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Almusal Café, from the name itself, is a very famous and beautiful place, which is not far behind in the manner of delighting the native of the Philippines with its worth trying recipes. Almusal Café is an all-day Filipino and American brunch cafe. It is truly a heaven for breakfast lovers. In the Almusal Café menu the Philippines, you have many options and distinct varieties to pick. Their best seller is the Tapa, Lamb Adobo, and Honey butter bacon. In their all-day Breakfast menu, you will get Pancake, Bangus A La Pobre, French Toast and Sausage Egg N’ Chees. 

Almusal Café menu Philippines with prices 

Almusal Café is a great place for enjoying high quality and healthy food. The Ingredients used in making each of their products, especially for breakfasts, are healthy and pure. This is because they give first priority to their customers’ health and take care of it as much as they can.You will be pleased to know that you can have their perfectly balanced menu at perfectly balanced prices. Here is the complete list of all the products of Almusal Café menu Philippines with prices: 


Almusal Cafe – Katipunan Avenue [Available for LONG-DISTANCE DELIVERY] : Monggo HummusNative garlic, tahini, tomato eggplant salad, focaccia370
House Baked Pandesal6 pieces, butter and seasonal jam190

All Day Breakfast Menu

Almusal Cafe Bangus A La PobrePangasinan bangus, soy garlic glaze, atchara, fried egg, garlic rice535
Almusal Cafe Beef Belly Tapa14 hour slow cooked beef, malunggay chimichurri, atchara, fried egg, garlic rice685
Almusal Cafe French ToastMaple syrup, house whipped cream355
Almusal Cafe Honey Brown Butter BaconThick cut bacon, honey brown butter, fried egg, garlic rice635
Almusal Cafe Pancake2 pieces, maple syrup, house whipped cream355
Almusal Cafe Sausage Egg N’ CheesHousemade sausage, fried egg, strawberry jam, cheddar, Kamote bun, fries470

Best Breakfast in Manila

Lunch and Dinner

Almusal Cafe Bucatini BologneseRagu, mirepoix,tomato, queso de bola, basil, focaccia560
Almusal Cafe Queso De Bola Caesar SaladRomaine, cherry tomato, 610 egg, crispy bacon, queso de bola535
Almusal Cafe Spaghetti Nero Di MareSpaghetti Nero, squid, clam & mussel confit, white shrimp, bottarga breadcrumbs, miso kutchay butter750
Lamb AdoboSoy sauce, sukang iloko, soy quail egg, fried garlic, roasted garlic, garlic rice750

Healthy Options

Almusal Cafe Adlai CaldoChicken leg confit, poached breast, green onion, fried garlic, 610 egg, achuete oil490
Almusal Cafe Chia Seed PuddingFull cream milk, seasonal fruits, house granola, honey445
Malagos ChamporadoAdlai, 75% dark davao chocolate, puffed malagkit, vanilla ice cream, crispy dulong490


16hrs. Cold Brew178
Almusal Cafe Cold Spanish Latte200
Cold Black178
Cold Cappuccino190
Cold Chocolate178
Cold Latte190
Cold Mocha215
Cold White190
French Vanilla240


Chocolate Shake230
Coffee Shake230
Dirty Matcha240
Mocha Shake230
Oreo Shake230
Strawberry Shake230
Vanilla Shake215

Tea’s & More

Blackberry Lemonade165
Earl Grey Tea115
English Breakfast Tea115
Lemon and Ginger Tea115
Peach Basil Iced Tea165
Peppermint Tea115
Plain Iced Tea150
Plain Lemonade150
Strawberry Mint Iced Tea150

The Almusal Café menu tries to cover all the boundaries and requirements that a good menu should have. Along With breakfast, the Almusal Café menu lets you enjoy your lunch and dinner. In their lunch and dinner menu you have special dishes like Queso De Bola Caesar Salad, Lamb Adobo, Bucatini Bolognese, Adlai Caldo among others! The appetizing smell, freshness and taste of these mesmerising food items will snatch your attention and will want you to have them more ! 

Others worth trying products that you wanna look at the Almusal Café menu are Strong coffee and heart melting shakes. They come in different yet huge options which are, Cold Black, Cold White, Cold Latte, Cold Cappuccino, Cold Spanish Latte ,Vanilla Shake, Strawberry Shake, Mocha Shake, Oreo Shake and many more! And for the Tea lovers, the Almusal Café menu offers Blackberry Lemonade, Peach Basil Iced Tea, Strawberry Mint Iced Tea, Plain Lemonade, English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Plain Iced Tea, Lemon and Ginger Tea and Peppermint Tea. Every single item in their menu is an example of its own. Beside the menu, the interior of Almusal Cafe is exceptionally eye-catching. The welcoming staff is very polished and polite. Once you visit here there is definitely a coming back. Also, their delivery is very good and is not going to disappoint you. 

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Almusal Café Philippines 2022 
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Almusal Café Philippines

Almusal Café is a love letter to the quintessential Filipino breakfast, which gets a New York- and Australian-flavored twist every now and then. In order to bring something new and unique to the table and to make their customers satisfied, they keep changing their

menu. Some of the highly recommended food items from Almusal Café menu Philippines are : 

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Almusal Café menu Philippines 2023

Honey Brown Butter Bacon 

Made with Thick cut bacon, honey brown butter, fried egg, and garlic rice. Will make your breakfast joyous, pleasurable and healthy! 

bacon wrapped smokies
Honey Brown Butter Bacon 

Spaghetti Nero Di Mare 

Spaghetti Nero, squid, clam & mussel confit, white shrimp, bottarga breadcrumbs, miso kutchay butter. 

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Spaghetti Nero Di Mare

Cold Chocolate 

Silky smooth chocolate milk beverage made from locally produced, award winning Malagos chocolate. 

Iced Chocolate
Cold Chocolate 

Coffee Shake 

Almusal Cafe’s signature coffee shake made with blended ice cream and 2 shots of espresso.

chocolate coffee milkshake 10
Coffee Shake 

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