all Kenny rogers branches you can get the same menu with a variety of price.

Simple search the Kenny Rogers near me and choose your meal order them.

They deliver food 24 hours so launch, dinner, breakfast everything is here order it by using their App and call at Kenny rogers delivery hotline  8-555-9000

They also accept pre-orders you just need to put the date and time. Kenny roger roaster delivers food to your doors. 

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 About Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers Roasters is a chicken chain restaurant opened in the US in 1991 by Kenny Roger singer and john Y Brown in coral spring Florida. Initially, they focus on chicken, but after their menu succeeded, they expanded menus and opened a new branch in the Philippines in 1995.

They offer good quality food services at a reasonable price. With 25 years of service, people know their taste is good and offer healthy, delicious meals. Flipino families want to spend their prime time with Kenny Rogers Menus. 

Now many restaurants operate in Philipines,  Malaysia, Bangladesh, Dubai, Thailand, China, and Indonesia. 

Kenny Rogers Contact Info

If you want to know more about Kenny Rogers Roasters and give them suggestions and start a career, here is a Kenny Roger staff contact through these links.

  • Website: https://kennyrogersdelivery.com.ph/
  • Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/KennyRogersPH
  • Twiter: https://twitter.com/kennyrogers_ph

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