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Tendon Kohaku Philippines is the answer to your Tempura Cravings. Tendon Kohaku is a Japanese themed restaurant and serves traditional Japanese food to the Filipinos. Teishoku, Donburi, Udon, Sushi Roll, Kohaku Tendon, Kohaku Bento, and Seafood Tendon are the signature items as well as the best-sellers at Tendon Kohaku Menu Philippines. Tendon Kohaku Philippines has become a craze for Japanese food lovers. 

Tendon Kohaku Menu Philippines
Tendon Kohaku Menu Philippines

Along with all the Tendon dishes, Tendon Kohaku Menu is expanded with Sides. Chawanmushi, Kabocha Salad, Nagoya Chicken Wings, and Tuna Tataki are a few crispy sides. You can also order Cold Drinks and other Beverages to your likings. Tendon Kohaku Menu Ph is on the bucket list of every tourist. 

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The name “Kohaku” means amber and like an amber gem shining mysteriously with plant inclusions, fresh ingredients are dipped in the golden batter and fried to an amber perfection to satisfy our customers’ palates. Living up to its name, the Tendon Kohaku is a hearty bowl topped with crispy beautiful tempura. Tendon Kohaku Philippines has a super fast delivery service. 

Tendon Kohaku Menu Philippines with Prices 

Tendon Kohaku Philippines attracts the customers with its high quality, tasteful, and healthy Japanese food items. Another reason that you see this restaurant always crowded is the budget price list. Here is the complete Tendon Kohaku Menu with Prices: 


Kohaku TendonMix of chicken breast, wild tiger prawns, squid, crab stick, green beans, shiitake, young corn & pumpkin₱ 441
Shrimp Tendonfrom ₱ 410


Hirekatsu Agemono₱ 326
Menchi Katsu Agemono₱ 326
Mixed Fry Agemono₱ 357
Pork Katsu₱ 357

Sushi Don

Kaisen Don₱ 628
Sashimi Aimori Don₱ 628
Spicy Tuna Don₱ 418


Kakiage Tendon₱ 357
Kohaku Tendon₱ 441
Shrimp Tendonfrom ₱ 410
Unagi Tendon₱ 765


Hirekatsu Teishoku₱ 609
Menchi Katsu Teishoku₱ 609
Mixed TeishokuMix of breaded pork loin, menchi katsu & ebi fry₱ 683
Tempura TeishokuMix of chicken breast, wild tiger prawns, squid, crab stick, green beans, shiitake, young corn & pumpkin₱ 620
Tonkatsu Teishoku₱ 683


Kakiage UdonMix of sakura shrimp, onions & carrots₱ 378
Tanuki UdonFried tempura batter₱ 294
Wild Tiger Prawn Tempura UdonTopped with 3 pcs of wild tiger tempura₱ 378

Sushi Rolls

Hamachi Roll₱ 305
Red Chili Tuna RollTuna in red chili sauce topped with fried tempura batter₱ 305
Wild Tiger RollWild tiger prawn, topped with ebiko₱ 305

Ala Carte

Agedashi Tofu₱ 200
Kohaku Special Gyoza₱ 357
Rolled Japanese Style Omelette with Mentaiko Sauce₱ 252
Spicy Sweet Fried Chicken₱ 252

Tendon Kohaku Updated Menu Philippines [thisMonth] 2023

Tendon has such a yummy and large menu that you can’t even taste all the items at one go. This is because Tendon Kohaku Philippines keeps trying new recipes according to the ever changing taste of the public’s taste. Some honorable mentions from Tendon Kohaku Menu Ph are: 

Tendon Kohaku Menu Philippines
Tendon Kohaku Menu Ph

Kohaku Tendon (Php 340) 

A bowl of delicious rice topped with chicken breast, squid, crab sticks, green beans, shiitake mushrooms, young corn, pumpkin, and two pieces of Black Tiger prawns. It is their signature item. 

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Kohaku Tendon (Php 340) 
Kohaku Tendon (Php 340) 

Shrimp Kakiage Tendon (Php 280) 

Shrimp Kakiage Tendon is another awesome item at Kohaku Tendon Philippines which has Sakura shrimp, prawns, onions, and carrots. 

Shrimp Kakiage Tendon
Shrimp Kakiage Tendon

Seafood Tendon (Php 480) 

Seafood Tendon at Kohaku Tendon Philippines has scallops, oyster, kisu or Japanese whiting, tuna, and squid in addition to their Black Tiger prawns. 

Seafood Tendon
Seafood Tendon

Black Tiger Prawn Tempura Udon (Php 320) 

It is a treat for those who love black tiger prawns but still want their udon. It’s health friendly and superbly tasty at the same time. It is also one of the bestselling items from Tendon Kohaku Menu Ph.

Black Tiger Prawn Tempura Udon
Black Tiger Prawn Tempura Udon

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