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Racks is one of the most popular and widely spread food chains all over the country where hungry tummies are served with the best quality ribs. Classic Pork Ribs are one of the house specialties. Their Beef Ribs, Racks Sampler, Baby Ribs, Smoked Spring Chicken. The Onion Bricks and Sweet N’ Smoky Pork Ribs will make your mouth water. 

Racks Menu Philippines
Racks Restaurant Philippines

Other than that, their Hickory Smoked, Flame-Grilled, Fall-Off-The-Bone ribs are an instant hit and lines during lunch and dinner are proof of its goodness. 

Several other food items like Pasta, Salads with sides, and extras are also on the list of Racks menu in the Philippines. If we talk about their delivery service, it is as good as its food. Racks Menu Philippines with prices.

Racks’ menu takes great care of its customers and doesn’t compromise in the manner of taste. Therefore, People of every age love to visit here with their friends and family. Here is the latest list of Racks menu Philippines with reasonable prices which we have collected after hunting down the internet: 


Classic Baby RibsComes with 2 regular sidesfrom ₱ 695
Classic Pork RibsComes with 2 regular sidesfrom ₱ 495
Fish and Chips Plate1/2 London-style fish, 2 Regular sides, 1 java rice₱ 295
Rib and Chicken Plate1/2 Pork rib, 1 pc southern fried chicken, 1 regular side & 1 steamed rice₱ 375
Smoked Spring Chicken Plate1/2 smoked spring chicken, 2 Regular sides, 1 steamed rice₱ 325
Surf and Turf Plate1/2 pork rib, 1/2 London-style fish, 1 Regular side, 1 steamed rice₱ 385

Best Food In Manila

Limited Time Offerings

Cinco De Mayo – Nacho BravoA platter of tortilla chips with shredded pork carnitas, home-made tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream.₱ 345
Cinco De Mayo – Pork CarnitasTender and slow-cooked Carnitas served with Mexican verano rice, tortilla chips and home-made tomato salsa.₱ 385
Cinco De Mayo – Pork ParillaMexican-style grilled pork ribs smothered in our signature mojo marinade, Served along side our made-from-scratch parsley basil salsa verde, Mexican verano rice, tortilla chips and home-made tomato salsa.₱ 485
Cocktail Sausage Bowl₱ 215
Pulled Pork Mac and Cheese Bake₱ 335
Rib Flakes & Hash Bowl₱ 245
Rib Flakes Bowl₱ 235

Soups & Starters

Buffalo Wings5 Pcs. Delicious chicken wings coated in our spicy buffalo sauce. Served with celery and carrots sticks in ranch dressing₱ 385
Clam ChowderThick and creamy New England-style chowder with tender Manila clams and a hint of bacon₱ 225
Homestyle Mushroom SoupA velvety cream of mushroom soup with croutons on top₱ 215
Old Fashioned Biscuits₱ 215
Pulled Pork Macaroni and Baked Cheese₱ 335
The Onion Brick₱ 345
Rib Flakes Bowl₱ 235

Updated Racks Menu Philippines [thisMonth] 2023 

Racks are a homegrown casual dining restaurant serving the best Ribs in the Philippines. Even though it has a large number of customers, it still wants to attract more. Here are some famous food items of menu @ Racks In Philippines: Smoked Spring Chicken 

Carefully smoked in low and slow hickory wood until fall-off-the-bone tender. Kansas Pork Ribs 

Slow-cooked pork ribs marinated in Kansas-style bbq sauce. 

Kansas Pulled Pork 

Cooked in low and slow, pulled pork is perfectly shredded and soaked in classic BBQ sauce. 

Also, check out this Peri Peri Chicken Menu Philippines.

Kansas Pulled Pork 
Kansas Pulled Pork 

Rib Flakes 

Cooked in low and slow, perfectly shredded and soaked in classic bbq sauce. Kansas Baby Ribs 

Seasoned with secret rib rub with slowly smoked. It’s sweet, sticky with a nice spicy and Smokey flavor. 

Rib Flakes 
Rib Flakes 

Bacon Strips 

Classic bacon strips perfect for breakfast.

Bacon Strips 
Bacon Strips 

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